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We live today in the world, the Age of Revolutions Technology Social Networks, Computers, Laptops and Mobile Phones, all talk, all talk to each other, the world never spoke much, but we have the biggest challenge of the Revolution to the Exit " Evolution "to engage, unite, calling upon the youth around the world for a Cause is the Planet Project" The Awakening of Consciousness, which is in the Blog. www.josepedronaisser.blogspot.com in Favor of a Planet Sustainability, unlike years 60 where young people want “Peace and Love”, now they have it, but do not have the initiative to the major causes for this reason is that we are calling and challenging young people from around the world to put into practice this great project.

Renowned writer and columnist of the NYTIMES , Thomas Friedman said that we live the Revolution in the World by technology, but we could not go a step further to Evolution, this is our challenge, leave now for Planetary Evolution. For that I am willing to travel to Egypt and Tahrir Square launch this challenge, where there are 2.500 years in history one day Moses also freed his people toward the Promised Land.

I have time and courage and determination to travel the 202 countries members of the UNU, and the 208 member to FIFA , because Sport is an integral part of our project, we will finish in London, Paris and NYC, with the completion of the Sustainability Forum and the participation of all those who join us, artists, celebrities, with spaces for all young adults who truly want a better world to live and Sustainable.

Companies from the Technological Revolution as Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Youtube, Google, Microsoft,Yahoo, are crucial to our great "Evolution."

The moment is now ...





Friday, April 22, 2011





That at this defining moment in human history people close to the point that no differences exist between giving and receiving love with “The awakening consciousness” in favor of Nature and Life.

Thanks to the power of technology, Internet, Social Networking, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, email, TVs, newspapers, magazines, schools, universities and civil society organizations and governments can reach the minds and hearts of all those who may in help in this long journey through a world that is forever marked by balance and Respect Sustainability, mainly because all 6.8 billion human beings, we need oxygen and water to keep our lives here on Earth Degraded.

Few know, but in Humans produce 4,000,000. Four million Recycling and Household Waste per day and only 5% of that total is recycled, 95% are deposited in the Environment, in rivers, open dumps around the world. Rulers spend U.S. $ 6 trillion for the collection, transport and deposition at the sites already mentioned.

Few people know that we have already spent 125% of Degraded Natural Resources Planet Earth, to redo 1% Nature takes 250 years, it is time we act, we have behind us the Communication Technology and the great men and women who want help us, it is time to no longer join in the pain of tragedies, such as Japan where the tragedy of nature with the terrible earthquake followed by tsunamis of 10 feet high, where millions of displaced people, but the worst tragedy was Nuclear Catastrophe produced by the hands of the very man who now is questioned about Nuclear Energy.

When we will act with love for life, the environment, we can no longer use the Earth Hour, Earth Day, the World Environment Day, we have to respect every minute, every hour, every day, month, year century, and act now by our project "The Awakening of Consciousness ", where a Higher Intelligence and the Creator's plan, we will educate 6.8 Billion Human Beings, using the Peace Education, Health , Technology and Sustainability, whose four pillars will be placed in Economic Power, Social, Technological and Environmental Affairs.

Renowned Columnist, Author and Speaker, Thomas Friedman of The New York Times, has been very happy in his articles, mainly in relation to spring in the Middle East, where the mainly upper-middle class youth, already trained in universities fail in their jobs
Areas of training, because the old regimes hindered this, citing the example of Egypt and Tunisia. The poor young people for lack of information and knowledge millions of them still do not know what is happening.

Thomas Friedman also mentions that it's time for "Revolution" become an "evolution" in favor of a world that is marked by the Universal Rights and Duties of those who truly want a better world, and cites that the actions should be implemented soon, otherwise the world will continue watching the bloodshed on the earth with the loss of millions of lives for the terrible wars and greed for power that in many countries have moved in 40 years.

Friedman continues, saying that only an extraordinary leadership to reiterate the need to bury the past and do not let the lack of opportunity for him to be buried.
Cites that the world needs leaders like Nelson Mandela and F. de Klerk in South Africa, communities opposing giants who fought and managed to end the hatred and Apartheid that claimed millions of lives.

For this reason is that now is the time to seek those who want to help us in this long journey Planetary because major leaders quoted by Friedman will appear on every continent, guided by the Higher Intelligence, we use the tools used by men who once also led the world in his time and his need.

We will use the Education for Peace, Nonviolence for Gandhi, the Conservation of Nature and Life, courage and determination of Jacquez Cousteau, For Great Journeys and the dream of living peacefully as brothers, we will use the I Have a Dream, proposed by Martin Luther King, for a World without Wars and the dreams for this and Future Generations, will use John Lennon's Imagine.

To show that it is possible we change the story, we will use the challenge of Albert Einstein said that in his time that the Imagination is more important than knowledge and that Big Solutions always manifest themselves in the midst of major world crises. The moment we changed the history of the Revolution to Evolution, "as quoted Friedman is now, Social Networks, Newspapers, Televisions can help us in this long and decisive Journey.

With our project we can immediately enable the 6.8 billion human beings for the recycling of household waste, and reducing to 90 days in 50% of the 4,000,000 tons that do not receive any treatment or recycling at the Eco-label partnership with large companies, schools, governments and communities.
We also stock for our cause will receive, we will avoid that immediately can be reduced, the daily deaths of 45,000 children who die in Africa mainly because of lack of drinking water and malnutrition, the great singer and the Human Person U2's Bono and his friends by
world, will be decisive for our cause.

You are invited all those who need oxygen and water to live, will join us, the billionaires, millionaires, artists, celebrities, teachers, universities, journalists, doctors, ecologists, climatologists, oceanographers, scientists, Directors, Film Producers, Televisions , economists, policymakers, civil society organizations all, only so we can show the world that our intelligence and our Union once was used not for their own benefit but of all mankind to Balance and Sustainability of Life on Planet Earth ..

This is the biggest challenge, this message will run the world, thanks to the Age of Knowledge and Information, the translation into English, Spanish is the website www.google.com , which will have a fantastic value in this long journey. We are ready to travel and put into practice in any part of Planet Earth, because we now have all the time in the world for the training of those who will benefit from the project "The Awakening of Consciousness", billions of books circulated by schools around the world billions of computers will be placed in schools, teachers will be trained Million, and followed us around the world the great New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman to fulfill what he called the greatest virtue of the Human Being will be doing for the Revolution,

One day we must stop dreaming and to somehow act, the time is now.



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Sunday, April 03, 2011




Once again the world is united by the pain, the tragedies that hit Japan by the earthquake followed by Tsunami and the terrible Tsunami waves 10 meters high which left losses of billions of dollars and thousands of lives lost.

In commemoration of the centenary of the birth of the Prophet of Communication, Marshall McLuhan, author of the famous phrase that remains active today throughout the world "We live in the Global Village", he also left another that "The Medium is the Message", the medium that Television was mentioned, perhaps the most powerful vehicle of mass communication that can now help the human being in relation to its Survival in the Global Village, is for this reason that we turn the TVs and Social Networks to help us in what may be the most help in order to balance our Global Village by our project "The Awakening of Consciousness, where billions of Books, reports, CDs, DVDs, stops will be made once we change our way of life of the Human Being that we live today Racial Intolerance, Religious and immigration, causing the loss of millions of lives for those actions that degrade the human values, this attitude occurred in the USA, when a Protestant church in Florida, the controversial Pastor Terry Jones, burned a copy of the holy Book of Muslims, the Quran, which has led to many deaths in Afghanistan at a UN Headquarters, and now the actions spread throughout the world.

For this reason it is in place so that we can show the world the awakening of the Consciousness Project, as the only way we are conducting relegation of Human Knowledge and reduce the intolerance that exist today in the world.

I pray the stations of television stations, newspapers, magazines and social networks that help us to spread this campaign that can change the course of all mankind, especially the knowledge of the great Prophet of communication that McLuhan "The Medium is the Message."

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