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Thanks to Social Networking, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google, can we send our messages minds and hearts of all those who struggle and want a better world for this and our future generations.

However the more aid could come from the World Press has shown that unfortunately natural disasters and humanitarian and urban violence and endless wars, in real time and in great guidelines from public view, only when we unite for the pain, but with the help of the Press where newspapers, TV and weekly magazines, may show that it is possible to unite the Love of Life, Environmental and Planetary Education.

For a large planetary revolution of Education have the greatest contribution of what the great Prophet of communication Marshall McLuhan whose centenary of his birth this year reminds the world of 2011, for his enormous contributions that are needed today in the "Global Village", he cited the their larger message that "The Medium is the Message", the media and the messages are just the mass media such as newspapers, television and magazines as the largest multipliers and disseminators of great causes, he saw his time in the passage of the world wheel to the world circuit today we see that this revolution in social networks also known by the Web of Life, which shall have its evolution if we can integrate over 2 billion humans in the great Web of Life, of which 7 billion has only 2 billion access to it.

Using the legacy of Marshall McLuhan where "The Medium is the Message" will use the Education Press and Planetary Social Networks worldwide to integrate the "Global Village". For this we use also the legacy of Steve Jobs, who even in his day was concerned with an integrated world where information was most and that was accessible to more people, and today we see the results of its inventions in to Apple, like the Ipod , Iphone, Ipad in every corner of the world.

What changes are also possible we use the knowledge and experience of the great statesman, Nobel Peace Prize and the Human Person, Nelson Mandela, who had joined us in the Great Cause, quoted in his memorable speech at the UN, and the Nobel Committee, which "Education and the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world", which is why we are proposing the project to all mankind "The Awakening of Consciousness, where we will at once Educate 7 Billion Human Beings in Peace Education , Health, Technology and Sustainability.

We know the enormous difficulties in putting into practice our great project, but the principle of Synchronicity and Sincrodestiny, found out about the WISE. World Innovation Summit for Education, organization, founded by His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani and his wife Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser of Qatar, and has as President of the Organization, WISE, Mr. Abdullah Bin Ali-Thani, where the great leaders of Qatar decided to transform the exhaustible resource of oil resources in permanent investments in education, science, technology and innovation, and all who resort to them for qualification and training, WISE, join our cause in Education for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability.

Even in the Age of Uncertainty attribute this partnership we are proposing to WISE, so we can take the UN and UNESCO, which goes through difficult times due to lack of resources for their programs around the world, however we do get to Unesco for the two projects be made available to all schools, universities, civil society organizations and Governments around the world, and thus contribute to the cities of the world to be hospitable, Innovative, and Sustainable Solidarity, always guided by the Education Planet.

It may also be the manifestation of one God, Allah the God of the East, and the God of the West, so we can have a better world in the name of one God, and show that we can live and be in harmony with Nature and Biodiversity Life, all 7 billion human beings living on Spaceship Earth.

I can not forget this great message of support for the great men who have helped me in this long journey, Dr. Al Gore to combat Global Warming, Lord Nicholas Stern, in its fight against climate change, and the Great Director of movie, James Cameron , who believed in our cause and quotes in your email that we can work together, perhaps because this is his greatest contribution to the Seventh Art and roadmap for a great film, where we shall no longer fiction but a reality in screens the whole world.

I believe that now we find the minds and hearts of all who can help us in fulfilling this long and endless journey, where we have all the time in the world to go to all schools, universities, square in the world, cross rivers, deserts and seas, to put into practice the project of The Awakening Conscience, what may be the manifestation of the Creator in people for a better world.

Message to Great Director James Cameron.

Dear Mr Naisser,

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).

Perhaps we will find a way to work together.

Jim Cameron






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That at this defining moment in human history people close to the point that no differences exist between giving and receiving love with “The awakening consciousness” in favor of Nature and Life.

Thanks to the power of technology, Internet, Newspapers,Magazines, Social Networking, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, email, TVs, newspapers, magazines, schools, universities and civil society organizations and governments can reach the minds and hearts of all those who may in help in this long journey through a world that is forever marked by balance and Respect Sustainability, mainly because all 6.8 billion human beings, we need oxygen and water to keep our lives here on Earth Degraded.

Few know, but in Humans produce 4,000,000. Four million Recycling and Household Waste per day and only 5% of that total is recycled, 95% are deposited in the Environment, in rivers, open dumps around the world. Rulers spend U.S. $ 6 trillion for the collection, transport and deposition at the sites already mentioned.

Few people know that we have already spent 125% of Degraded Natural Resources Planet Earth, to redo 1% Nature takes 250 years, it is time we act, we have behind us the Communication Technology and the great men and women who want help us, it is time to no longer join in the pain of tragedies, such as Japan where the tragedy of nature with the terrible earthquake followed by tsunamis of 10 feet high, where millions of displaced people, but the worst tragedy was Nuclear Catastrophe produced by the hands of the very man who now is questioned about Nuclear Energy.

When we will act with love for life, the environment, we can no longer use the Earth Hour, Earth Day, the World Environment Day, we have to respect every minute, every hour, every day, month, year century, and act now by our project "The Awakening of Consciousness ", where a Higher Intelligence and the Creator's plan, we will educate 6.8 Billion Human Beings, using the Peace Education, Health , Technology and Sustainability, whose four pillars will be placed in Economic Power, Social, Technological and Environmental Affairs.

Renowned Columnist, Author and Speaker, Thomas Friedman of The New York Times, has been very happy in his articles, mainly in relation to spring in the Middle East, where the mainly upper-middle class youth, already trained in universities fail in their jobs
Areas of training, because the old regimes hindered this, citing the example of Egypt and Tunisia. The poor young people for lack of information and knowledge millions of them still do not know what is happening.

Thomas Friedman also mentions that it's time for "Revolution" become an "evolution" in favor of a world that is marked by the Universal Rights and Duties of those who truly want a better world, and cites that the actions should be implemented soon, otherwise the world will continue watching the bloodshed on the earth with the loss of millions of lives for the terrible wars and greed for power that in many countries have moved in 40 years.

Friedman continues, saying that only an extraordinary leadership to reiterate the need to bury the past and do not let the lack of opportunity for him to be buried.
Cites that the world needs leaders like Nelson Mandela and F. de Klerk in South Africa, communities opposing giants who fought and managed to end the hatred and Apartheid that claimed millions of lives.

For this reason is that now is the time to seek those who want to help us in this long journey Planetary because major leaders quoted by Friedman will appear on every continent, guided by the Higher Intelligence, we use the tools used by men who once also led the world in his time and his need.

We will use the Education for Peace, Nonviolence for Gandhi, the Conservation of Nature and Life, courage and determination of Jacquez Cousteau, For Great Journeys and the dream of living peacefully as brothers, we will use the I Have a Dream, proposed by Martin Luther King, for a World without Wars and the dreams for this and Future Generations, will use John Lennon's Imagine.

To show that it is possible we change the story, we will use the challenge of Albert Einstein said that in his time that the Imagination is more important than knowledge and that Big Solutions always manifest themselves in the midst of major world crises. The moment we changed the history of the Revolution to Evolution, "as quoted Friedman is now, Social Networks, Newspapers, Televisions can help us in this long and decisive Journey.

With our project we can immediately enable the 6.8 billion human beings for the recycling of household waste, and reducing to 90 days in 50% of the 4,000,000 tons that do not receive any treatment or recycling at the Eco-label partnership with large companies, schools, governments and communities.
We also stock for our cause will receive, we will avoid that immediately can be reduced, the daily deaths of 45,000 children who die in Africa mainly because of lack of drinking water and malnutrition, the great singer and the Human Person U2's Bono and his friends by
world, will be decisive for our cause.

You are invited all those who need oxygen and water to live, will join us, the billionaires, millionaires, artists, celebrities, teachers, universities, journalists, doctors, ecologists, climatologists, oceanographers, scientists, Directors, Film Producers, Televisions , economists, policymakers, civil society organizations all, only so we can show the world that our intelligence and our Union once was used not for their own benefit but of all mankind to Balance and Sustainability of Life on Planet Earth ..

This is the biggest challenge, this message will run the world, thanks to the Age of Knowledge and Information, the translation into English, Spanish is the , which will have a fantastic value in this long journey. We are ready to travel and put into practice in any part of Planet Earth, because we now have all the time in the world for the training of those who will benefit from the project "The Awakening of Consciousness", billions of books circulated by schools around the world billions of computers will be placed in schools, teachers will be trained Million, and followed us around the world the great New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman to fulfill what he called the greatest virtue of the Human Being will be doing for the Revolution

One day we must stop dreaming and to somehow act, the time is now.






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Once again we join the pain, and today she came to us, the world lost one of the major actors in the world, Madame Danielle Mitterrand, wife of Ex.Presidente Fran├žois Mitterrand of France, spent more than 46 years of his life, propagating in stock worldwide against shortages and Waste Water, the liquid that guarantees the Life. We were together with the great ecologist, activist, Danielle Mitterrand, and the Human Person, in Curitiba. PR, Brazil in 2009.

I can not believe that we will unite where the pain we have all the world media, social networks, televisions, when will we unite in Love, Life, Water Sustainability, not even asking for an opportunity in A.C Before Christ, asked Archimedes and received in his time.

Today D.C After 2011 years of Christ, we can not reach the minds and hearts of those who truly want a better world, all 7 billion human beings need water and oxygen to stay alive on Spaceship Earth which also asks Relief.

Help me show the world that we all squares in the world, we have a power to generate billions of jobs in the Age of Knowledge and Information, avoid the death of 45.000 children in the world by water shortages and malnutrition, and 4 to avoid million tons of waste are placed in the open and discarded in the environment, but it must show the world by love and not for pain.

The time is now, on behalf of Spirit of Danielle Mitterrand, help us in the streets and cities worldwide, which makes them innovative, livable and sustainable design for the awakening of consciousness.

I look forward to help and support of 2 billion young people in the world that our cause will have on your job.




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On the one hand we live in the Age of Uncertainty, Environmental Degradation, UN report cites that already use 130% of Earth's natural resources, and do not stop to reflect over this tragedy, we also Urban Violence, War, Hunger, Poverty Economic Crisis, Fiscal and in the midst of so much pain that the world suffers, every day 45,000 children die worldwide from lack of drinking water and malnutrition. The Head of the UNHCR, the UN, Antonio Guterres says that the year 2011, was one of the worst years for humanitarian crises, where millions of refugees were killed, mainly by wars and desertification in Africa, he asks for help, but the rulers this time no help, most are looking for solutions to their economies.

The renowned American economist Jeffrey Sachs, who cites the year 2011 was the worst year for the search for environmental solutions, because most governments have abandoned the leadership in climate change agenda, and that the worst is yet to come.

From the day 01.01.11, have been trying to tell the world how we can change the story, we can not, just heard us or gave us not return to the great director James Cameron who said that we must raise our voices to the world wake up. Young came the Arab Spring, many paid with their lives, but were able to show the world that is worth fighting for their civil rights and universal.

Now in the USA, the movement Occupy Wall Streett, also struggle to protest the financial system, all other parts of the world protest, however most of them fail to resolve the problems or economic or financial.

Renowned Yale Professor Paul Kennedy cited in an article in NYT, 12 November 2011, that we are Entering a New Era? Maybe, the teacher says that the world can no longer continue with the difficulties and crises, it is time to dare and fight for a better world.

Hence why even fighting against the tide against the huge waves of the sea, against the walls of the difficulties can not be discouraged to say that the only way to remain very weak and degrade the Earth, the Project will be the awakening of consciousness, rather Occupy to the protest, we are calling for real-time social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, a single call to put into practice in 2012, a project that no longer need to protest but we join for a single cause for the planetary nature and Life.

The benefits of this question are on my blog. where we will create the Information Age and Knowledge Economy jobs of creativity and productivity, we will give no more squares to protest but the willingness to put in a great cause.

Now are the time and also the interpretation of the New Age of Professor Paul Kennedy, who’s because Avatars 3.000 calls the first among men and women that will help us in the great cause. We are ready to show the world and traveled across five continents in all the squares in the world, why should we hold hands.

It is now high time to dare and do happen.


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Is at the beginning of Synchronicity, find your name and your company and your Organization, in the midst of 7 billion human beings, to help us in the great cause, we will be in early 3000 Avatars of Great Men and Women who truly want a better world for 7 billion humans traveling on Spaceship Earth in Balance with Nature and Life, by planetary sustainability.

The time is now, Yes We Care...




He ran the world today a cosmic message that something big is about to happen with respect to positive actions of human beings and cosmic consciousness about the revitalization, preservation and reconstruction of the Earth, whose actions will be developed by all those who fight and dream for a better world.

No more as a coincidence, this message is being written at exactly 11 hours and 11 minutes of the day 11.11.11 this is not a coincidence, is the Principle of Synchronicity, (Deepak Chopra), so we can reach the minds and hearts of people you can join our cause will be the Sincrodestiny and once and for all make our project happen "Awakening Consciousness" as the only way to stay alive with balance on Planet Earth, now educating the 7 billion humans to Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability.

As of today 11/11/11, also a NASA satellite discovers a giant crack in Pine Island in Antarctica, with a giant fissure 280 meters wide and 60 feet deep and would lead to a huge iceberg about 880 miles square. Something big must be done, these actions may be related to this day, with actions against Global Warming and Climate Change, to avoid further tragedies such as these, we need to put into practice our project Education for Sustainability, which applies to all cities in the world, recycling of urban waste that currently is 4 million tons that produce methane gas 21 times more polluting than CO2, and only 10% are recycled by Green Seal can reach 50% recycling within 60 days, control in a waste of water, where 1 billion people have no access to the net which guarantees life and with the planting of trees that make the process of photosynthesis can we reverse these tragedies as well as the volcanoes which also manifest themselves by sending their larvae and ashes all over the world, they are also victims of global warming and climate change.

For this we will get in touch with the renowned Canadian Artist and Designer Jer Thorp, who now works as Artist in Residence in the Great New York Times, and it was he who developed the Software from ordering algorithms with almost 3,000 names of victims of attacks 11.09.2001, whose legacy will forever be tarnished once again the world united by pain and loss of thousands of lives snuffed out in the tragedy that has completed 10 years on 11.09.2011.

We have tried to contact Social Networks, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Newspapers, Magazines, Televisions, which are crucial in helping the great cause, we have sent Tariffs about our project, but so far they did not believe we can change the course of human history with respect to a Planetary Balance, ending the Wars, Urban Violence, Environmental Degradation, Racial Intolerance, Religious and immigration, using the tools and weapons more powerful to change the world needs today is education, as said the great statesman and Nobel Peace Prize, Nelson Mandela.

In an interview the renowned artist works with two areas of interest which is the Science and Art and our project will help us work in the areas of Health, Education, Technology and Sustainability, for it will initially call on the first 3.000great men and women from 5 continents and the 500 largest companies in the world who have committed to sustainability, people who will also have their names placed on the algorithms of the UN in NYC, and at UNESCO in Paris, because now no more will join in the pain but by Love Life, Sustainability Education, Peace, and the larger goal to revitalize the degraded and battered Planet Earth.

We already have several names that will join the 3.000, and that will assist us in the cause, among them the Nobel Peace Prize Nelson Mandela, offering Weapons of Education for the big project, we were together in St. Paul with Lord Nicholas Stern, who fight against Climate Change, Dr Al Gore in his fight against Global Warming, and renowned film director, film and the Great Avatar, James Cameron replied by e-mail us and says we all must raise our voices and now in favor of a Planetary Sustainability, and says there is the possibility of working together, our project and its producer, which is why we can now say that the documentary will not be greater in fiction but in fact what the world is today, that We can do each of the seven billion human beings in favor of Nature and Life, a New World for this and future generations.

Billions of physical books, magazines, e-books, kindle, CDs, DVDs, licensing of copyright will be produced whose resources will benefit the entire music industry, film and literature, now living its worst crisis in history, but our rights and royalties will be used Project on "The Awakening of Consciousness", where all schools and universities in the world will have access to great design, and the Copyright and Intellectual Property are already registered in favor of humanity.

The Challenge is done, we will use the legacy of Steve Jobs by the Creative Economy and simplicity of communications, we go out as goals from 2 billion to 4 billion people, so let us unite for the largest social networks whose service is provided to our cause integration and action of people around the world.

We must now leave the dream to reality, then we joined up when the pain, now is the time to join together by Love Life in Nature and Planet Earth, the speech to action, no longer find the walls rather than bridges connect the minds and hearts of all who truly want a better world.

Message to Great Director James Cameron.

Dear Dr Naisser,

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).

Perhaps we will find a way to work together.

Jim Cameron

With love and sincerity.

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