Monday, November 21, 2011






On the one hand we live in the Age of Uncertainty, Environmental Degradation, UN report cites that already use 130% of Earth's natural resources, and do not stop to reflect over this tragedy, we also Urban Violence, War, Hunger, Poverty Economic Crisis, Fiscal and in the midst of so much pain that the world suffers, every day 45,000 children die worldwide from lack of drinking water and malnutrition. The Head of the UNHCR, the UN, Antonio Guterres says that the year 2011, was one of the worst years for humanitarian crises, where millions of refugees were killed, mainly by wars and desertification in Africa, he asks for help, but the rulers this time no help, most are looking for solutions to their economies.

The renowned American economist Jeffrey Sachs, who cites the year 2011 was the worst year for the search for environmental solutions, because most governments have abandoned the leadership in climate change agenda, and that the worst is yet to come.

From the day 01.01.11, have been trying to tell the world how we can change the story, we can not, just heard us or gave us not return to the great director James Cameron who said that we must raise our voices to the world wake up. Young came the Arab Spring, many paid with their lives, but were able to show the world that is worth fighting for their civil rights and universal.

Now in the USA, the movement Occupy Wall Streett, also struggle to protest the financial system, all other parts of the world protest, however most of them fail to resolve the problems or economic or financial.

Renowned Yale Professor Paul Kennedy cited in an article in NYT, 12 November 2011, that we are Entering a New Era? Maybe, the teacher says that the world can no longer continue with the difficulties and crises, it is time to dare and fight for a better world.

Hence why even fighting against the tide against the huge waves of the sea, against the walls of the difficulties can not be discouraged to say that the only way to remain very weak and degrade the Earth, the Project will be the awakening of consciousness, rather Occupy to the protest, we are calling for real-time social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, a single call to put into practice in 2012, a project that no longer need to protest but we join for a single cause for the planetary nature and Life.

The benefits of this question are on my blog. where we will create the Information Age and Knowledge Economy jobs of creativity and productivity, we will give no more squares to protest but the willingness to put in a great cause.

Now are the time and also the interpretation of the New Age of Professor Paul Kennedy, who’s because Avatars 3.000 calls the first among men and women that will help us in the great cause. We are ready to show the world and traveled across five continents in all the squares in the world, why should we hold hands.

It is now high time to dare and do happen.


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