Saturday, March 27, 2010

Message to Great Artist, Human Person Moby and Band.

Message to the Great Singer, Composer, and the Human Person Mobby.
We read your interview today at the prestigious newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, where you show much of their talent, we can say you can also be a person chosen by the Creator, because along with the great Film Director David Lynch, turns to Brazil to promote your CD, Wait for me, the title can be a great synchronicity, we'll wait for you yes, because you can be the link to help us make a change in the history of mankind, either by feeding or by the salvation of little what remains of our forests and biodiversity on Planet Earth, but for that I need to meet you here in Curitiba, where you will be presented, together we can change the course of history and great film can also be in the hands of the great David Lynch and other Directors, as we will for us 2.7 billion people who truly want a better world that will buy your CDs and DVDs, with RoyalTS will avoid the death of 45,000 children per day due to lack of water and malnutrition. The time is now, I await response, great artist and human Mobby and Band. Welcome to Brasil, Welcome to Curitiba.Pr.
Success always ...
PHONE 55 41 3357 4370.
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