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In the most difficult moments of the history of humanity, I urge the world that "One day we must stop dreaming and somehow we act now," I need 10 people who may believe in me and it is possible that we change the story by the project "The Awakening of Consciousness, "only then can we have the right to remain in nearly destroyed Earth. You who receives this message can be one of 10 people, other then millions will join us, then will come the billion, but now I need 10 great heroes for the larger journey, the challenge and the die is cast. Cosmica this message may be a request, an inspiration or a higher order of the Creator himself.


Again, we turn our message in order to search for people who can help us on this long journey so we can show the world our Project, The Awakening of Consciousness, which after 9 months, virtually the gestation of a life, we put characters in English in an interview with CWBTV, Curitiba.Pr, few respondents or fewer have visited our project on Youtube, to Save Planet Earth, Yes We Can Now but the Principle of Synchronicity as quotes Dr. Deepak Chopra, we still have minds and hearts of those who truly want a better world for themselves and for future generations. No more scared because we live in the most difficult moments in the history of mankind, the Age of Uncertainty, where unfortunately the world have joined only by pain, the tragedies, earthquakes, urban violence, endless wars, Men and Women pumps, all this has early in the year 2010, the first year of the second decade of the XXI Century, Haiti, where even today people suffer the loss of thousands of lives snuffed out by the tragedy, and millions are victims of the outcasts of the Climate, as well as Chile, which was followed by the Tsunami which also caused loss of life and enormous material damages billion for all segments in Mexico, where a 7.6 earthquake caused the damage in the billions of dollars, thus increasing the Excluded Climate with the huge material and psychological damages for millions of people around the world.

The Age of Uncertainty in the Global Warming and climate change, we are living the most difficult times in the history of mankind, but the Governors have not yet realized the enormous tragedy that has befallen Global Warming, Melting like the Polo North and South Pole, Mount Kilimanjaro in defrosting, defrost in the Andes, the Himalayas Defrost, Defrost In the Pyrenees, on 27.2.2010, a huge iceberg broke away from the Mertz Glacier in Antarctica with 2.500km2, thus contributing to the increase of the Oceans and panic in the countries who live near the level in the Arctic Sea, the Sea of Siberia, with Defrost caused by Global Warming, 8 million tonnes of hydrate methane 21 times worse than carbon monoxide, are being released to the atmosphere, and little or no action by governments are put into practice to turn these enormous tragedies with what they can decimate life on Earth, as happened to the Mayan Civilization that also in his time ran out and the scarcity of natural resources water, studies have found by archaeologists. Returning to the cities, some opinion makers, urban planners, architects, mentioning that the future of the planet is in the cities, others cite that cities are the last refuge of Human Solidarity, we heard that here in Curitiba.Pr, where we attended the Conference Innovative Cities around the world in March this year, but many positive actions of Quality of Life, Education and sustainability will have to be deployed in all cities, only then can we say it is the refuge for human civilization.

Once again the enormous difficulties are posed by sociologists, architects, geography, biology, in relation to Urban Violence, Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, where countless thousands of lives are snuffed out daily, famine, poverty, religious intolerance, especially the Catholic Church that their lives worse by problems with Astral Hell to Pedophilia in several countries around the world, and Racial Intolerance immigration, President Obama and President of Russia signed the treaty that reduces nuclear power this week, but the worst army today that all Rulers fear is an army man or a woman alone, those who do blow the sites of large concentrations of humans as in the Metro in Russia, where 2 young adolescents in Chechnya have caused dozens of casualties, including Iraq and also Afghanistan, where the news in real time are shown on television and the Internet. We have the largest shortage of political will to solve the great problems facing humanity, especially with relation to human rights, the thirst for power of some rulers who turned legendary in Power, adding that with the greatest difficulty is the shortage of drinking water, where the world has not yet realized that the Water, the liquid that assures us life is finite and Reason for War, where 40,000 children die miserably every day around the world, especially in Africa, lack of potable water or malnutrition, and the rulers can not get the solutions right now because their parents live Fiscal Crisis, Unemployment, without talking about the economic crisis that still persists in most Countries, and Climate refugees who already number 80 million worldwide.

The alert was given by Dr.Al with Gore about global warming, by Lord Nicholas Stern, Stern Review of Climate Change, which was asked in 2006 that created a global fund of 2% for climate change, but there was no initiative from rulers and today every natural disaster are spending 25% more especially by inaction. Another warning was given by Renowned American biologist Edward Osborne Wilson, that the way we do today, 6.8 billion human beings, we need 4 more Earths to satisfy the inordinate consumption, which already reaches 125% of natural resources Earth and its regeneration fails, asks for help to everyone for Preservation of Planet Earth. The Renowned Cosmology, astronomer Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society of London, mentions that we live in a land of nobody and that the worst catastrophe are not the earthquakes and hurricanes are more frequent now, but the overwhelming wave by the Rulers Lack of political will to help solve the enormous problems that affect the entire world, especially by Global Warming and Climate Change, the specific case of failure of Copenhagen. Another voice that arises is the American climatologist James Hansen who cites that we are not taking care of Climate in the World and we are already paying dearly for the account that we are not reducing emissions mainly caused by coal-based, says that the planet can withstand the heat only to 450 ppm, we are today with 387 ppm, if at 3 degrees celcius in the mood, any kind of seed will germinate in the majority of 180 countries of the world, caused by the elevation of Global Warming and Climate Change, especially Methane Hydrate by which releases from the Arctic and that also caused the elevation of the oceans, whose power of issue is 21 times that of carbon monoxide, leaving billions of people stranded in their countries, since 75% of humanity lives today in Coastal Zones.

From where will come the solutions to the enormous difficulties that we report above?, If the IPCC panel, ruled that the Human Being is responsible for Global Warming and Climate Change, should be the same human being, where we quote the Shares of Men like Dr.Al Gore, Lord Nicholas Stern, the Great Artist of Hollywood and activist Leonardo DiCaprio, who directed the documentary the 11th Hour, which cites the Global Warming and Climate Change is Real, but few have heard or seen her documentary in 2008 that the solutions sought by the interview of the 60 major opinion makers around the globe and all segments active, religious, architects, scientists, climatologists and indigenous tribes. Another major who raises her voice is the climatologist James Hansen who now acts as activist, managed to halt the construction of a pipeline between Canada and USA, where billions of tons of sand would be pumped Coal for USA, Alaska.

For our project the awakening of consciousness, a person concerned is indispensable in our Prince Albert II of Monaco in 2006 was also in the Arctic for 30 days and you can see closely the tragedy that was announced by the Melting North Pole in his back told the world what was happening and that something needed to be done, but few have heard and nothing was done. Now we're getting in touch with the great monarch ecologist and also, that the Prince will help us in our project, so we can make a World Forum for the Salvation of Planet Earth and all humanity that should join our project, "The Awakening of Consciousness, "so we can put into practice the great cause where 6.8 billion, will be educated at once, for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability, with this we will have an enormous help to people from middle class to high income where we have 2.5 billion people who will help us mainly with the conscious consumption and aggregate our cause major global brands that will meet Sustainability, since royalts and will be passed on to our cause whose resources will be deposited in the USA, European Union and Asia, where ethical and honest people will be in charge of controlling the management of these values today valued at $ 1 trillion dollars, which will be processed in Schools Sustainability Planetaria in all 202 UN member states, which will integrate the first time in the history of mankind and young children worldwide, regardless of color, creed, race, and purchasing power, work on the multiplication of large project, The Awakening of Consciousness, which then will be transferred via the United Nations University and UNESCO, whose design will be transferred to Governments, where the Education for Peace, we have the reduction of urban violence and Reeligacao of Knowledge in all the countries of the world.

With regards to the Urban Waste, electronics, created a seal that will recycle Ecological immediately 60% of recyclable products that are now deposited in trash from all over the world whose heavy metals contaminate water sources, thus we have the generation of billions of jobs, so we will rely primarily with the collaboration of Producers and Consumers with the help of all the children of the world, the Ecological Stamp will come from schools and thus help governments around the world and the Preservation of Nature and Life. Also put the project to reduce water waste around the world and with that we will revitalizao planting billions of trees, thus helping to reduce global warming, since the evaporation the water no longer penetrates the bare soil and vegetation cover sealing in the Major and Mega Cities, like the tragedies that occurred as the flooding and slippage that occurred in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, leaving thousands homeless and many lives were lost.

Also adding to help our cause, we will initially help the 2.5 billion-conscious consumers among children, young adults and middle-class and upper class around the world, help the music industry and Cinematografica worldwide, in relation Piracy, where only 20% of the royalties are for those who have the intellectual property, in our project they will be helped by 80% initially, and marketing of CDs and DVDs, reason why the artists, singers and actors directors, our cause will also aggregate the 500 global brands, which has a commitment to sustainability to benefit from our project. Studios will join our cause and that we will have the resources necessary to reduce the planting of trees throughout the world, and Education for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability will be critical to the positive actions we back the ice at the poles and Places above.

Where are the great benefactors and humans that can help in saving the planet and all Humanide?. Are among us, and they will be called, scientists, climatologists, Employers, Schools, Universities, Children, Youth, Adults and Older People, Singers, Actors, Communities, NGOs, indigenous Aborigines, Maoris,Economists, Biologists, Presidents of Major Enterprises, International Organizations as sports bodies, FIFA, UEFA, FIB, ILO, and especially the Monarchies, Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, and Billionaires from around the world, the UN, never urged them to help them in their Global Conferences, where the calling governments of countries that represent, but for our sake they will be decisive, because they have financial wealth, and monarchical power, but need the natural wealth which are the water and the air they breathe, their legacy, future generations will be its contribution and participation in the great cause.

The highest multipliers to help us, will mainly be the Age of Knowledge and Information, Newspapers, Magazines, television audiences around the planet, which until now has shown more the tragedies that befall the world, such as wars, natural disasters, but with Technology Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Orkut, Blogs, Google, Email, the only way to overthrow the visible and invisible walls that are built into our minds and our hearts, in their place built the bridges between the Have and Being, Ignorance and Saber, violence and peace, destruction and regeneration, so the only human being no longer be the object and subject, who will live and live in balance with nature and life, educated for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability .

To finish we have the help of a big man who can give his true mission as the Avatar, the renowned, award-winning film director James Cameron, leaving the studios of fiction is coming to reality and say where it came from Brazil in Manaus in Amazonia a lecture Sustainability, and knowing that our government here plans to build a hydroelectric plant on the Xingu River, where climatologists have predicted that we will have water for the turbines only 4 months a year, the rulers do not conform to any and want to build price, affecting the entire biodiversity of the Amazon, dozens of Indian tribes who are the true owners of the forest along with the Traditional Communities that do not drop the Forest, the Great Director decided to create a campaign worldwide to prevent this tragedy that is announced against our Amazon , no longer the heart of the world, but the lungs of the world because it is Amazon that start the rain and water resources that guarantee the life around Planet Earth. Not as coincidence but as Principle of Synchronicity write this message today to the Great Cosmic Director arrived in Brazil and planted a tree in Sao Paulo where he came to seek the dialogue with our government for the solution of the problem affecting our Amazon.

In finalizing the world today also ran the news of the Project artificial refrigeration, where a group of scientists are seaching for answers to Global Warming by the Creation of Space Guard Sun, Bleaching Earth, Manufactures of clouds, artificial volcano, Mining and Reverse ocean fertilization would be seeded where compound iron on the surface of the Sea, whose project ended with 6 benefits against risks of 17 techniques where the changing cycle of nature the first tragedy would be the end of the monsoon in India and Big Drought in Australia, as predicted the National Academy of Sciences of the USA.

For this we will now seek the credibility mainly from World Press, where all vehicles Era of Knowledge and information will be used to put into practice our project that will be agrwegados the big brands that have the Sustainability and Quality of Life in its products as objective greater. The Awakening of Consciousness, where we have again the balance between Man and Nature, Science and Faith, Having and Being, but for this to happen we will be back in the history of humanity where one day Archimedes, BC, called for a Lever and an opportunity and said he would move the world, and made by its Principle. DC 2010 years now, we ask also an opportunity to say how we should proceed to put into practice our project to save not only Earth but the entire humanity and rights to future generations as they always dreamed of while here on earth lived the Great Commander-Jacquez Ivenz Cousteau, where his son and grandsons and granddaughters will be joining us in the long run. A Great Movie, a great documentary will be created with all who help us in the great cause, a book will be written with the help of great writers, whose sale and distribution will be for the 6.8 billion human beings, equated Holy Bible of the Christians the Torah of the Jews, the Muslims Alcoorao, the book Red Maotsetung China, Sanskrit and Hinduism in India, so that a new path is given to humanity, where the legacy and the copyright will be for the benefit of all mankind.


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