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We live the most difficult moment in the human history, principally by the Era of the Uncertainnesses, Degradations, Desolation of the Nature and Life, Racial, Religious and Imigratory Intolerances; Financial Crisis, Exchange Wars, world wide Value Inversion in the school by Bulling practice, Defrost in North Pole where an Ocean was grown in the Alaska and now is the sea route for ships from Europe to Asia and vice versa, and delivering many Icebergs, being the largest of them 260 km2 of extent and 2 km deep, which’s clear water could supply USA by four months; Forest Burnings in Russia; Arsons and Destruction in the Amazon Forest in Brazil making drought the rivers which were known as the largest ones in our planet until April 2010; Volcanic Eruption in Iceland provoking complit paralyzation to all air routes from Europe to the rest of the world during more than 30 days; while rulers fight for their Finances the Global Warmth and Clime Variations are dropped to a second plane.

And the world follows his way, no longer safe now, for we can perish by billions for lack of potable water, asphyxiated by the Urban trash, where the rulers spend about US$,00 (trillions) to get it together, transport and storage. In most of the III World Countries, they use storage yards in the open, this way originating near to 4 millions tons every day in the whole planet, and these generate Methane Gas, which comes to be more than 21 times worst than CO2 from vehicles everywhere. With our project “THE AWAKENING OF A PLANETARY CONSCIENCE”, and the “Ecologic Seal”, which will have the sponsorship of the 500 largest Companies of the world united to the Schools, we will recycle in a first stage 50% of the 4 million tons produced by men every day by the Education for the Sustainability in High Schools and Colleges, Universities all around the world; No Governmental Organizations and Governments, yielding millions of jobs and prosperity for people in co-operatives in a world level, whose resources for transport, commercialization, capacitation for recycling will come from the royalties of our cause.

Rulers usually say what must be done; nevertheless, they get no solution. With this project, “The Awakening of the Planetary Conscience”, we will say “how and why must be done”; where we will instruct 6.8 billions Human Beings in just one time for Education for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability, which Pillars will be added to the Economic, Social, Technological an Environmental. This is the only way to revert this situation of Planetary Unbalance we live today. We know that every eruption of great volcanoes are motivated by the Global Warm-up bearing millions exiles from climate, causing floods, seaquakes, burnings, tsunamis, as happened in Chile, Pakistan, Indonesia and Iceland reaching to 120 millions refugees of the Climate, thousands lives lost, billions dollars in material prejudice. Specialists mention that the enormous lost of 30% of the Biodiversity in the Planet had a cost near to US$ 4,5 Trillion (1.000 x 1.000.000) for all of us, however, nothing was done. In Nagoya,Japan during the UNO Convention, COP.10, agreement were made to be accomplished until 2020, when we may be vanished from Earth.

I need an opportunity to show our project which is now compared to Gandhi’s No Violence, to I Have a Dream by Rev. Luther King, to the Imagine by John Lennon, Environment and Seas Preservation by Jacques Cousteau and Humanitarian Action to the Excluded Peoples of the World by Sergio Vieira de Mello, however, for this I have to meet with people able to help us in this long Journey, as to Lord, Martin Rees, President of Real Society Londres, Richard Branson, President to Virgin Group, Ex.President USA Bill Clinton with his Foundation for Children with AIDS, With Great Pop Star Bono of the U2, who collects funds for Peoples of Africa, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who endowed a grate share of their Fortunes for Tropical Disease Research, as Malaria, Tuberculosis and Dengue; Mr.Richard Fain to Chairman Royal Caribbean ,Anthony Geddens, Director of London School of Economics’ , Hes Magesty Prince Albert II of Monaco, Dr. Al Gore, Lord Nicholas Stern, James Hansen, Nasa’ Scientist; Edward Osborne Wilson, Biologist, to help in the scientific part of the project.

We will count also with the Chairmen of the 500 world wide Companies who will join us for the Planetary Sustainability, where their products will have as the major benefit for the consumers the trace down of the Sustainability. For this, we have in our favor 2,5 billions of people who possesses wealth and will become supporting consumers for the 500 world wide Companies.

We are living in the Knowledge and Information Era, we will count with news papers, TV Broadcasting Companies, Magazines all around the world, Social Nets, Google, Facebook, Orkut, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, all connected to the World Web, in order to show that by the social nets we may reach minds and hearts of all who are willing to live in the Earth Planet; and put to work our project “THE AWAKENING of the COSNCIENCE” as the only form to change the course and the destiny of the mankind.

Singers, Artists, Movies Studios and Sound Industry will join us for they will have their rights on CDs and DVDs back, that will be commercialized all around the world, and 10% will be given to our cause as royalties, in order to implant Sustentation Schools in all five Continents, with Education for Peace, Health, Technology (e Sustentabilidade). Nevertheless, for this it is needed the support of the 500 greatest Companies of the Planet, decisive to put working the Great Project that is the Balance and - SUSTAINABILITY-.

Since it is needed, we will translate by www.google,com, and later will be displayed once more in order to every one have access in English.

With certainty that the thought and spirit of Mahatma Gandy, Luther King, John Lennon and Jacques Cousteau; and the Solidarity and life of Sergio de Mello’s Life, we will reach minds and hearts of the ones who really want a better world.

This is the reason by which I am ready to run around the world making a big effort, to show by TVs, Schools, Organizations, Civil Society, Rulers, Universities, Papers, and Magazines in al the world how do we have to mobilize our selves to keep alive in Earth Planet, and draw near to the Planet Balance between Nature and Life.

The entire world saw last October the rescue of 33 miners who were buried in Chile for 69 days, they were save mainly by water and oxygen that guaranteed their lives. Now we came to the moment to bring with our Capsules of Humane Actions from bellow the Earth, a Planetary Conscience, Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability which are buried and must be save, and will be by the will of 6,8 billions humane beings who will help us in the long journey; Join us; time is come.

We are ready to wander by rivers, deserts, airs and seas to put the great project to work which may be the greatest manifestation of the creator in all the Human Beings which help us in this long journey.

Archimedes, A.C. one day in History asked for a lever and a chance, he said he would move the world.

Albert Einstein, D.C, said that Imagination for Good if put in practice, is superior to Knowledge, for it has no limits and often happens in the great crisis as the one we are living now.

With gratitude toward the ones which join us for the only objective of giving hands to hands to keep alive Biodiversity, the Nature, and Life in Planet Earth.








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The Awakening of a Planetary Conscience.

Translated By Claudino Batista Marra Junior.

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