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Dear Steve.


With this message I will take the world by newspapers, television social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, IPod, IPhone, to reach the minds and hearts of all those who want a better world, however we can only make it happen by the Information Age and Knowledge. We saw on television his farewell as President of Apple, where you stated that "unfortunately the day of departure would happen," but we also see the manifestation of all your friends around the world, the legacy that you leave this and the Future Generations, the greatness of Apple, computers, the iPod, IPhone, you were considered in his time as a great avatar of Technology, say Avatar, because the avatars are in line with the wisdom of the great Gurus, Sadus, as those of India, and knew in your youth you also were there, they may also have contributed greatly to their intelligence, like the famous speech at American University where you teach young people the way to overcome the great challenges for Ethics, Honesty Courage and Determination. We learned in 2009 you needed a liver transplant, and then I offered an e-mail to Apple saying that she could donate part of my liver, since I have good health and the body regenerates itself, then we heard the press you could do the transplant and her health improved.

Steve, you have many friends around the world, but I will mention three of them, two American and one English and one that I am Brazilian and a Frenchman who helped design the Apple with renowned ecologist and filmmaker. Yann Arthus-Bertrand, which shows the major problems with the degradation of nature and life.

Steve you are at the same time the great men of communication as Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison, who also dared in his time and made it happen all of his inventions that remain today for the benefit of all mankind.

Steve also circulated in site, compliments of his friends as the renowned American photographer and writer Matthew McDermott, and journalist, television presenter Stephen Fry in London, that its enormous contribution to communications, have you ever thought in the first place in the emotional relationship with people and realized that his inventions can connect people anywhere in the world playing with their emotions and experiences, they told that this can greatly assist in the fight against Global Warming and Climate Change, because messages can reach the minds and hearts of all those who want a better world.

Steve, I can now say that his departure from Apple, there is perhaps his greatest challenge of his life, as we saw in your bio that you are challenged at an early age to great accomplishments and always did so with courage and determination. So for that I am making public the whole world that his legacy will help but the preservation of Nature and Life, and place it as one of the great men who helped us in our Project The Awakening of Consciousness, where the Age of Knowledge and Information will educate the 6.8 billion human beings for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability, and you already part of our great cause, which is why we ask your help in the grand project that will benefit this and future generations. Steve, you're an example to all who seek their dreams in their achievement, we are ready to have the first contact, like a testimony of a young man in 1980, Bill Fischer, who you had
called him to acquire a computer Company at the time of his NeXT, whose letter of the Bill was published in several newspapers around the world August 29, 2011.

Special Message to All Humanity.

Giving evidence and shows that the World Press, Social Networking, Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, are our biggest and best tools to reach the minds and hearts of those who truly want a better world, we cite the case of retired engineers in Japan, Mr. Yamada Yasutero that at age 72 with the help of networks, attracted over 400 volunteers to help combat the leak in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, saving the young because they have a lifetime ahead, courageous and daring of the great volunteer. Another volunteer in India with 74 years to Activist Mr. Anna Hazare, called on young people, teachers and lawyers to fight against corruption and the social networks could soon join millions of people, considered by many as an example of Mahatama Gandhi, which unison united millions of hearts and minds for the Independence of India, once again the scene of the demonstrations was in the Ramlila Maidan Square in New Delhi.

We have followed all the big events have happened in the markets, and our cause had passed through Egypt in Tahrir Square, Syntagma Greece, Portugal Rasca by generation, in Spain in the Gateway of the Sun in NYC, Central Park, London, Hyde Park and Wembley Stadium in Paris at the Plaza Champs Elise’s China, Tiananmen Square, and all square in the world, for our cause in favor of Nature and Life, will be summoned all the great cause, singers, artists, teachers, governors, schools, universities, social networks, newspapers, television, film directors, scientists, biologists, economists, climatologists, all winners of the Nobel Prize, this will be the biggest challenge of the human being to remain alive and in balance on Planet Earth, where Nature will be considered the subject and the object man in the great cause.

To All who believe that the Age of Knowledge and Information, and the contribution of great men like Steve Jobs, we can put into practice our grand project, which will also have the great women around the world, in one case by the Awakening of Consciousness favor of a Creative Economy and Production and a Sustainable Planet.



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