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Again back in search of the minds and hearts of people who can help us in the long run we can change the course in the history of mankind with regard to destinations Man in degraded and battered planet Earth.

The news mostly of great tragedies, earthquakes, hurricanes, Urban Violence, Social Crisis, Fiscal Protests in Public Places like the European Union, especially the millions of unemployed young people cite the case of the European Union which now reach 25 million are trained in their universities and do not have jobs, and their rulers did not know how to act, however these jobs are no longer in the industrial revolution, but are in the Age of Knowledge and Information, especially regarding education and the great professionals who will take care environmental, and administrators of cities and the quality of life of its billion inhabitants.

The news arrives via the Internet, newspapers, TVs, Iphone, Ipad, Social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, where millions of people enjoy, share, and multiply in real time they cross all boundaries possible in the Era of Knowledge and Information , it is difficult to explain this world today is limited access to 2 billion people worldwide and the remaining 5 billion do not even know these wonders of the XXI Century exist and are available worldwide.

Using the tools of the great Prophet of Communication of the twentieth century, that Mr. Marshall McLuhan's The Medium is the Message, and now with the enormous difficulties that the world is we can no longer be spectators but protagonists of the great change that the world needs I include also the thought that Albert Einstein Imagination is more important than knowledge, and that large projects always emerge during major crises facing the world, therefore it is back again asking for help people who truly want a better world for this and future generations.

In our various messages request help, our project The Awakening Conscience, we turn initially to billionaires worldwide, already send message to top 10 billionaires in the world, including Mexico's Carlos Slim, Bill Gates of the USA, Warren Buffett, USA, Amancio Ortega Gaona, Spain, Eike Batista, Brazil, Richard Branson, UK, Bernard Arnault, France, because even though all of them billionaires, we asked them to help us in our great cause, because they need air to breathe and the water liquid that gives them life, however none of them responded to our call, however I believe they can now help us in the new challenge. If billionaires do not respond, we have the answer for us the great Film Director James Cameron said that we can work together and our cause will be the theme for a great documentary that we can achieve in 2013, with this contact we can carry on our Draft all become great cities of the world most Polite, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable by the Peace Education, Health, Technology and Sustainability.

In the endless struggle, what drives us is faith in civilizing mission that can dare and do happen, Social Networks can now reach the minds and hearts of all who can join our cause, people now seek billions in willingness to help , in courage billionaire, billionaires in determination, in solidarity billionaire, billionaires projects, billions in shares and innovative practices, to do so they will receive an invitation to the big day in favor of a world where billions of jobs will no longer be the Age of Industrial Revolution, but of Education, the Knowledge Age and Information billion jobs for those who will take care of the Environment and Quality of Life of billions of people in the Age of Cities, so they become more Polite, Humanities, innovative and Sustainable.

For this we are calling the billions professionals like Architects, Town Planners, Engineers, Teachers, Schools, Universities, Students, Civil Society Organisations, Presidents of the 500 Largest Companies of the World, scientists, climatologists, biologists,Designers,Publicyties, NGOs, governments, Biologists, economists, artists of Music, Film, Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, especially the translations by Google, Televisions, newspapers and magazines around the world, it is time to act and not wait for government decisions but together we can show that give a new direction to humanity in balance with the environment and life.

Message receive  to Great Director James Cameron

Dear Mr Naisser,

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis Which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, Which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together.

Jim Cameron 

After attending the UN Conference, Rio +20, in June 2012, , try to deliver to the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, our project during the conference, however we can not because we can greatly assist your Project Of The Future Present we want to we can, we try also with social networks like Face book, Twitter, which now amount to 1.300 billion users, to help us in the great cause, but it does not successfully managed the project that could help the 7 billion human beings and Planetary Sustainability. 


For that reason is that we now get help on two big men who are responsible for Spirituality of millions of the Faithful in their churches and that has a direct link to our project by the Awakening of Consciousness. First was the election on November 5 of Patriarch Tawadros II as the Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt, in the country where just one day in the history of mankind Moses also freed his people toward the Promised Land, we are using the Pope Tawadros II Mohamed Mursi and the President, to help us show our cause in Tahrir Square in Cairo, and that was the main scenario of the Arab Spring, and now we can help in generating millions of jobs to Youth in the Age of Knowledge and Information that both fought for their freedoms and civil rights.

Another big news was the election on November 9 Canteberry the 105th Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Britain, Bishop Justin Welby and has a great relationship with the English Monarchy, and that may be the connection with Prince Charles who is one of major environmental advocates and Lord Nicholas Stern, Father of Combating Climate Change worldwide. Along with Prince Charles for the first time in history you can take the help of the monarchies of everyone, including a great quote which could help the Principality of Monaco's Prince Albert II, who has been at the North Pole in February 2006 and said Defrost in the poles are real and something needs to be done to avoid the drowning death of millions of people mainly in the Indian Ocean Islands, requesting assistance to governments, however since 2006, nothing was done to prevent the tragedy of climate change, and now we also see the enormous tragedies caused by Hurricane Sandy, whose losses reached in the USA at over $ 60 billion, but the greatest tragedy in Haiti was little that was shown in the press, which were devastated and lost all their crops that would for the year 2013, the great artist and human being Sean Penn runs the world for help,, however little has achieved, especially in the reconstruction of Cities, Hospitals, Schools, destroyed by the earthquake of 2010, our project can also help in reconstruction and saving thousands of lives, especially of children today are at risk of dying from cholera outbreak, lack of drinking water and malnutrition.

If we now live in the Age of Uncertainty, we also have the Age of Opportunities and that they can be realized if we can help especially those who take care of Spirituality as Pope of the Coptic Church of Egypt Tawadros II, and the Bishop of the Anglican Church Justin Welby, Youth and monarchs Prince Albert II of Monaco and Prince Charles of the United Kingdom,  can immediately announce to the world that we can change the course of human history by Project Awakening of Consciousness, where we can have a relationship of balance with Nature and Life.

I continue to believe that Social Media and World Press can be the great multiplier of our cause and legarmos a better world for this and future generations.

We move on.



The change that the world is in need, do not be a spectator, is the protagonist of the cause.
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After  Durban,  Jose Pedro Naisser 1/3.

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