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We live in the greatest difficulties in the history of humanity, even while living in the age of information and knowledge, because access to technology is still available for a few. We are only 7 billion and 2 billion have access to it, we live in the Age of Uncertainty also, we see the tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, USA, where the gunman took the lives of 26 people, 20 of them children who expected a  better world, and six other teachers who taught them the path Education by these rather the unique weapons capable of changing the world as Nelson Mandela quotes.

It has been that way, always by only unite in pain, and the pain was the President of USA, Barack Obama was the television to support the families of the victims, with tears in his eyes, the trembling voice choked and he says that we should find a way to avoid tragedies like this. Few people know that the pain mostly without the news media every day 45,000 children worldwide lose their lives for lack of clean water and malnutrition, they do not pass through large information networks, we can modify it, instead of death, we can show life for these innocent children who have no blame for violence, but they are also victims of the great humanitarian tragedies, it is time to dare and make big changes happen.

We have seen an explosion in the global level Social networks like Twitter and Facebook, journalists, all televisions in search of people who could give the informations for the world to know more about the enormous tragedy of Newtown.

It is time we use our social networks, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google, and unite for Love, Life, the Environment, the rescue of universal values ​​and utilize the expertise of two great men still are among us, Nelson Mandela by Education can change the world. We use the knowledge of the great French sociologist Edgar Morin, with his project The Reeligation of Knowledge, we may redeem the values, Ethical, Human Society, Solidarity and give a new direction to all mankind.

All this is within reach of our hands, our minds and our hearts, we can launch in 2013, with absolute exclusivity of our Project Awakening Conscience, in the same town of Newtown in the presence of President Obama, Yes We Can, and  the Secretary General of the UN,Mr.Ban Ki-Moon, and the Director General of UNESCO Mrs.Irina Bokova, Nobel Peace Nelson Mandela and sociologist Edgar Morin, and Director James Cameron will transform our cause a great documentary that will be distributed to all schools, universities and communities everyone, regardless of creed, race, color, purchasing power, which educate the 7 billion humans for Peace, Health, Technology, Sports and Sustainability, and put into practice in all cities of the world who are located in as few as 1% of the Planet Earth, for they are more Polite, Humanities, innovative and sustainable.

Email to Receive to Great Ecologist James Cameron, Director  to Avatar Movie.

Dear Mr Naisser, 

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 

Jim Cameron 

But we need to tell now with the mainstream media world, that instead of the news during tragedies, we can put them for a share of global resilience legarmos the human civilization a new order where we will be spectators and not players but  great protagonists  the big cause.

But for this message and this is what we are urging and calling for the 7 billion humans to join our cause, The Awakening Conscience, because we now spend 125% of the natural resources of the planet earth, and we now have 1, 7 billion people who do not have access to clean water, now the challenge is enormous because something brave, challenging, innovative and grandiose needs to be done after December 21, a new order for Humanity, since 85% of the world population live in cities, and that all world cities cover only 1% of the planet Earth, however absorb 75% of the energy used today and cities contribute to 80% of the greenhouse gases that are played daily in the atmosphere mostly without due treatment.

To introduce this great cause various indices, indicators presented by the UN, World Bank, World Meteorological Organization, climatologists, scientists, glaciologists, hydrologists, biologists, Architects, Town Planners, Governments, all the indicators show, diagnoses, including the UN, which in Conferences Climate like Durban in 2010 in Africa, Rio +20 in Rio de Janeiro and now in Doha in Qatar, but no solutions except for postponing decisions for 2020. All require that governments act in the fight against Global Warming and Climate Change, the rulers can not put positive actions and cite that they have abandoned the Climate Agenda for lack of resources and also because they are in search of solutions that affect how more Social Crises, Tax, Urban Violence, Unemployment, and new crises as Religious Intolerance, Race and immigration, which is why the fact that marked the world in 2012 were the Furacao that Sandy left billions in damage wherever he went as the impact on Haiti that destroyed entire crops of food for its population would be few today who speak them, the world press was more tragedy in the USA where losses reached $ 50 billion dollars and today thousands of people are still out of their homes, including Haiti, where the Actor Sean Penn travels the world in search of help, but has achieved little.

What few know the world today with respect to pollution and emission of greenhouse gases is the size of the concentration of gases that each year they beat records for the year 2011 to 36.8 billion gigatons were dumped into the atmosphere, in the year in 2012 the numbers reached 44.0 billion and for the year 2020 experts cite that will be 58.0 billion gigatons of which cause enormous impacts across the planet, especially with respect to global warming, thereby causing the thaw in North and South Poles, which will also cause a rise in the level of the Seas and that billions of people could be affected in all the cities they live in Sea Level, Countries and Islands as a whole in the Indian Ocean may disappear, example was the Furacao Sandy man who showed his strength with winds and storms that are stronger than the millions of sandbags placed in the city of New York, where the tragedy was greater. In the United States this year. there were over 15,000 records of temperature rise in 8 states, where billions of losses caused to farmers who lost millions of tons in their corn and soybeans in early 2012, affecting the global market for commodities and rising food prices everyone.


Again the year 2012 was the year that all records were broken in defrost function of climate change, the world media showed the melting polar ice caps, icebergs drifting several oceans, some larger than the city of New York, NASA documented with satellite photos, where the layer of ice covering 3.42 million square kilometers, only 24% of the surface was covered by ice, diagnosed a massive tragedy by scientists, however no action to reverse the ice at the Poles were made, the rulers claim that lack resources, proof of this was the creation of a fund of U.S. $ 100 billion, however so far it has not been implemented because the Economic Crisis, especially in the European Union remains and what is worse, millions of jobs lost , fiscal austerity, even suicide of those who had their homes financed by banks as happened in Spain, which has today has over 30% unemployment in your country.

Scientists, glaciologists, climatologists report that with the thaw in the Poles another factor that will increase climate risk is the effect called Permaflost that releases 25 times more than the methane gas which can accelerate the melting both the North and South Poles and the rise of the oceans, according to studies by the Permafrost Carbon Network, Scientist Edward Schurr and Benjamin Abbott in an article published in the journal Nature.


The world produces daily four million tonnes of urban garbage, and that in Rich Countries has a recycling rate of 15%, however in Poor Countries and Emerging they are no more than 3%, which is why governments spend approximately $ 3 trillion dollars for the collection, transportation and disposal of urban waste that are mostly discarded in landfills with capacity exhausted, and many of them in open dumps and the riverbeds around the world, adding more water pollution from thousands of rivers and causing loss of life by disease mainly household waste produced by the 45,000 children who die every day worldwide from lack of drinking water and malnutrition.

Studies at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands reciclarmos mentioning that 40% of urban waste produced in the world, we will reduce by 56% the emissions of greenhouse gases, but for that we need to put into practice our project would be for a stamp that would be deployed Ecologico Schools in all of World Universities, trained teachers after the practicalities would go to the communities, and become every city in the world more Polite, Humanities, innovative and sustainable.


For the first time in the history of mankind with the help of the makers of cars and caminohoes arrive today to 1.3 billions 70 million vehicles annually come into circulation nass cities and contribute to pollution by CO2, thus increasing emissions to increase Global warming and climate change. With the help of the automakers will be our main focus the revitalization of urban trees and forests in their habitats, because the trees are the catalysts of water from rainfall, making the process of photosynthesis in cities by transforming CO2 Oxygen, along with that element in the water sustains life, are the trees that guarantee the reduction of hot flashes, if revitalize worldwide cities with urban trees, we will again have the ice at the poles, while away from the North Pole and South, the process of revitalization of trees is critical in our project, because the trees will be so respected worldwide as cows are sacred in India, Contribution of the manufacturers of vehicles will be crucial to our cause, we can start in 2013.


For this we will seek to help all those who can contribute their knowledge, Architects, Town Planners, glaciologists, meteorologists, biologists, designers, teachers, NGOs, Schools, Universities, the 500 Largest Companies in the world for the first time will use sustainability as a intangible assets in their brands and join our recycling project at Seal Ecologico, which contribute to their brands.

For the message of the Prophet of Communication Marshall Mcluhann that the Message is the Medium, now we have to rely on the help of the world press, television, social networks, Google, Facebook, Twitter, because it is time to act, and we dare to give a new direction to humanity.

Join in the sea, do not be a spectator but a protagonist of great change that the world needs for this and future generations

The other challenges are in the links below.




The change that the world is in need, do not be a spectator, is the protagonist of the cause.


Education Mandela e Malala.  

Heroes and Heroines.

Religious Intolerance 

World Architectes

Olympiad to Earth Planet. 


Word Day,  

Global Platform.  

After Durban,  

Face,  Jose Pedro Naisser 1/3.


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