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This message was posted on Social Media on March 31 when Christians around the world celebrate Easter and the Resurrection of the Son of the Creator, Jesus Christ, is very difficult to explain why this great cause for a better world.

Unlike what we have seen in the newspapers, Televisions, Social Networking, always when we unite for the Pain of Tragedy, War without End, Urban Violence, Environmental Degradation, however this was changed on March 13, 2013, when we joined the Love, with the election of Pope His Holiness Francisco now has the enormous responsibility of leading the destinies of the Roman Catholic Church which has approximately 1.2 billion Faithful worldwide.

We saw the coverage by the World Press highlighted to Rome where their best journalists and experts from around the world religions, whose event was seen by over 1.5 billion people since the election possession of His Holiness Francisco.

There were futurists, tarologos or seers or gurus who predicted the election of Pope Francisco, wrote as thousands of journalists from around the world, but an American historian Mr.Kenneth P.Serbin, which cited the First time in Millennium III the world may have known and experienced a manifestation of the Holy Trinity, where the Father, Son and Holy Spirit may have been manifested in Pope Francisco so he with his Cardinals team can bring the Roman Catholic Church to destinations she has with respect to his faithful around the world and now living difficult times and crises of internal power struggles and moments of turmoil.

Brazilian Cardinal Cláudio Hummes was crucial to his election as well as with respect to the name of Pope Francisco since S.Santidade evoked for him the examples of St. Francis Xavier who in his time was the greatest missionary of the Catholic Church and it became more people to Christianity, since the Apostle Paul, and Saint Francis of Assisi, that their examples are also placed to the world now, particularly with respect to the poor around the world, his love for Animals and Environment Preservation, which can be considered Father of Ecology.

Possession of His Holiness Francisco was marked mainly by invitation to dialogue and friendship and respect for all religions of the world, he proposes a new World Ecumenism, proof of this was the invitation and the presence of the Spiritual Leader and Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Constantinople Bartholomew I which were separated from the year 1054, were also in possession representatives of religions like Jews and Muslims, the Anglican Church, whose dialogue proposed by His Holiness Ecumenism is the central theme of his pontificate, which could greatly assist humans who also lives the great crises of the loss of values, urban violence, hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation worldwide.

Also present rulers, monarchs, heads of state, totaling 132 Countries and an audience of approximately 200,000 people in St. Peter's Square. In his address to those present mentioned that we should always follow the feelings and heart, because it is coming out good intentions and that they will help build a better world for all, regardless of color, creed, purchasing power, but fulfilling the designs and the wishes of the Creator.

Our proposal to His Holiness Francisco, that can help in the long journey for the rehabilitation of the Catholic Church, using the examples and the legacy of St. Francis of Assisi, considered the father of ecology, so that we can integrate into our design to the Vatican Awakening of Consciousness, where we will continue the work and legacy of St. Francis of Assisi on Peace Education, Health, Religion, Technology and Sustainability and His Holiness Pope Francisco will be the legacy of St. Francis Xavier in the rehabilitation and conversion of new faithful to the Catholic Church worldwide and the restructuring of the Roman Curia.

Will also count with the help of His Holiness Benedict XVI, who also rendered a great service to the Catholic Church especially in their contact with the Religions of the Middle East, his pontificate ended with the resignation that 600 years ago the world did not see, with old age spiritual and physical fatigue and the great leader had the humility to recognize the enormous difficulties to lead the destinies of the Catholic Church and for this we have now His Holiness Francisco, which has already given proof of courage, determination and humility to seek even the faithful who away from the church in all places of the world and strengthen those who are on active duty.

As Pope Francisco asks us to help the poor around the world, we offer our exclusive design with the Vatican, so we can do a World Forum on Ecumenism Education and Sustainability, and then put into practice at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro that will be the first trip His Holiness and contact with millions of young people around the world, with this we can help you in the quest for a world where people can live in peace all 202 Countries in the world that form the UN whose project will be delivered to its Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, as a legacy of all churches in the world.

For that we will have people also chosen by the Creator, who received a mission here on Earth, that we have a world coming together for Love, and fulfilling the designs of Jesus Christ who asks us to love our neighbor with the same, and unite ourselves within our communities, cities, states, countries, because according to biblical quotation that unite between two or more people, it will be with us, and the messages will reach the minds and hearts of those who truly want a better world.

I quote some people who immediately integrate our cause as the great Bob Dylan, converted to Catholicism in His Holiness Pontificate of John Paul II, also of Ex Prime Minister of England Tony Blair converted to Catholicism in the Pontificate of S. Holiness Benedict XVI, specially invited as large Ecologists the Great Artist of Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio, who said in an interview with a German newspaper that will take a break in his career to help the poor and the environment as a gesture of gratitude for all that received from the Creator, the Sheika of Qatar, Her Highness Moza Bint Nasser, in Fight for Holiness in Learning for Young People worldwide by WISE Foundation, The Grand Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople Church, in his defense by Water worldwide, Grand Statesman Nelson Mandela, that the most powerful weapons we have to change the world is education, the great journalist Thomas Friedman of the NYT, that the Arab Spring needs to get out of the Revolution to Evolution Benefits in People's Egyptian Prince Albert II of Monaco, who was at the North Pole and urged governments to unite against Global Warming, join Prince Charles in the UK who want to work for now, the environment for the rest of his life. Will also count with Dr.Al Gore, Nobel Peace Prize, and Father of the fight against global warming, will also call Lord Nicholas Stern, Father of Combating Climate Change, President Bill Clinton, Bono, struggling for help mainly children in Africa.

His Holiness also asks everyone to help the poor around the world, and for that reason is that our project educate for Peace, Health, Sports, Religion, Technology and Sustainability, you can put in multiple languages, dialects so that everyone has access and can make cities worldwide more Polite, Humanities, Religious, Innovative and Sustainable.

Continuing the legacy of Saint Francis of Assisi, we put on all Social Networking World, which for the first time will also help in our project and do it with the digital inclusion of billions Social Networks that will spread, multiply our cause in partnership with the Vatican and other churches and institutions around the world. Challenges so we can include poor populations, regardless of race, color, creed, Purchasing Power, asks how His Holiness Pope  Francisco, as the world's poor are not only those who do not have resources, but all others who relate below .

If we take in our hands, we can immediately make one that will be the greatest revolutions in human history in III Millennium, and a manifestation of the Holy Trinity in His Holiness Pope Francisco that will coordinate the big question with the integration of a global Ecumenism of Religions, Indigenous Communities, Maoris, Aborigines, with all his teachings and knowledge.

Inclusion of the poor with access to Religion.
Inclusion of the poor with access to education.
Inclusion of the poor with access to Health
Inclusion of the poor with access to jobs.
Inclusion of the poor with access to sports.
Inclusion of the poor with access to citizenship.
Inclusion of the poor with access to housing.
Inclusion of the poor with access to Innovation.
Inclusion of the poor with access to culture.
Inclusion of the poor with access to Human Values.

For this great World Forum will come into contact with the great Director and Ecologist Film Director James Cameron's film Avatar, which said one day in 2011 that we could work together, pass through his hands this great documentary, and also quoted that the onset of Trinity His Holiness in the notice to have been given by President Barack Obama of the USA, when in possession of his mandate II also said to the approximately 1 billion people that "The Best is what is to Come," with this message integrate our project where the President will join our cause.

Dear Mr Naisser, 

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 

Jim Cameron

If the history of humanity in his time St. Francis Xavier, St. Francis of Assisi, who traveled the world in his time to the pursuit of faithful and spread the word of Jesus, traveled to Egypt, India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia , where he managed to convince millions of people to believe the word of God. The great physician and missionary David Livingstone Anglican Church, who traveled to Africa to spread the Word of God there and saved thousands of lives in his time, he also defended the Peoples of Africa against Slavery and remember that the world now after 200th anniversary of his birth.

For that we are available to His HolinessPope Francisco to immediately begin the long journey to reach the minds and hearts of all who believe in the word of Go d and son of the designs and desires of the Creator, only then can we have a better world for this and future generations, we will immediately also with the help of the people mentioned in the above message.

For the challenge, I echo the words of S.Santidade, that to face the challenges with courage and determination Urbe at Orbit "should not be afraid of kindness or tenderness" phrase  His Holiness Pope  Francisco.


more hands to help, than to obstruct
more hands to heal than to wound
more hands to lead than to push
more hands to sow than to pull off
more hands to share than to steal
more hand to bless than to punish
more hands to offer than to take away
more hands to applause than to threat
more hands to protect than to attack
more hands to show the way than to push
more hands to write than to scribble
more hands to work than to beg
more open hands than fists
more hands handing books than weapons
more hands gathered in prayer than by handcuffs
more hands to shake than to defend
more hands to sign sheepskins than sentences
more hands to erect bridges than wall with bars.
more people to complete than to delivery
more hands to complete than to omit
more hands to practice inclusions than exclusions
more hands to wake up consciousness than greed
more hands in convergence than in divergence

 "A Bedouin alone does not win the immensity of the desert.  You need to move in to Caravan".



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