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Global Warming and Climate Change manifesting in Countries, Cities, leaving millions as refugees Climate, it is necessary to act now, or tomorrow may be too late.

The great revolutions of century XXI, are in the Age of Information, Education, Mobility, Sustainability, Services and Knowledge, however today they are available for a few access new technologies. For this we need also the major developments which are those which give access to my project to Education for Peace, Health, Sports, Technology and Sustainability, with as few upgrades can make all the world's cities Polite, Humanities, innovative and Sustainable. The moment is now to put into practice our project and the legacy of the great statesman and Nobel Peace Prize, Nelson Mandela, who cited education as the most powerful weapon we have to change the world. This is the great challenge, the time is now, Social Networking, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Yahoo, and Instagran, The Press, Newspapers, Televisions, Magazines, Schools, Universities, are decisive for disseminating such information, because the Medium is the Message.

Never in any part of human history we lived difficult moments like this now since we also live in the Age of Information and Knowledge , but even this has been useful to revert the enormous difficulties that the world is experiencing today, so let's Endless Wars , Hunger , Poverty , Disasters , Natural Disasters, Urban and Environmental Degradation Violence and worse World Economic Crisis Productivity Live a report in the Financial Times of London  on January 15 , according to the renowned American Institute of analysis and research Conference Board , cites the tragic and dramatic result of the Economy in 2013 , was the decline in ability to transform labor and capital into products and services that further damaged in 2013.

Cites the renowned Institute that productivity growth is the most important for increasing prosperity both rich countries from poor countries like element, also mentioning the stagnation of innovation as possible causes of this slowdown worldwide

In another publication regarding Jobs Globally and by the ,  entity, announced on January 21, 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland, the eve of the start of the World Economic Forum in Davos that received the reports of the two Entities .

Mentioning in the report that the world lost from the crisis of 2008, 62 million workers lost their jobs and that worldwide there are approximately 202 million unemployed people, equivalent to the entire population of our Brazil.

Another important finding of the report cites that an Elite Billionaires composed of 85 people controlling the resources equivalent to income of 3.5 billion people worldwide , and that 1 % of the world population is about half of global wealth , according to the reports say the few rich got richer and the very poor have become poorer.

If the 85 billionaires in the world help us, we can immediately prevent the deaths of 45,000 children who die every day from lack of clean water and malnutrition, this will be the biggest challenge that we propose to them.

In the USA , 95 % of the growth generated after the crisis of 2008 was in the hands of 1 % of the population , and that the richest 10 billionaires in Europe keeps its equivalent to 200 billion Euros fortunes .

The report also mentioned that 10 % of the world population controls 86 % of the assets and resources of the planet, the poorest 70 % control only 3 % .


Gathered 22-27 of January in Davos, Switzerland  the Presidents of the Top 500 Companies , Bankers and Corporations in the World for the first time after 40 years at the organization, the organizers recognized that social inequality as the biggest risk to Human Civilization since the World Economy is experiencing a crisis without precedent in history . For this they also used the OIT report, and OXFAM, that in the world today 375 million people living on $ 1.35 us $ 2.00, the information spooked participants, who also did not know how to solve this huge social gulf between rich and poor.

The Word Economic Forum ended without  measures that may assist in the recovery of the economy worldwide, and see that we have 11 months of the year 2014, none of the Gurus of Economics, Futuristic, policymakers decided to put suggestions to improve their Governments and their economies, since many of the leaders who attended the forum, are steeped in the search for solutions to their Fiscal Crisis, Economic and Social.


The Chairman of The Elders group , and Ex Secretary General Kofi Annan , group of world leaders which was founded by the great statesman Nelson Mandela to help find solutions for Human Rights , Environment and Social Justice written in various newspapers around the world with the title . " A Call for Leadership on Climate Change " , where he mainly calls on rich countries that have contributed most to the accumulation of emissions of greenhouse gases to help the poor countries who live enormous difficulties with climate change.

Quotes Dr. Kofi Annan that Climate Change is the biggest challenge of our era , they threaten the lives and habitat of billions of people by natural disasters , they destroy the human rights to food , water, health and habitat , he said that because has been fighting a long time. Those who are most vulnerable are those who live the enormous social exclusions and now climate refugees, and we can now unite to speak on their behalf and for their benefit.

Dr. Annan quotes that we come to a crossroads, and that legacy will leave our children and our grandchildren and great grandchildren and future generations. On the other hand we have the opportunity to give the first step toward the practical and immediate actions, which is why we offer him and his Foundation, our project The Awakening of Consciousness, so we can use the weapons and tools that can change the world according to the legacy of the great statesman Nelson Mandela Education is the only way we can give a new direction to a new civilization.

For this we also offer our design of Peace Education , Sports , Health , Technology and Sustainability , it will benefit all world cities that are located within 1 % of the Earth from space , to be more Polite , Humanities , and Innovative sustainable . But to make this possible need of Dr. Kofi Annan, who accepted our suggestion to implanting immediately adjacent to the UN,  Secretary General, Dr. Ban Ki-Moon, and Unesco in Paris  , with Schools , Universities , Governments , Corporations and Civil Society Organizations, NGO´s. Ecologists, Climatologists, Biologists, Artists, Writers, Journalists, Students, Teachers, Social Networks, Press, Magazines, Television Channels, Governors. Architects, Urbanites, Monarchies, King, Princess, Glaciologists, Banc’s, 500 Great Companies to Use Natural Resources to Nature.    

He also mentions in his article " A Call for Leadership on Climate Change , published in various newspapers around the world that your organization The Elders , will in the coming months to make an appeal for a campaign to reduce greenhouse gases , it is precisely our project are also proposing to them and that we can immediately put into practice , since the same newspapers that published their article may publish great partnership with the social network may be crucial for putting into practice the great design , we can work together.

This partnership may be the greatest contribution of Dr. Kofi Annan, when he was General Secretary of the UN , has been linked to pain as the Wars in Iraq and the death of the Great Martyr Brazilian Sergio Vieira de Mello , where we take the initiative to send the Vatican proceedings for her beatification by Well and Miracles that made saving the lives of millions of refugees where he went when Civil wars in several countries in Africa, Asia and the Balkans . The Dr. Annan is decisive person in our project because it can be placed immediately for the benefit of all mankind. 

Renowned economist Jeffrey D.Sachs,  founder of the Earth Institute and Professor at Columbia University, Goals of Milenio, UN, with Dr.Kofi Annan, wrote a great article in several newspapers in the world today, Deep Decarbonisation , alerting governments, world leaders, that humanity is on the road to ruin, driven by greed and immediacy, followed by a boundless ignorance. Planet Earth to men of good calls Will Aid, a pact for global sustainability for this and future generations are entitled to the environment and life. Dr.Sachs, also receive an invitation to join our cause immediately, the moment is now, tomorrow may be too late.


In a large conference sponsored by the United Nations in Jamaica ( UNEP) ,  in January this year , the researchers showed the reports that the concentration of plastics at sea is now 20 times greater than those of the " plankton " , which helps in photosynthesis in transforming oxygen pollution of the seas.

Researchers also cite that plastics discarded carelessly on the 7 seas now account for 90 % of all marine pollution contaminating Biodiversity, according to NGO. Plastic Pollution Coalition , who helped in the research and the dissemination of reports by the UNEP.

The Coastal Ecosystems contribute 38 % of global GDP and seas need help with regard to combating pollution of discarded plastics and has already led to a loss in the fishing industry of $ 2.2 trillion over the past 20 years.

The challenge of protecting the oceans of plastic material is huge, but we will also use the same weapons of Nelson Mandela to reduce pollution of the seas is Education for Sustainability Oceans. 

Rivers , deserts and seas , and cities can also put into practice our project by Green Seal Recycling and Reverse Logistics across the planet , we can immediately recycle 30 % of all production of 4 million tones are generated every day in all the cities of the world that produce the Urban Waste , investing in Education for Sustainability , it will have to reduce the greenhouse gases that produce the Dumps and Landfills in treatment throughout the world, which in the decomposition process produces methane gas which pollutes 21 times more than CO2 from vehicles and trucks worldwide.


According to surveys and reports made ​​by renowned scientists from the Universities of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands , the emission of methane gas effect ( Permafrost ), due to the melting glaciers in the Arctic , they release gas trapped in the region and expand the economic impact on Global warming mainly to poor countries that will be most affected mainly by rising sea levels , as approximately 5 billion people will be using 2020 as a habitat , the coastal regions around the world . Scientists say the melting will cause the emission of 50 billion tons of methane trapped which will cause a loss of 15 % of global wealth, according to the report from the Father of Combating Climate Change Lord Nicholas Stern estimated that $ 400 trillion by the year 2100 , this study was also published in Scientific renowned magazine " Nature " .


Using the tools mentioned by the great statesman Nelson Mandela , we will use the Education for Peace , Health , Sports , Technology and Sustainability to put into practice our project The Awakening of Consciousness , where we rely on the decisive help of the Press, Newspapers , Magazines , Televisions , social Networks and the same newspapers that published the maps of the tragedies and indicators with respect to unemployment , environmental degradation , pollution, social exclusion , will promote the courageous attitudes of Innovation for Education for a new world.

According to the Panel of the UN Climate Change cites as the man responsible for Global Warming, is also the man who will seek solutions to the huge global crisis affecting all humanity, especially as regards the world's cities to be more educated, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable.

For this, we will seek first aid for a project with 85 billionaires in the world , and holds 50 % of global wealth , we will make them aware that the greatest wealth that his billions , will be accounted for in their biographies to help the revitalization of Planet Earth and will be known as benefactors of humanity , other billionaires , millionaires will be called for help, because one day in the history of mankind there was a worldwide union of those who truly want a better world , because they have teamed up to save that which is greater that their wealth is water and oxygen , essential for life on Earth.

Your contributions will be to start the global campaign, it will get richer because they have recorded in their fortunes an environmental asset perpetuity, whose legacy will be continuity for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, contain in their biographies will be forever at the UN and UNESCO, MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, and will be remembered as national heroes in their countries of origin on record also in the bodies of human history. This campaign will also be the roadmap for the great Director James Cameron said that we could work together, we are sure that he will accept the challenge, whose proposal follows today for your personal email on Social Networks.

Message to Receive to Great Director James Cameron, Movie Avatar.

Dear Mr. Naisser, 

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 

Jim Cameron

Since we are in the Age of Information and Knowledge , its support will be critical in building a world that is sustainable for this and future generations , because our campaign will be worldwide and the automobile industry , aviation industry and shipbuilding industry will be great planetary innovative because it can reduce global warming with the neutralization of CO2 , with an urban, planetary forestations mainly in large and megacities living today air pollution by emissions of greenhouse gases . With the shipbuilding industry, our campaign will end with respect to the disposal of plastic in all 7 seas . With respect to the Aviation Industry, will also be major contributors for neutralization of CO2, which are produced by intercontinental flights, however will be neutralized by the planting of trees in all cities of the world where they operate in aviation.

We know the enormous difficulties to initiate our global campaign , however now we can act immediately because we have great leaders that will help us in the cause , in addition to 85 Billionaires also have the help of Dr. Kofi  Annan , has called the world's attention to the Climate Change , Prince Albert II of Monaco, ,  , who was at the North Pole in 2006 and said at the time that the thaw would bring billions in losses , few listened but now Prince participation is decisive , because we use the Principality of Monaco to centralize our actions in Europe.

For this a huge help there's also the Father of the fight against Global Warming Dr. Al Gore  has been saying that we should act however rulers mostly abandoned the agenda climate , already seeking solutions to their economies, and Job Creation they will benefit from our project . Lord Nicholas Stern  also invite the Father of Tackling Climate Change, which cites in his report that there was inaction of governments who did not get their orders for them to do a fund of 1 % since 2008 and it would save 25 % when natural disasters . It was done the background and we always see is the change of Nature by earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, which also caused the displacement of over 125 million people now, called Climate Refugees. Very Special to help me, Clinton Global Initiative    

Also count on the help of Pope Francisco , which is now one of the most respected world leader, the man considered the year of 2013 by TIME magazine, he asks rulers also help reduce the gap between rich and poor. The biggest challenge for the Pope Francisco will be for them to get in the Vatican , because in the history of mankind a Francis of Assisi day also offered suggestions for the season ending poverty and a reorganization of the Catholic Church who lived hard in his time in the century XII, Pope Innocent III , who accepted their suggestions and thus the contribution was beneficial for the Church and Poverty Reduction in their time.

For this we will use the thoughts of great men who walked the earth in his time and also dared and made ​​it happen as:

Archimedes A.C one day asked for an opportunity and a lever and said he would move the world, and did so by His principle. Today millions of ships and sailing transtlantics those 7 seas , thanks to his invention and also believed him and gave them the chance .

Albert Einstein D.C said major projects that have benefited mankind they always emerged with major crises and difficulties. See what the world is today it all. Endless wars, misery, hunger, urban violence, racial, and religious intolerances immigration and more. It is time we put into practice our cause, especially in favor of the World Cities to be more Polite, Humanities, and Innovative Sustainability’s.

Steve Jobs D.C, said in his time that we should not stand still, we should always follow our intuition, she will lead us to our goals and destinations in our heart.

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