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The renowned economist and professor at Columbia University Jeffrey D. Sachs, wrote in the newspapers of the world and the site  your article "The Last" Chance, "about Global Warming and Climate Change, as scientists noted that every year the planet heats up and few or no favorable action by the rulers are put into practice.

He cites that mankind has accelerated rather than control, climate change and global warming, it also came to rising seas and melting In the North and South Poles, the scarcity of water as in Brazil, where millions of tons were lost in crops for lack of water for irrigation and the city of Sao Paulo over 9 million people are using water from the aquifers of the dead zone Cantareira System.

Your article has the title "The Last Chance", which is for decision making by the Committee of the UN Climate  to be held in Paris in December 2015, however in our opinion we can not wait decisions of rulers who mostly also abandoned the climate agenda, seeking solutions to their economies, their fiscal crisis, unemployment in most countries round the world. The time to act is now, 2015 may be too late.

For this, we are launching a global campaign with The Awakening of Conscience Project, whose goal is to reach the minds and hearts of all those who truly want a better world, we seek the help of the 500 largest companies in the world that make use of natural resources, water, energy to manufacture their products, all without distinction may help a lot in regards to reduce Global Warming and Climate Change, with that we can give to the UN IPCC panel, as a way of helping the rulers in their Countries, States and Cities, so they can be more Polite, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable so it will use the most powerful weapon that the great statesman and Nobel Peace Nelson Mandela left in his legacy that is education, and education is the for Peace, Health, Technology, Sports and Sustainability will also propose that the UN, which we adopt as our cause the greatest contribution of the human being in favor of Planet Earth.

But for this cause is put into practice, we must rely on the help of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, which together account for 2 billion connected human beings which could help us much in the multiplication of the project, besides the press world as newspapers, magazines, radio and television, and especially the people forming the opinion, schools, universities, corporations, kings, Queens, princes, students, writers, journalists, intellectuals, artists, ngos, rulers, glaciologists,climatologists, meteorologists, hydrologists, biologists, teachers, architects, engineers, mainly to put into practice our project together with all the cities of the world, since they are located within 1% of the space on Planet Earth.


The Panel of Climate  makes warning to all rulers with respect to reducing water availability, especially poor parents, where scientists are already making predictions for a warmer world, with the highest level of the seas, melting glaciers, risk of water shortages and flooding and other major side flooding, impact on health, food security and the extinction of species around the world, the latest report says the global migration of fish and marine animals that are migrating to waters more cold, which can also trigger a tragedy for human beings, especially those who depend on fishing for their livelihood, all these disasters caused by climate change and global warming. 


Studies conducted by experts who study the emissions of greenhouse gases GIEG-UN, governments have few initiatives to reduce emissions of gases, many abandoned the climate agenda and lack of leadership, as we have seen in the UN climate conference. Unfortunately today the 202 countries of the UN, daily produce 4 million tons of household waste daily which mostly are not recycled mainly in Poor Countries and Emerging, thus contributing to increased emissions of greenhouse gases.


Data from the World Health Organization  report that air pollution in large cities caused mainly by burning fossil fuels and soil sealing the concrete in cities also called concrete jungle, lack of urban trees to make the process of photosynthesis, which transforms CO2 from vehicles and Sulfur Dioxide Diesel trucks in oxygen, and particulate matter caused the death of 7 million people in 2012. 


Experts came a new continent without humanity is aware, and the threat he poses, especially for vessels and biodiversity, whose space is larger than India, with 3.5 million square kilometers, between California and Hawaii, only that the contents are not the water but the sheer volume of plastic disposed through sewers and rivers, called by their Society of Explorers of researchers from France, the Pacific Garbage Dump. Mentioning also that if nothing is done, the next 20 years this continent may be the size of Europe.


For this we put our project The Awakening of Consciousness for analysis of large companies that use natural, water and energy resources for the industrialization of their products and then to distribution chains, to join our cause, as a way of reduce pollution globally, on earth, in the seas and in the air, so it is crucial that we have immediate accession of industries and manufacturers of vehicles and trucks, aviation to neutralize CO2 aircraft industry, and industry ship so that we can deploy our campaign to reduce plastic pollution not only in the new continent that way, but the 7 seas, we will have the tools of Education for Sustainability, with regard to plastics discarded in the oceans.

With this we will proceed recycling in cities domestic garbage by Ecological Stamp and Reverse Logistics, the neutralization of carbon from the motor industry, aviation and shipbuilding industry, which will reduce emissions annually 248.000.000 million tons of greenhouse gases by planting of billions of urban trees as a way to reduce air pollution in all the cities of the world, contributing pa reducing global warming and climate change.

This will be the biggest challenge to human beings, industries, governments, non-governmental organizations, communities and corporations, the twenty-first century, to show the world that the man is responsible for the emissions that warm the planet, is also the actions of the man who we will change the course in the history of mankind that the Earth can sail her course with 7 billion humans on Spaceship Earth, and a balance between the poles, forests, rivers, oceans and their biodiversity.


With the putting into practice of our project "The Awakening of Consciousness", we can immediately put into practice around the world, especially regarding the recycling of packaging materials and produced by Industrials who will join us for the Reverse Logistics, and we know that the world today produces 4 million tonnes of household waste they produce combustion, methane gas that pollutes 21 times more than CO2, and recycling in rich countries reaches 10% even with incineration, and Poor Countries and Emerging they no more than 3%, the remainder going to stop this material in rivers, open dumps, landfills and exhausted by the large amount of waste produced.

We can say that we can immediately contact the generating companies and our project for all cities in the world, can the Reverse Logistics, together manufacturers, distributors, supermarkets, consumers do get to recycling cooperatives that will be big beneficiaries of these products that will be reused and will reach no more dumps and sanitary landfills and rivers as it is today worldwide.

But for this to be possible, we must rely on the help of Social Networking, World Press, Large Industries that use of natural resources, energy, water, both on land, in air for Business Aviation and for the High Seas Shipping Companies, to support us in our project, which initially depart with a recycling waste and packaging by 30%, with Schools, Universities, Communities and Corporations worldwide, by Green Seal to be placed with Reverse Logistics and each company you join the great  worldwide campaign, you can count on their balance sheet as an intangible asset and valuation of its brand to its investors.

So we can make the most educated cities in the world, Human, Innovative and Sustainable, we will also use the help of the great men and women who run large corporations because the time to show that it is possible we change the course of human history for Education has come for Peace, Health, Technology, Sports and Sustainability, they are included as players and as spectators a year plus great documentary that will be produced Grand Director James Cameron, who said that we could work together by hands.

To this also count on the help of journalists, press officers, presidents of universities around the world, we can empower Schools, Students, Professionals in Education and Sustainability with the generation of billions of jobs that will be the largest area of ​​innovation of the XXI Century with the publication of books, cds, dvds, e-books, which will come to all continents for each of the 7 billion human beings feel responsible for his quality of life here in today's degraded and battered planet Earth.

We will seek large corporations who will join us in this great cause and whose royalties and licensing of our project will be used to put into practice the design of Planetary Sustainability Innovation, in all schools, universities and communities around the world, in partnership with UN and UNESCO.

To show that it is possible to innovate using the Education and Social Networks, giving a new way for all mankind, we will get in touch with the founders of Twitter Social Network , that will be our Official Network of our project and to campaign because their founders seek innovative projects to its shares start rising again since reached US$ 73.31 in December 2013 and May were priced at US$ 31.75, with 255 million users.

With this we are proposing a partnership with Twitter so you can be the first Business Networking and Interests in the World to join our cause and it will give a return to its 255 million users to reach 1.000.0000.000 in December 2014, and with the stock at US$100.00, on Wall Street, because they invest in Twitter, are also investing in our cause and planetary sustainability, this should also occur with other large corporations who will join us in the licensing.

Begin the great journey in favor of a Global Campaign in to  Planetary Sustainability and the benefit of all cities in the world, with persons we follow by ending the wars, racial intolerance, religious and immigration, hunger, poverty, urban violence and show the world the intelligence of the great director James Cameron and his team, which shows that if the man is the greatest cause of global warming, will also be the man now in his greatest ally reduction and climate change.

Dear Mr Naisser, 

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 

Jim Cameron

The time for action has come, for this I use a thought coming from the African Sahara.

A Bedouin will not win the immensity of the desert from only if we follow with courage, determination and united in caravans, we will get to our destinations saved and achieved our goals.




Sir James Lovelock 

World Day Earth


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