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Have every reason Marshall McLuhan the Communication Prophet quoting in 1968 in his book, "The Medium is the Message", this is the big story of journalist Richard Walters of the Financial Times of London, Title, Artificial Intelligence about project Youth Rich and their projects and institutes.

He cites in his report that as artificial intelligence progresses, its range approaches the reality which before seemed to belong to the world of fiction, so we could see The American Nate Smith of the project, Ex. Google Engineer, who now works in Machine Intelligence Research Institute. MIRI,

Nate Soares believes that artificial intelligence will cross the path of humanity, most likely at the end of this century, this thanks to the acceleration of technological change since the machines will be able to improve their own projects and thus the objectives of computers will far outweigh the human understanding.

Another writer and futurist Peter Diamandis, passionate about outer space is also one of the prophets of advanced technological civilization and supposedly within reach of our hands. He is the founder of Xprize Foundation, , who wants to build a spaceship to extract asteroid mining, and it already has in its sights a large rock that contains platinum, estimated today at US$ 5.4 trillion on Planet Earth, at today's prices. It also cites Peter Diamandis that machines will release its terrestrial moorings and leave humanity behind. He cites the "Universe is huge and there are many resources and energies for them"

In the report also points to a class of super rich who are in charge of the largest technology companies and have money and ambition to pursue these innovative ideas, as Ellon Musk, Tesla Motors, Jeff Bezos, Amazon's Larry Page of Google, where artificial intelligence is a key ingredient of this process, it will act as brain Robots, Drones, and vehicles that do not need drivers.

  Artificial intelligence has already caused a public discussion in recent months about a different kind of risk, whose machines may end human work, since computers and robots could take the most human jobs around planet earth, but cite the experts that the biggest problem is that the AI could also wipe out humanity, since for many it is potentially more dangerous than nuclear power.

Some more optimistic believe that intelligence Artificial assisted by its bright machines would help humans to colonize space, find the solutions to aging and make an "upload" to their minds, they expect the members of the Future Institute of Life, , and Existential Risk Studies Center at the University of Cambridge.

Larry Page of Google, , Artificial Intelligence is already in our daily life, such as the Internet search by Google automatic translation between languages represent a high level of artificial intelligence and other changes that are happening are in New Book Superintelligence  to Swedish Philosopher Nick Bostrom, Director to Future of Humanity Institute and recommended to all, your reading.

Have the apocalyptic warnings they think will be muted, as their creators are playing with the intelligence of the gods, and in this there is no switch to turn, cites one of Minri directors, Luke Muechlhauser.

To the young’s Americans Innovative Artificial Intelligence and billionaires who are investing in it on a large scale, make a wish to help us with 1% in our Project of Regeneration Earth Planet, with its Human Intelligences, because to you the 99% of its research design and construction of robots, sophisticated machines, software, need of elements such as water, energy and natural resources that only nature provides them. I beg, I urge you to help us in the union of human intelligence with artificial intelligence for the good of all in the world we live in today. We are no longer passengers we are 7 billion of crew in Spaceship Earth, which now needs your help, because it offers them water, energy, oxygen and food that secured them their lives.


Using the same thought of the great Prophet of Communication Marshall McLuhan that "The Medium is the Message", we can say it will be for Education in the Age of Knowledge and Information that we should come together to revitalize and regenerate our planet Earth today welcomes in your space 7 Billion Humans and also suffers from degradation and devastation, as we are consuming 125% of what nature offers us in environmental services such as water, energy, soil, natural resources, equivalent to US$ 180 trillion, services provided to all human and also the food and production chain.

Following with the predictions of the Prophet McLuhan of the world with 7 billion human beings will need the help of everyone, especially with regard to the cities of the world today are densely populated by 80% of the population live in cities, but they occupy the space of 1% of the Earth, suffer from urban violence, air pollution, shortage of drinking water in mega cities like Sao Paulo with its population of 12 million, suffer from a lack of the precious liquid which guarantees the life, cities also consume 75% of the energy that is produced mostly by fossil fuels, the world's cities produce daily 4 million tons of waste household in developed countries 15% are recycled, emerging at 3% in Poor Countries only 1% the rest is disposed of in open dumps, producing methane gas that pollutes 25 times more than CO2, with our project of Reverse Logistics, we can recycle in the first 180 days 35% a year later we will reach 75%.

All cities of the world together produce 80% of greenhouse gases, which in 2014 reached 34 billion tons of CO2 that greatly increases global warming, and the temperature reached 2.4 degrees Celsius since 1880 when he started be measured, according to the World Meteorological Organization, the high temperature reaching 3.00 degrees any agriculture and its seeds will germinate below the Line of Equator causing the largest food crisis of the entire history of mankind, and also causes the thaw the North and South Poles, lifting Oceans, and great natural tragedies coming of Climate Change and the rulers nor the UN, can not reach a consensus, as also live their economic crises, immigration, social, fiscal, the climate agenda was left in the background.

The head of the UN Climate Panel, , Dr. Rajendra Pachauri then asks the Private Sector Generation Companies of Greenhouse Gases in the Earth, in Heaven and Seas, cars, trucks, planes and ships and all Human Beings who can help with regard to the reduction of gases in the atmosphere, for its own benefit and all biodiversity, rivers, forests and seas, will benefit from the practical actions and the Project Awakening Awareness, Ecologist Jose Pedro Naisser, to make the cities of everyone Educate,  Polite, Human, Livable, Sustainable and Innovative.

To this end is that we are offering to all mankind that our project can be placed immediately next to UNU and UNESCO, where we will use the large Legacy statesman and Nobel of Peace, Nelson Mandela, who cited the strong and powerful weapons we have to save the world Education is, and will for Education for Peace, Health, Sports, Technology and Sustainability that can make all the cities in the world more Polite, Human, Livable, Sustainable and Innovative, it passes the content of 238 articles written since the year 2010, on my blog.  to edit several books, as important as the Swedish Philosopher Nick Bostrom, a New Book, Superintelligence, dedicated to Young Billionaires of Artificial Intelligence and its projects and institutes.

Our will be used for all 7 billion human beings, schools, universities corporations worldwide, churches, synagogues, mosques, philosophies, Indian tribes, Maori, Aboriginal, regardless of race, creed, color, purchasing power,   as a legacy that one day in the history of mankind we unite to preserve, revitalize and regenerate the planet earth for the benefit of this and future generations so that they have the right to a healthy environment and a planetary sustainability.

For this important mission will count with all those who can help us with brains as these makers of Artificial Intelligence, Billionaires, Millionaires, because they need water and oxygen to meet their research, as stated in the report by journalist Richard Waters of the Financial Times.  

We can say that all help us including social networks, the World Press as The Medium is the Message, these tools are decisive in the Age of Knowledge and Information, we can reach the minds and hearts of all those who want a better world .

We can not dispense with Artificial Intelligence, although it is closer and more accessible to the rich young as report of the above, because as mentioned one of the founders of Google, Larry Page about the contribution in the translation of websites, texts, in several languages, integration worldwide, this service is already part of the great innovations of the communications world, we have used this tool since 2010, we can work together using the Education, Artificial Intelligence, Human Capital and Intellectual Capital for this long journey in respect to the Theory of Regeneration in favor to Earth Planet.

Finally I quote we will put this project in the hands of the great Director James Cameron said that we can work together in the preservation of nature and life, which is why we asked him to help us and we can start the changes that the world needs immediately .

Message to James Cameron.

Dear Mr. Naisser,

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 
Jim Cameron.

Unlike what happened to the civilization of the Maya, that in his time and in the last glaciations disappeared from the earth, because exhausted their natural resources such as forests and rivers, essential elements for life, leaving only the great crisis of records and its disappearance.

Now in full Age of Knowledge and Information, the 7 billion humans also live the great dilemmas, whether we will follow the same path of civilization of the Maya, because we also live a huge water crisis and drought as in Brazil, mainly in relation to devastation of our Amazon Rainforest, and the State of California in the USA, because we use 125% of the earth's natural resources, which can not regeneration.

The UN Climate Panel,  study presented by scientists, cosmologists, geographers, meteorologists, glaciologists, Hydrologists, biologists and climatologists, Global Warming and Climate Change are due to actions caused by man, with respect to emission of greenhouse gases, mainly by the use of fossil fuels, melting at the poles, rising sea levels, the effect of which could be the death of millions of people whose judgment shall be by drowning, especially in large cities in the world who live near the oceans.

Given this huge threat also the disappearance of our civilization that unfortunately we do not have the help of the rulers who have left the climate agenda, others insist to seek signs of life on other planets like Jupiter, Moon, Mars, forgetting that here with his feet on the ground we can make the regeneration of the planet that sustains life in the water, oxygen and natural resources.

On 12 November 2 billion people were moved by television, and social networks, when the Probe Rosetta mission, launched by the European Space Agency, landed on the structure of Comet 67P, 510 million kilometers away from Earth. According to the researchers they seek signs of life and possible traces of water in the comet's icy rock, so far nothing has been found, according to its researchers.

The question we ask is what we have done with the feet on the ground, to help our environment, we are taking care of our forests, our rivers, cities, oceans, our planet that provides us with the water and oxygen and food that guarantee us life, now asks for help for their degradation and devastation of man himself.

The moment to act with practical and immediate action is now, with the involvement of 7 billion of Spaceship Earth crew.

For this great journey is that we are calling on all those who can help us in this mega or decisive and also say that now we have to change position that there are more passengers but the crew of Spaceship Earth, that asks for help for everything we have them done as forest degradation, urban pollution, pollution in their rivers and seas, it is time to do the longer trip that humans ever thought of doing, which is the "Journey into yourself."

Also following the advice of the great Prophet of Communication, Mr. Marshall McLuhan that "The Medium is the Message", Social Networks, newspapers, TVs, magazines, schools , universities , corporations , communities and governments will join us for the great cause.

For that I am sending to the Great Director James Cameron who told us that in defense of the environment we must raise our heads and raise our voices, and said that we could work together, then it is time to act and show that one day in the history of humanity, united to save what little is left of natural resources and biodiversity, saving even their own civilization, for the first time in history will unite human intelligence, with the new artificial intelligence of the above young.

Two great journalists will join our cause, Richard Waters  the Financial Times for his story about the Artificial Intelligence and  Human Intelligence, André Trigueiro,  Rede Globo de Televisao  in Brazil. Together we are strong and we will reach the minds and hearts of all those who truly want a better world for this and future generations.

For this we use the African thought in great journey.

A Bedouin not win the desert vastness break only if we follow united and organized in caravans, we will reach our destination safe and sound to fulfill the great designs of the Creator.

Register on our Official Network of Twitter, its virtual presence and contribution on behalf of Nature and Life Earth Planet.

We can not be spectators but the great protagonists of the great change that the world needs, for this we use the thought of Albert Einstein, who in his time used much for his Theory of Relativity.

There is a more powerful driving force than steam, electricity and atomic energy:   “THE WILL”   Albert Einstein. 








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