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Friends followers, you are the first to receive this message Cosmic we will overcome the great speeches for large practices, dreams for the realization of Have to Be, we are trying together with FIFA, the Organizing Committee of the World Cup in Africa, for that after the games, we can use as a training center Stages of Children, Youth and Adults from around the African continent, we have the resources and intellectual property for the maintenance of large stadiums that cost U.S. 6 billion for the Africans, for that we are entering contact with the Enterprise for which use of our cause and use the Sustainability and Education for Peace, Health and Technology in their projects, so we have 2.5 billion for youth and adults of Generation Y, who will join us. A day in the history of mankind, David Livingston in 1851, decided to help the people in Africa and traveled in 15 years more than 48,000 Kilometers, passing through the Kalahari two times, cleared, helped by saving lives. Another great man in his time and history in the twentieth century, also decided to help the African people and traveled to her and saved many lives, we talk about Albert Schweitzer, that the resources of his books and lectures founded Hospitals and Health Centers by many countries through which he walked, his legacy to humanity was the record for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952.
Now is the time to act, especially in urban areas throughout the African continent, we have the weather to our advantage in the World Cup, thus we can avoid immediate death daily from more than 40,000 children for malnutrition and drinking water is contamination by AIDS in Africa, we have people like Bono, Bob Gueldof, Sting, Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Lord Nicholas Stern, Danielle Mitterrand, Angelina Jolie, George Cloney, and other great men and women who join us in the great cause. To do this the first to receive our message will be that the journalists are people close to the organizers as John Carlin journalist to , who wrote the Book Invictus which became the movie of the Great Nelson Mandela who at 91 years will be the Opening Cup, but we now need thousands of Mandela to the great concerned.The Journalist Rita Siza, in the Newspapers in Portugal who is in Washington, will join us in Africa, Sergio Manuel o Philosopher Portuguese, linked to University of Sports in Portugal also by what already has been doing to improve the quality of life young people in universities. After the emotion of the games we have to struggle for life, may be there a great change in the history of mankind, the Road Map that has hitherto been done by the wars and Violecia Urbana, we do for love nature and life. For this, the social networks like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Orkut, are decisive for multplication of information. The translation was done by Google and posted on our blog. The final part of this Project the blog and on Youtube. Jose Pedro Naisser 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, In English.
One day we must stop dreaming and somehow we act, the time is now ....

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