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We live in the most difficult moments in human history, especially regarding the economy in all Countries of the World, we live the Age of Uncertainty, where tragedies happen in real time, Urban Violence, Wars, Terrorist Attack , Environmental Degradation, earthquakes, hurricanes , Tsunamis, nuclear disaster and the two worst tragedies is the lack of political will in solving the problem in the countries and water scarcity, which today kills more than 45,000 children around the world by malnutrition and lack of it with 80% in Africa, rulers say what should be done, but do not know how to say it should be done.
For this reason we put our project "The Awakening of Consciousness," to help with solutions to problems that afflict all of humanity and say that unlike the government, together we can say how and why it should be done.

But for this is that we are calling all those young people in the world who have participated in public squares around the world, where many have paid with their lives, where there were dictators, however it is time we hold hands, and thus we take our project forward, who has an intellectual property of U.S. $ 1 trillion, US$,00, where we can provide jobs for millions of young people around the world, but it must be in NYC at the UN and UNESCO in Paris, and then for all squares in the world, since billions of jobs are in the Age of Knowledge and Information.

Uniting all social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Youtube, Google, we have 2 billion people connected to the world, and our project we may have 4 billion a year, mostly young people around the world, especially poor countries do not have access to www. Web of Life.

For that I am addressing mainly American youth are now beginning their protests, especially the initial Organization, however we must be careful that people do not use these opportunistic young because even now worth protesting,
beware of opportunists on duty, lobbyists, false prophets, which has allegedly promised to save the world, and yet did nothing to not be designing the lens of the camera for himself, you see they are approaching you with demagogic speeches and utopians.

But what we do in fact is the process of putting into practice our project, which avoided confrontation with the authorities, we will use the minds and hearts of all those who want a better world.

Bankers do not repay all the jobs that have lost their bubble since 2008, we now show that we can change the course of human history, creating jobs for the Age of Knowledge and Information.

Look at my blog what men said as AC, DC and Archimedes, Albert Einstein, that large projects are always in great crises, and for that we are proposing a major change in a big project.

Initially, we can help revitalize the literary industry, music and film in the USA, which is in its worst stage by the piracy of its products and licensing, in partnership with them will come the resources Royalties our Copyright and Intellectual Property.

The challenge is made, we can not wait for the government, the time to act is now, tomorrow may be too late.


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