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To show that we can change the course of human history by the project "The Awakening of Consciousness," where the 7 billion humans will be educated to Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability, whose values ​​will be added to the Social, Economic, Technological and Sustainability, only then can we make the cities of the world are more Polite, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable.
 We live in the great crises Social, Fiscal, Economic, Urban Violence, Poverty, Misery, where 45,000 children die every day from lack of clean water and malnutrition, with 80% of them in Africa. We also have intolerances Racial, Religious and immigration, unemployment of millions of people, young graduates from universities who do not find employment in their field of expertise and training, millions of young people worldwide excluded who became hostages of drug trafficking, how to solve it , where will the jobs of the twenty-first century, if we are no longer in the agrarian revolution, nor the industrial revolution, the billions of jobs are in the area of ​​Knowledge and Information Services, who take care of the environment, taking care of Life but for that we need to overcome the biggest barrier is the Political Will to put into practice our cause. 
For this we will then invite all initially Architects and Town Planners of the whole world, as all cities are located in only 1% of Planet Earth, which is why they are crucial to our cause so we can start the big project for the Mega Cities 5 Continents, because according to the Brazilian architect Jaime Lerner cites that cities are the last refuge of civilizations. Lerner is right, however what we see today is that cities are over-populated, natural resources and urban spaces are scarce, urban violence, difficulty with funding by governments, lack of urban mobility projects, public transport, millions of people live in major cities in an island of wealth, bathed by billions of people who are excluded in a Sea of ​​Poverty. 
How to solve these huge problems? We are contacting the major Architects and Town Planners who are famous all over the world because they designed and built large buildings, museums, schools, hotels, universities, subways, trains, buses, and shopping centers, however the biggest challenge is Now join our cause and leave for the reconstruction of the cities so they can become more Polite, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable. 
We begin by the great American architect Thom Mayne, Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2005, where his greatest virtue is the construction of schools and universities, such as Cornell University's new headquarters, a building that will house a new concept of education around the world, has also built many projects around the world. 
The Great Architect Adriam Smith, responsible for designing the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world located in Dubai in the UAE, has also in its curriculum dozens of large buildings built by the world. 
The Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, author of major buildings, including the Water Park of London 2012 Olympics, Guangzhou Opera House in China, pointed out as innovative and visionary architecture, however his desire is to work for poor people in solving the problems of housing worldwide. 
The Canadian-American architect Frank O.Gehry, he designed near the Bois de Boulogne park known as the lung of Paris, the building will be built "The Iceberg, for the Louis Vuitton Foundation that will also innovative and sustainable architecture. The Architect Frank O.Gehry also has the merit of having built for the great artist Brad Pitt, houses to help the homeless by Hurricane Katrina, thousands that are far and few know this made the great Architect, will be of great value to our cause. 
The Israeli architect Moshe Safdie, who built the Crystal Bridges Museum among other major projects, the Foundation for Wal-Mart in Arkansas, we should rethink the cites and towns quest to solve the problems of urban mobility, transportation, light, nature, everything is under attack, we must unite in the search for practical solutions. 
The architect who designed the Global City of the Future in Songodo in South Korea, which will house 2,600 apartments with schools, golf courses, hospitals to give better quality of life to its inhabitants, very important for those who will reside there, however they have were called digital inhabitants of the metropolis, our project will help them to not be on the Island of Wealth, bathed in a sea of ​​poverty. 
The Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, Icon of Sustainability develops sustainable projects with the use of recycled material, primarily for the construction of houses alongside the victims of earthquakes and tsunamis, it is essential to our cause so that we can do together to billions of human beings who now living in makeshift shelters worldwide victims of wars and natural disasters.
The Chinese architect Wang Shu, Pritzker Prize winner, has as its main project the Museum of History of Ningbo in China, using recycled material, one of China's most important works in the field of Innovation and Sustainability. A large complex with over 200 apartments built on campus of the University of Xiangshan in China, integrating education, nature and sustainability.
The British Architect Cameron Sinclair, Creator of the Organization Architecture for Humanity, which has 5,000 volunteers architects and designers worked on Poor Communities in South Africa, Schools in Afghanistan and countries affected by wars and natural disaster, always uses in his designs and constructions , recycled materials and building materials from old military buildings. With that also promotes world peace, especially in poor countries who live in wars in various parts of the world.
The Italian architect Stefano Boeri, Professor at the Polytechnic University of Milan who developed his project Bosco Verticale, with the construction of apartments integrated vertical forest in Milan for poor communities, rather than in concrete constructions faixadas, uses the trees that help fight pollution from cars and improve the quality of the air we breathe through the process of photosynthesis, already multiplied your project to countries like Iraq, Russia, Colombia and others around the world.
The American architect who designed the five buildings Skyscrapers in NYC Ground Zero, site of the twin towers that were destroyed in the September 11, cites the importance of your project creating good roads, public transport and mobility to improve the quality of lives of people in big cities.
The Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava who designed the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro that will also serve to visitors who come from all the World Cup 2014 and the 2016 Olympics, where everyone can interact with Nature and Sustainability in the Marvelous City of Rio January. The famous architect also designed the subway and train terminal at Ground Zero in NYC
In this first phase we will invite these great architects to help in our project and we will take after the UN and UNESCO, where their contributions will be critical to our cause which become more Polite Cities, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable worldwide. For this we use the strength of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google translations, and the UIA, International Union of Architects which will integrate all the great cause.
It's done a great challenge, our proposal is of great solutions to our blog, especially the links with solutions for the design of Peace Education, Health, Technology and Sustainability.
It's done a great challenge to all Architects and Urban Planners in the world.
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