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To begin this campaign worldwide will use the thought of the XXI Century is the Century of Cities, for this we use the ideas, talent, courage, boldness and innovation for two big men the world has seen and knows. 
Steve Jobs, In Memoriam, said one day and let that thought as one of his legacies that we can never sit back and be still in pursuit of our goals, even on the most difficult problems that life brings us, "We must always follow our intuition, it will take us to the direction of our hearts. "'s example never quiet and never settling Steve Jobs took to the status of Prophet Communication of the XXI Century, for what you did for your legacy in your Apple. 
Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs Partner and co-founder of Apple, was earlier this month in Sao Paulo for a Conference on Innovation, he said the main raw material for innovation is intellectual capital, and that only people are able to see themselves and projecting the New. He said "There is no computer, machine or artificial intelligence capable of thinking outside the box. This is a human attribute and used for the good he enjoys Billions of People and all segments of humanity. "He cites in his lecture that was called to explain the functions of the computer, Jobs asked him he can help people? 
Woz explained the importance of creativity, communication skills, commitment and leadership to deploy Innovation, explained that the Apple came from the union of technology with the human eye solutions, was so great partnership with the man who said that we should not accommodate us, applauded by all Steve Wozniak returned to the United States, and left his legacy about Innovation. 
Using the legacy, humility, knowledge and examples of these two great men, we are proposing is that the whole world an Innovation for Planetary Sustainability, to become all world cities more Polite, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable, it also goes by the legacy of Nelson Mandela, who once said, "the most powerful weapon we have to change the world are not ballistic missiles, nuclear warheads, but Education" and will be the Education for Peace, Health, Sports, transit, Technology and sustainability that we do get our Schools, Universities, Corporations, Governments worldwide project. 
We will start the campaign with fundraising project and reuse of rainwater around the World. For this we rely on the help of Architects, Designers, Planners, Biologists, Hydrologists, geographers, climatologists, so that all buildings, homes, commercial buildings, large corporations installed in urban environments that are used hydro Innovation, which will greatly reduce wastage of treated water that is consumed by humans and today utilizes for washing sidewalks, cars, trucks, trains, wagons meters, garages and gardens around the world, these waters usually undergo pickup stations and six treatment phases to reach the taps and fit for human consumption. 
Very little is said regarding the trees around the world, we have seen over the news and reports with the degradation and depletion of forests, but are trees and vegetation cover only the catalysts of rainwater, with the trees standing in cities and forests we will balance with the clouds and the water cycle, also avoiding this process of erosion and desertification of soil, on all five continents. 
With the re-use of water collected from rain will save trillions of liters of water are wasted in these services today, for the installation of water tanks inside the residences, public buildings, large corporations produce a new concept of innovation with respect to the net which guarantees us life. 
Follow after the campaign worldwide against air pollution, since the World Health Organization has classified as Carcinogenic Air Pollution, and with that we will propose partnerships with automakers and large trucks, buses, trains, so that the help with regard to combating air pollution that will be the Urban Reforestation around the world, as only trees in urban environments are able to make the process of photosynthesis to transform the mo that produce fine particles and particulate matter in fuel they enter our bloodstream and our respiratory system causing the death of millions of people worldwide. With urban trees will have a reduction of greenhouse gases, the renewal of oxygen necessary element along with water, which guarantee us life? 
For this great campaign there's also the Schools, Universities, Students, Corporations, Communities, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Social Networks, Newspapers, Magazines and TVs, which will help us in that big project is to benefit the quality of life for all in. 
Researchers, planners and climatologists now cite the large number and the incidence of storms and lightning followed storms and lightning, especially in large cities of the world, they say we are planting concrete and asphalt, after picking rays, thunders and storms. This is explained by the formation of heat islands mainly caused by the hot air of cities that do not breathe, when the soil is sealed by concrete should be there where the vegetation with grasses and trees on the sidewalks on streets and avenues, without them the result is the enormous material damage and loss of life throughout the world today. This type of pollution along major and megacities has been poorly publicized because urban spaces are played every square meter to make way for new real estate developments thus causing higher density in cities, mainly by piggybacking the constructions of large buildings such as in Brazil where those with higher income and greater access to housing in the vertical and close to public and private style. 
Have the outskirts of large cities rulers fail the resources needed for horizontal buildings with poor infrastructure for low-income, and unfortunately have to live with urban violence and the lack of services such as schools, housing, safety and education. What we see today mainly in emerging countries such as Brazil, are true riches Islands, built and bathed in a sea of poverty. 
We'll also seeking partnerships with large corporations who use the raw material that nature provides them as water, energy, minerals that are transformed by industry, automakers, trucks, trains, subways, electro electronics industry, airlines that use jet fuel, petroleum, will help us in planting billions of trees to compensate for the neutralization of greenhouse gases, the shipping companies that will help us reduce pollution in the seven seas, also help in planting trees in coastal areas where sailing worldwide. 
7 billion humans produce daily 4 million tons of trash are recycled in developed countries the ratio of 15%, other 15% is incinerated, the city such as New York City, produces 780,000 tons per month and spend US$ 330 million to year and to export the garbage Caribbean countries. 
In the rest of the world as the Emerging Countries like Brazil, no more than 3% are recycled, we mention the city of São Paulo, which produces 24,000 tons a day and only 2% are recycled, the Rio de Janeiro produces 19 000 tones and 3% are recycled, the rest is deposited in locals  with exhausted capacity, open dumps and also the riverbeds as links to reports from  Rede Globo de Television in Brazil, that has been a great ally in the disclosure of the actions of that man is capable against environment, including the rule of garbage in our rivers. Our Mayors of 5,568 Brazilian cities spend more on the collection, transportation and disposal of urban waste that investments in sanitation and education. In some Brazilian cities such as coastal, urban waste produced in seasons of beaches comes to travel more than 120 kilometers until his deposition not always safe places. 
Using the example, boldness, courage and determination propagated by Steve Wozniak, we will use the main input of Innovation which is the Intellectual Capital for us to put into practice our project of Peace Education, Health, Sports, Transit, Technology and Sustainability, making all cities of the world, more educated, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable, we will use the Green Seal is a partnership with the major generators of plastic, aluminum, paper and cardboard, where she saw Schools, Universities, Communities, Corporations, public Bodies everyone will be trained by books that will be written in all languages​​, dialects existing in the world, to help us in recycling that start with 20% in the first 6 months, then move to 50% in the second year, until we reach 90% in to 3 years. 
For this we rely on the partnership of the great Generation Companies mainly Pets packaging, Plastic, Aluminum and Long Life, and the sequel will implement the Reverse logistics is an integral part of our Intellectual Property and Copyrights.
Along with the book being edited in any publishers in the world that will also benefit from e-books, cds, dvds, games ecological and licensing will be marketed worldwide, whose image will be reversed on investments in Schools, Teacher Training, Technology Laboratory connected with internet in all schools and universities in the world. 
Finally, we can say that this project will reach the minds and hearts of all who truly want a better world and access Social Networks will use the invitation to our Twitter followers,  , and necessary essentials of great design. This project is also a great script for a documentary which will be developed by the great director James Cameron, who said that we could work together in your email. 
Dear Mr. Naisser,  
Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 
Jim Cameron. 
By the Social, Newspapers, Magazines and TVs Networks, reach the minds and hearts of all those who help us in the long run. In the great documentary before spectators, now that will help us in the great protagonists of change that the world needs and peaceful coexistence between man and nature life. 
A Bedouin will not win the immensity of the desert from alone, but if we leave, we travel in caravans arrive at the destination safe and sound, to fulfill our goals that life and the Creator in order. 
We will send this project initially Mayor of the City of Rio de Janeiro Mr. Eduardo Paes who is now the President of the 40 Largest Cities of the World, , we can immediately start the practices and innovation for sustainability Stocks benefiting them all. 
This will be the biggest challenge for humans and the larger project of Collective Innovation in favor of a Planetary Sustainability, as the twenty-first century is considered by the UN, the Century of Cities.



Sir James Lovelock 

World Day Earth


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