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We are already experiencing the retrospective of 2016 by the major newspapers, televisions, specialized magazines in countries, cities, unemployment, urban violence, immigration, behavior, economy, governance, innovation, tragedies caused by natural disasters, racial, religious and immigrant intolerances, And the main highlight this year was the actions of terrorism in several countries of the world, mainly in Europe where hundreds of people lost their lives during the year 2016, where today historians say that the most difficult army to combat is not the ones they own Missiles, war tanks, but one man's army, they cause real-time tragedy, and leave victims in densely populated areas in every city in the world, as happened in Paris, Nice, Turkey, Paquistan, Afeganistan, United States, Brussels and the most Berlin in Germany.

For specialists in economics, anthropologists, historians, a specialist in geopolitics, the year 2016 is being considered the year of demagogy, xenophobia and nationalism, and with them came the advance of fear that was produced mainly by the decline of mobility and political and cultural changes , And hatred of immigrants and indifference brought about by racial, religious and migratory intolerances, especially in the countries of Africa, Asia, where millions of people migrated to Europe in search of a better life, even knowing that the European Union itself Also suffer from unemployment, terrorist attacks and also the dominant political emotions as it was in the case of the United Kingdom that approved the plebiscite of Brexit, with the exit of the European Union that will also have many difficulties for the year 2017, for the search in the solutions For their economies, security, urban mobility and jobs, especially for young people in the outskirts of big cities.

In the United States with the election of President Donald Trump, which was considered legal by the American Electoral College, it was also a great surprise to the whole world, evidence of what Donald Trump was considered by the respected Time Magazine, Man of the Year all over the world, Because he won the elections with the speech of recreating jobs to bring back the American dream, and with that has been causing the fear that is the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants to their countries of origin that until today have not obtained their visa Permanence.

President-elect Donald Trump has already signaled that he will make many changes in the Economy, mainly in trade relations with China, in Education where the secretary indicated Mrs. Betsy Devos, plans for the Privatization of Public Schools, and the Secretary of the Environment,EPA, Scott Pruittt, who does not recognize Global Warming and Climate Change, I think he does not yet know that in the last 10 years the climate disasters have caused the displacement of 200 million people, called Climate Refugees, that is why we are proposing to President Donald Trump that the millions of jobs to be Created for the Americans are not in the Coal Industries or the big oil companies, but in the Age of Knowledge, empowering millions of professionals in the Education Area and all those who care to improve the health of people in the big cities that suffer By urban and atmospheric pollution and to help regenerate nature and life on the already degraded and crumbling Planet Earth, this is our great contribution to President Donald Trump and the American people.

Regarding the retrospective of the difficult year 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was also considered the most powerful man in the world in 2016, announced to the world a reinforcement of Russia's nuclear arsenal with the manufacture of missiles capable of crossing any shield Which exists today in the present and future of bases installed by NATO in several European countries.

In addition to the tension in Europe, the United States was still in the grip of President Barack Obama's administration, due to the terrible and bloody War in Syria that killed more than 400 thousand people, caused the evacuation of two million refugees from Aleppo to Regions of Turkey, Jordan and Europe in search of refuge, according to experts in wars, the destruction of Aleppo that was the greater city of Syria, is already greater than the one of Guernica in the Spanish Civil War in Century XX, shown and portrayed the tragedy by the Art of the great Spanish painter Pablo Picasso.

If President Vladimir Putin, who was considered the most powerful ruler in the world in 2016, ordered the reinforcement of missile manufacturing, along the lines of President-Elect Donald Trump, considered the most influential man in the world in 2016, Also stressed that the United States will also invest in the nuclear arsenal to strengthen its borders and the defense of its allies.

Also in the closing retrospective of the year, the well-known American newspaper The Wall Street Journal published a major report on the lack of innovation in the USA, which was considered the main obstacle to economic growth in 2016, To the benefit of cities.

It cites the great newspaper that in the United States there have never been so many scientists, engineers, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs as now, but nonetheless there have been no significant improvements in the standard of living of Americans, except for personal use technology and improvements in daily life Have been gradual and not revolutionary.

It quotes Wall Street that Homes, Appliances and Vehicles have not changed much in a generation, planes are not flying faster than in the 1960s, and that none of the top-selling 20 prescription drug products in the United States has been released in the last 10 years.

What happened was a burst of innovation still under development in artificial intelligence, but the benefits will be realized in the next 5 to 15 years, according to forecasts by the American economist Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT, with development we can easily imagine the benefits when they enter the economy and Its effects will be surprising.

Different from the other years where the Economists, Administration Gurus, Futurists, Rulers, Seers, Bankers, Entrepreneurs made their growth forecasts for the next year of 2017, until this date December 27, 2016, we did not see them express their predictions for The search for solutions to cities that suffer from urban immobility, violence, unemployment, corruption at the level of government in the federal, state and municipal governments, with a president was deposed by mismanagement of public resources, as sadly happened in Brazil in 2016 , Causing the unemployment of more than 12 million people who today suffer with their families, by the action of corrupt and corrupting in our Country.


The great proposal of Innovation for Cities, Companies, Governments, Schools, Universities, so that we can put into practice our Project The Awakening of Consciousness, which has an Intellectual Property worth US$ 1 trillion dollars, whose benefits of Innovation by Planetary Sustainability, will be added the brands of the great Companies, Governments, Universities of the world, and for those who truly want a better world for this and future generations, to join our Planet Earth Regeneration project, because they will all be invited to To be the great protagonists of the great change in favor of Planet Earth.

Our project will be sent via Twitter, our Social Network to all those who truly want a better world, especially to President Vladimir Putim and US President-elect Donald Trump, so that they do not implement the nuclear and arms race, Join our great project for Planetary Sustainability, where we can live in balance as human beings who once joined and united using the most powerful weapons, as the great Statesman and Nobel Peace Prize Nelson Mandela, who is education, said. By Education we will reach the minds and hearts of all those who will help us on the long journey.

The world lost great artists in 2017 as David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Muhammad Ali, Johan Cruyf, Carlos Alberto Torres, Cauby Peixoto, Shimon Perez, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, among others who will miss us, a great Pop Star was by far and away George Michael , Secretly donated millions to charity, and also the copyright of his songs as a legacy for all humanity.

For 2017, we will seek help from our great artists, celebrities, millionaires, billionaires to help us in our cause, because they receive from nature, water, energy, food and intelligence, will be a All they get from Mother Earth.

The great Director James Cameron said that we can work together, the great moment has arrived, the awakening of human consciousness regarding Planet Earth, will pass through the lenses, cameras of the great Director in 2017, will be the greatest contribution of all those who truly want one better world.

Message receive to James Cameron.
Dear Mr. Naisser,
Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 
Jim Cameron. 
“A Bedouin will not win the immensity of the desert breaks only if we follow in caravans arrive safely at our destination to fulfill the wishes and designs of the Creator”.

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