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In the History of Humanity A.C Archimedes in his time asked for Leverage and an Opportunity and said that he would move the world, and did it by his principle, he succeeded because they believed in him.

Thanks to its Principle put into practice, today they navigate the seven seas, millions of Ships, Oil Tankers, Transatlantic Containers and Tourism.

Today 2017 years D.C, in the height of Knowledge and Information and Virtual Mobility, we have the great project in favor of the Environment, but we need the great opportunity, for practical and immediate actions in favor of the degraded and weakened Earth Planet.

We ask one God to enlighten the decisions of the rulers in favor of their Peoples, and the help of the seven billion human beings and fixed passengers of Earth Spaces, independent of Color, Race, Creed, Power, and that they no longer exist The Racial, Religious and Immigration Intolerance that lasted throughout 2016.

Let's use the Legacy of the great Statesman Nelson Mandela, which is Education, as the most powerful weapon we have to change the world.

For this we need all of us to join hands in favor of the Project of the Ecologist Jose Pedro Naisser, The Awakening of Consciousness, for the benefit of Planet Earth, for this and Future Generations.

The moment of action and the great change is now, the Social Networks, World Press are the great multipliers of the great help, they can no longer be spectators but the protagonists of a new path of change and a new direction for all humanity. 



more hands to help, than to obstruct
more hands to heal than to wound
more hands to lead than to push
more hands to sow than to pull off
more hands to share than to steal
more hand to bless than to punish
more hands to offer than to take away
more hands to applause than to threat
more hands to protect than to attack
more hands to show the way than to push
more hands to write than to scribble
more hands to work than to beg
more hands open than fists
more hands handing books than weapons
more hands gathered in prayer than by handcuffs
more hands to shake than to defend
more hands to sign sheepskins than sentences
more people to complete than to delivery
more hands to complete than to omit
more hands to practice inclusions than exclusions
more hands to wake up consciousness than greed
more hands in convergence than in divergence
more hands by acting in the Preservation of the degradation

Twitter is our Official Social Network, all those who truly want a better world, like rulers, artists, celebrities, ecologists, urban planners, biologists, teachers, schools, communities and universities everywhere. Especially the US President-elect, Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putim, so they do not put into practice the nuclear and arms race they have promised, because Planet Earth does not support a World War III, but rather join our Planetary Sustainability, where we can live in balance as human beings who once joined and united using the most powerful weapons we have today, as the great Statesman and Nobel Peace Laureate Nelson Mandela said, is Education for Peace, Health, Sports, Technology and Sustainability.

The world lost great artists, celebrities and rulers in 2016 as David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Muhammad Ali, Johan Cruyf, Carlos Alberto Torres, Cauby Peixoto, Shimon Perez, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, among others who will miss us, a Great Pop Star was beyond homesick, George Michael secretly donated millions to charity, and also the copyright of his songs as a legacy to all mankind primarily for the benefit of children with HIV.

For 2017, we will seek to help our cause of great artists, celebrities, millionaires, billionaires to help us in our cause, because they receive from nature, water, oxygen, energy, food and intelligence, will be a way to return as an aid , For everything they receive from Mother Earth.

The great Director James Cameron said that we can work together, the great moment has arrived, the awakening of human consciousness regarding Planet Earth, will pass through the lenses, cameras of the great Director in 2017, will be the greatest contribution of all those who truly want one better world.

Message receive to James Cameron.
Dear Mr. Naisser,

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 
Jim Cameron.
For all the companies of the world that use water, energy, natural resources for the industrialization and commercialization of their products, our project will be added to its brand as an intangible asset of perpetuity, licensing, edition of billions of books, e-books , And the Intellectual Property royalties, will be reverted to all Public Schools, Communities and Universities of the World, which will adopt in their sites as the formation of Courses in Curricular Grids, for the formation of millions of Teachers in Pedagogy, Administration, Biology, Engineering Environmental, Urbanists, so that all cities of the world can be more Educated, Human, Livable, Innovative and Sustainable.

We can no longer only be spectators, we must all be the protagonists of the great change by the awakening of consciousness. For this we must count on all those who fight for a better world, we will travel through the rivers, deserts, airs and seas, to show our project in favor of Nature and Life.

We will be present where children, youth, schools, communities and universities are, because the Age of Knowledge and Information with social networks will help us on this long journey.

The Moment we act is the now, Planet Earth has provided us with water, food, oxygen, the time has come to repay for everything we have received.

“A Bedouin will not win the immensity of the desert breaks only if we follow in caravans arrive safely at our destination to fulfill the wishes and designs of the Creator”.






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