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In order for this message to reach the Lord and his Government Team, we use your possession speech as the 45th President of the United States of America to help you, I mean that you were very happy from the beginning to the end because in the Oath you used The teachings of the Word of God that is the Holy Bible of his Mother and the other superimposed on that of the Great President Abram Lincoln, who in his time marked his history in solving the great problems of his time, as the President who united the Country in the War In the 9th Century, and also in its struggle to abolish slavery in America, and you have taken the oath on Bibles to fight and overcome the great challenges that await you over the next four years along with Vice President Mike Pense,also used the Bible that belonged to President Ronald Reagan, and now you have a great responsibility on behalf of every American people, especially those who suffer most from the enormous difficulties mainly due to lack of employment, and in big cities we have the mothers of children and Excluded youth trapped in the poverty trap by unemployment also suffer from urban violence produced mainly by drug use, poor education and crime, as you mentioned in your speech.

Another quote was that you will fight for the return and return of jobs that have been taken away from the American people over the years, whose destinies have long gone to Asia, in the manufacturing, manufacturing, and especially virtual mobility sectors, where Foreign industries have grown richer at the expense of American industries, and even today in many cities what we see in the United States are depleted industries and factories corroded by time as in the circle of rust scattered across the landscape of their Country as graves that grieve all who You do not have your job.

We followed her possession in the Brazilian newspapers and we could see the importance of her courage in facing all the internal problems of her country, either with the press or the march of women, and also with her courage and determination to make America again great and Land of the American dream.

We have also seen that during your campaign you visited all the States and met many voters from small towns who live in the countryside and who are producers of food for the cities who have believed in you with the promise of returning small industries American days of their mid-twentieth-century glory days, where they used their Campaign Slogan, "Let's bring back industrial jobs and" make America big again. "

According to the American Economist, Mark Muro, Specialist in Public and Metropolitan Policies at the Brookings Institution, said that in his campaign you were with the farmers on their small farms and in your cities heard your regrets and remonstrations about the lack of capital and Access to banks to develop their activities mainly in small-scale agriculture and agribusiness.

Donald Trump told them, "I am supporting you," and now as President, you will be able to keep your promises and help to this People who remain in small towns and American counties, since there is in many states the urban and rural division because They are afraid of the big changes and new technologies of the future, such as artificial intelligence, robotization, because they also take away the formal jobs generated in small towns and counties.

Renowned American economist Tyler Cowen, Ph.D. in Economics at Harvard and one of the world's most influential economists, cites in the title of his latest book that rich Americans are very comfortable, without innovation initiatives, without growth and without productivity, even In Silicon Valley where the largest American digital companies operate.

He also points out that the United States has already been the country of the restless and adventurous, now succumb to the comfort of the rich, reason for the slow growth of the last years, and that this election marked the intellectual failure of the most intelligent and educated people of the Country, he quotes That they can no longer communicate with people outside their bubble that is the communication of virtual mobility.

As a major contributor to President Donald Trump's plan, London-based Financial Times columnist Gillian Tett points out that the Startups will make the USA large and that they and small and medium-sized companies will generate 70-80% of New jobs for Americans, as researchers experts estimate, for example, that half of the high-tech jobs around the world will be replaced by robotization in the next two decades.

The columnist also points out that if Trump really wants to "make the USA big again", it will not be enough to tweet about global pebbles. Your team now needs to unleash the entrepreneurship of the goldfish, this will be crucial for creating millions of jobs, it's the time and the time to think big about small and medium-sized businesses and startups, which will be great job generators worldwide.

Finally, our daring, courageous and decisive proposal to President Trump comes in for millions of jobs, using Nelson Mandela's Legacy, which quoted that the most powerful weapons we have to change the world will not be the atomic bombs, Nor nuclear warheads, nor ballistic missiles that the Americans and Russians have millions of them installed throughout the world, but for Education, and it will be through our Education for Peace, Health, Sports, Technology and Sustainability project that we will do immediately in All American cities to be more Educated, Human, Innovative, Livable and Sustainable, our project is in the link,
And he joins the speech of President Trump on the day of his possession  where he quoted that, "We do not want to impose our way of life on anyone, but let it shine as an example for all to follow."

I cite as a benefit our intellectual property worth US $ 1 trillion dollars, which will be added to all American companies, cities, counties such as care for the environment that will have an intangible asset and example for the world, for all who use our project , Because they use water, energy and natural resources to manufacture their products.

With our licensing and intellectual property rights, millions of jobs will be created by their use, especially with regard to city care, urban waste recycling, water waste control, reforestation to improve air quality, and Will be added the schools, communities and universities that will have included the project in its graduation grades with the qualification and qualification of millions of teachers and specialists who will have the mission to take care of the cities, and in the big companies as in the phonographic industry, cinematographic, small , Media and large publishers that thousands of them have been closed since the 2008 crisis with the jobs that migrated back to Asia that will come back with revitalization of thousands of physical bookstores across the United States and then worldwide with the commercialization Of our books, e-books, games, cds, dvds, all in the Age of Knowledge and Information and then be exported to all the World Countries as a great partnership in favor of Preserving Planet Earth.

Mr.President, at the beginning of the World Economic Forum in Davos,Suisse along with his possession, which dealt with the Theme, Economy, Riches and Inequalities throughout the world, a great contribution of renowned NGO. British Organization Oxfam, , was the release of a report showing that only Eight Billionaires around the world like: Bill Gates, Ammancio Ortega, Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Michael Bloomberg, with their fortunes are higher than the income of 3.6 billion people worldwide.

For this we ask you to invite them Eight Billionaires to visit the White House so that we can discuss together their help for our cause, since the Environment provides them with water, energy, oxygen and food ingredients necessary for their lives, all the billionaires , Millionaires, will join our cause, they can no longer be spectators but protagonists of the great change that the world expects and needs.

Let us be bold, innovative and courageous, Planet Earth calls for help, and your help will be necessary and decisive for this and future generations, for all your actions and contributions in life.

I finish with your quote during your possession to 45 President USA , Thank you, God Bless you and God Bless all America, and with our project, may God Bless the world.

“A Bedouin will not win the immensity of the desert breaks only if we follow in caravans arrive safely at our destination to fulfill the wishes and designs of the Creator”.

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