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As founder of the Planetary World Project Olympiad in favor of Planet Earth, we can not wait four years for the Games of Rio de Janeiro, but immediately begin our actions and practices in Education for Peace, Health, Sports, Technology and Sustainability through Unesco, where we also propose to the UN Secretary General, Dr.Ban Ki-Moon who released his Climate Project in the Rio +20 Conference in June 2012, "The Future We Want, by using our project" For the Gift We can" , where the actions and practices are not the dispute, but the collaboration of all who truly want a better world for this and future generations. For this we use the Flames Innovation, Logistics, Communication, Media and Social Networking, Creativity and Education in place of the Flames went off the end of the London Olympics and will be lit only after a four years in Rio de Janeiro.

We also use a great deal of research developed by the World President of the Siemens Group in Germany, Dr.Peter L√∂scher and his team that cities cover only 1% of the planet, but absorb 75% of energy, but produce 80% of greenhouse gases thrown into the atmosphere, including methane gas produced by the Urban Waste, which pollutes 25 times more than CO2 from vehicles also contribute 31.6 billion tons in Cities around in the world, of gas affecting the planet with Global Warming and Climate Change. For this we have the design of the Seal Eco-Recycling for a  Reverse Logistics, which will help in the reduction of 4 million tons of urban waste generated daily around the world, where only 10% are recycled in Rich Countries and Poor Countries and Development are 3% begin the recycling of 35% in the first phase of six months of its implementation, since we rely on the help the automotive industry to help my cause,  like, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz,  Kia, Caterpillar,Toyota,Peugeot,Volkswagen,Honda,Mitsubishi,Nissan, Renault, BMW, Chevrolet, Citroen, and all companies and industries that mainly produce packaging materials will be recycled by the Reverse Logistics in all 202 Countries members of the UN, generating millions of jobs by recycling.

What few knew, but everyone enjoyed the sites of the Olympic games in London which was a fantastic initiative of the organizers in choosing the locations of Arenas, Gyms, Stadiums disputes, which were built in the most deprived and poor areas of the Capital, the District Stratford that at the beginning of construction elected as a future location of the Olympic Park, where the region was a former industrial area with derelict and contaminated land for oil, tar, cyanide and heavy metals. Several machines, devices were designed to wash, sieve and shake the ground that after he received treatment called bioremediation, where microorganisms consumed the natural place where heavy metals in two million tons of soil were cleaned and restored to the park, the park received the 4000 planting of 300,000 trees and aquatic plants in the river Lea, a former open sewer, was also recovered thousands of fish, birds, could return to their habitat and live in harmony with biodiversity.

The proposal also be Olympic London Olympics Sustainability won his gold medal, especially for these challenges in building the Olympic Park in degraded areas of the former Industrial Revolution in the Stratford district, whose legacy and benefits for its population had been resident in the area and the challenge mobility for their spectators arrive by public transport to games trains, subways and bicycles were hit by 100%, where the samples came from the organizers who have also used public transport. The system won the title of the IOC as "tangible legacy", deserves our part of the Gold Medal for Mobility, Ethics and Sustainability.

For us to put into practice immediately, we will propose to the organizers of the London Games, using also the courage, determination, ethics of the President of the Organizing Committee, also known as Lord of the Rings, Lord Sebastian Coe and his team organizing the great sustainable Olympics , along with the Mayor of London Mr.Boris Johnson also helped greatly in the event, help us now in the great cause and also offer to all our your country's Awakening Consciousness Project, whose Stadiums, Gyms and Arenas, will be used to train children, youth and adults to be protagonists of the great change that the world needs is the balance and sustainability on planet Earth. Our Education Project for Peace, Health, Sports, Technology and Sustainability can be placed immediately in the Schools Elementary School High School, the entire region Stratfort, and all schools and universities in the UK in return for what was done by organizers of the great Olympics.

With the same education project, we will also propose to UEFA, the body that coordinates the Football in the European Union so that we can use the stadiums that were the scene of disputes at Euro 2012 and were built on sustainability in Countries which was the Headquarters Poland and Ukraine and that could benefit millions of children and young people to join our cause for the benefit of the whole community. We propose to also propose to FIFA so that we can use the stadiums used in the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, which will unite all the Countries of the African continent using our project that will create millions of jobs and incomes and help to make cities more Polite, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable.

For this enormous global challenge, we must have great professionals such as architects,  engineers  , planners, schools, universities, directors of movie, studios, magazines, newspapers, governments, journalists,world press, television, social networks, monarchies, businesses, industries, artists, athletes, Olympic athletes of all para-olympics, biologists, teachers , millionaires, billionaires who need water and oxygen to live, glaciologists, climatologists, volcanologists, meteorologists, so that volunteers can involve 7 billion people in one question. It is time to put into practice the human intelligence in favor of Planet Earth. If NASA could put a ship with Curiousity vehicle searches for signs of water and life with a distance of 570  million miles, we at the Feet on the Ground, Minds and Hearts can also make a longer trip that human beings have done, which is for the Awakening of Consciousness and within himself, in the revitalization and preservation of Planet Earth, to remain in balance with sustainability for this and future generations.

Is the invitation and everyone who will attend the grand tour and the great Olympics in favor of Planet Earth.

It is time to act, and we dare to make it happen.

With love for Planet Earth.



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