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For this message check the minds and hearts of all those who can help us in the great cause, appealed to God to show us the way to follow, and the way we were shown, may have been the thought of Steve Jobs for that Major challenges that life brings us, we must not ever sleep in, we should follow our intuition, it will take us to the direction of our heart to get the major objectives that the Creator asks us.

For us to put into practice our project The Awakening of Consciousness, we must also follow the thought and legacy of the Great Nelson Mandela, whom we send our prayers and our prayers Fighting for Life Hospital in Pretoria in South Africa, the great statesman and Nobel Peace Prize winner, cites that the most lethal weapons we have to change the world are not ballistic missiles or nuclear warheads, but education, and with it we can educate the 7 billion humans for Peace, Health, and Technology sustainability, so we can make all the world's cities most Educated, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable.

For this to happen we will have large world players of various segments that are in various Countries of the world and as mentioned the Prophet's Communication Marchall McLuhan, the medium is the message, and now we can no longer be spectators but the major protagonists changes that the world needs.

While the rulers of the world struggling to try to win the huge fiscal crises, economic, social, urban violence, they now also have to face the protests of mainly young people from all over the world as the Arab Spring in the Middle East, Indignities in Spain, Drag generation in Portugal, Young Taksim Square in Turkey and Autumn Young Brazilian clamoring for Health, Education, Jobs, Urban Mobility, all united mainly by Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, whose tools are now indispensable for large rights marches Peoples along the Rulers.

The renowned Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells cites that these movements are now a Wave World and defines as self-communication Pasta, born on Social Media and make the streets to seek together the rulers their rights. He also cites the great sociologist that the world today lives a Real Virtuality and no longer a Virtual Reality, and Social Networks and the Internet are the Infrastructure of our lives if used for common good are Angels and Demons are on Violence, hence the importance of using correct to seek our rights and demand from governments around the world to Ethics, Transparency and Citizenship in the management of cities as representatives of the People.

So we can make cities worldwide occupying only 1% of the Earth, will also count with the architects, urbanists, geographers, climatologists, biologists, Teachers, Schools Universities, Ecologists, Doctors, Corporate, cities to become more Educated , Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable.

For it will count immediately with the Great Company World Leader in Internet Infrastructure Cisco Corporation, whose President Mr. John Chambers cites that only 1% of the world are connected to the Internet with regard to infrastructure, and its design Internet of Everything, Internet of Things, whose design promises to revolutionize the factories, integrating hospitals and networks of water and light in communities, all in the name of efficiency. Promises also scan segments from the supply chain to distribution and thus designing the products can be 27% cheaper.

Great quotes Entrepreneur John Chambers of Cisco, you want to scan the infrastructure, calls smart communities already working in cities like Barcelona and Seong Dong in South Korea The entrepreneur thinks high and already promises also scan Countries and want to do it with State of Israel, with optic-fiber networks that will serve as the backbone for scanning, but to do so he must also have the confidence of the government in each country. With our project we can also integrate the State of Palestine, and implanting peace between the two states for centuries fighting for Peace

We can say that the biggest partnership for the benefit of cities may leave our Project Awakening Consciousness Project with Cisco's Internet of Everything, because Cisco Corporation, needs the support of government and we will help governments with regard to the cities relation to Education for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability, hence a great fusion of interests governments, education and infrastructure will be put into practice for the benefit of all world cities.

For the benefit of cities, we will also propose to the President of Siemens Corporation, Mr. Peter Loscher, a great follower of the thought of Steve Jobs that we can not accommodate in, as all the world's cities are located in the space of 1% Planet Earth, however it use natural resources for energy generation by 75%, and the cities are also responsible for the generation of greenhouse gases by 85% to produce the Global Warming and Climate Change.

Not as coincidence but the Principle of Synchronicity both Presidents Enterprise Cisco and Siemens, cite the 1% in his speeches, and then we have 99% of opportunities to improve and revitalize our ailing planet Earth and degraded by Education and Planetary Sustainability. For this we are proposing to them and we take this global partnership to the Secretary General of the UN, UNESCO, then deliver to Governments and immediately there will be a reduction in spending in cities today consume only $ 5 trillion to the collection, transportation and deposition urban waste that are four million tons per day and only 5% are recycled worldwide. With our project we will immediately rulers and reduce by 35% in the first 60 days and then we will arrive at 60%, it will reduce by 45% the emission of greenhouse gases produced by urban waste which is methane gas that pollutes 21 times more than CO2 from cars and trucks worldwide, however the Automotive Industry will join us, because today 75% of the space in cities are for vehicles and trucks, we have a big project for them to improve their performances and urban mobility the quality of life.

It was in full of uncertainties as quoted by renowned historian Eric Robsbawn, when the world is currently experiencing major crises Social, Economic, Fiscal, endless wars, famine, urban violence, intolerance Racial, Religious and immigration appear great men and women as protagonists of a better world for this and future generations, and following the advice of Nelson Mandela, Manuel Castells, John Chambers of Cisco, Peter Loscher by Siemens Infrastructure and Cities of H.H.Sheika Moza Bint Nasser of Qatar that by its Project Education Above All, which operates in the Middle East, and benefits millions of children mostly victims of war, the American couple Laura and John Arnold, Billionaires,  investing in Philanthropy of results, and other great men and women who will be nominated for the big project that join us in the great cause planetary.

The biggest challenge will be counting on Social Networks for the first time will act not only as responsible for large protests, but as protagonists help to generate millions of jobs in the Age of Knowledge and Information for the 5 continents, since the main counterclaims of young people around the world are at work, and our project will be in partnership with large companies, schools, universities that will generate billions of jobs worldwide in various segments that have the Education for Peace, Health Technology, Sports and Sustainability.

How dare I quote most men in his time also decided to dare and made it happen.

Archimedes, A.C, a day in his time called for a lever and an Opportunity and said he would move the world and made by its Principle, thanks to him sail the seven seas, millions of ships, ocean liners of tourism that will join year, mainly to educate millions of human beings for the conservation of the oceans and their biodiversity.

Albert Einstein, D.C, said that large projects are always in the midst of major crises, and that the Imagination is more important than knowledge, the world is ready to receive the major projects listed above.
Steve Jobs, the great Prophet of Technology of the XXI Century, cited that We should never sleep, we should always follow our intuition, it will take us to the direction of our heart.

Nelson Mandela, quoted the Weapon more powerful than we have to change the world is through education.

Finally I quote with great joy that the main protagonist of this great project that was not mentioned even once is the great Film Director James Cameron, who said that one day we can work together. The Great Director receive this project as a great script for the documentary that the world needs today is that the Desertion of Consciousness and we will have the great protagonists of the great change that the world needs.

Message to Receive to Great Director James Cameron, Movie Avatar.

Dear Mr Naisser, 

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 

Jim Cameron 

The challenge is done, instead of protests now in parks and square around the world, we have the help of social networks and collaboration of all those who truly want a better world.

A Bedouin not win the immensity of the desert from alone if we travel in caravans arrive at the destination and we will reach our goals.

Come forward, always forward.

CURITIBA.PR.  55 41 9122 8673.


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