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For that message to reach the minds and hearts of those who truly want a better world for themselves, their children, their grandchildren and future generations will put the challenge is greater than the search of people who can join us in this great cause to be transformed into a great one for Documentary Screenplay by Hands of great directors like James Cameron Film, Bernardo Bertolucci, David Linch, Martin Scorsese, and many others who use the seventh art so that humans can enjoy moments of joy. However this time will be totally different, because we will fulfill the legacy of the great Prophet of Communication Machluhan Marshall, that "Medium is the Message", and it will include also the legacy of the Great Nelson Mandela fighting for life in hospital in Pretoria South Africa, to whom we send our prayers for your State Health The Great Statesman, Nobel Peace Prize, and the Human Person leaves us a legacy of the most powerful weapons we have to change the world are not the Ballistic Missile, the Warheads nuclear installed in strategic points of the planet into a nuclear war, but we use education as a most powerful weapon to change the world.

And will the project Education for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability, is that we will make all the world's cities most Educated, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable so that the contribution of all those who reside in cities and live in them are indispensable as architects, urban planners, ecologists, engineers, doctors, biologists, artists, sociologists, geographers, Schools, Universities, Corporate, their Presidents and their teams, because it is time to dare, act and make it happen.

For this we will invite all the great men and women, who can help us on this long journey, the World Press that in the past 60 days showed the protest around the world, the Young European Union which now has more than 25 million unemployed , joining an army of 73 million around the world according to, they have sought for their moments together with governors solution to the problems that afflict them in the middle of a huge crisis of lost values, Crises Fiscal, Economic, Social, Environmental, Endless Wars, Urban Violence, Intolerance, Racial, Religious and immigration, where we seek solutions, not even Anthropologists, Sociologists and Political Scientists, futurists can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

To show that a big change is on the way of all mankind, and now instead of protests around the world will use the legacy and teachings of the great men and women who dared in his time and made it happen.

For this we will use the legacy of the great Italian Philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli who 500 years ago wrote his book "The Prince", directed at the time also the rulers and monarchs whose counsel asked them to stay on the side of the people, and unfortunately today we see is an inversion of values, which is why we have seen protests around the world asking for ethics, transparency in governance around the world today explode and accumulate due to lack of political will in the solution of major problems that afflict all mankind.

On our long walk, we will have the knowledge of the great Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells, talking on his current book "Networks Outrage and Hope" to help solve the huge crisis facing the world today, it is the legitimacy of the current system political. He also cites the great sociologist today on Social Networks, are Angels and Demons, is used for the good side in calling for a march of protest in the Streets, Parks and Squares of the World they help, however large that solutions will come from all those for the Knowledge Age and Information stop being spectators and become the great protagonists of a New Global Governance.

Cites the great sociologist Manuel Castells that the world is ready for a new path and a new direction, where the teachings of Machiavelli settle mainly in what can help every civilization to a new Global Governance where the rulers today have mostly done actions for their own benefit, and not for citizens, due to the large protests in squares, parks and streets around the world, where people criticize corruption arrogance lack of transparency in the actions of bad politicians. He also mentions that the recovery of credibility and democracy that will occur from the movements that exist today in autonomous movements and partisan.

Not as coincidence but the Principle of Synchronicity these changes are ripe and ready to happen, it will use some changes of governance in the world of monarchies that are critical to the new governance.

In Qatar, the Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, abdicated in favor of his reign Princiupe Herdeito Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Hamad-Thani, according to his father the Emir, Qatar needs a ruler Young and the time has come for a new generation taking responsibility with innovative ideas and sustainable, but few know that it was in Qatar Emir founded the University Wise , which will help us much in our project for all Countries of the Middle East, and become the Educated cities, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable.

In the Netherlands, Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne to Prince Willem-Alexander already has on his training as an ecologist and defender of big fight and Waste Water Scarcity in the world, with innovative ideas and sustainable will be a great protagonist of our cause.

In Belgium, King Albert II, abdicated the throne to his son Prince Phillipe also mentioned that it is time to transfer the torch to the next generation also has innovative ideas and can contribute much to your people in quality improvement of life for this and future generations.

In Monaco, , His Majesty the Prince Albert II, is decisive person in our cause, because the Prince was in 2006 at the North Pole and his research about Global Warming and Climate Change can personally see the thaw that is brought huge losses to the United especially those living in the Indian Ocean, whose tragedies by raising the level of the Seas has produced millions of climate refugees. At Rio +20, in Rio de Janeiro talked for 1 minute with great Environmentalist and we take up the matter, whose effect can be a Global Sustainability Forum to be held in Monaco in the presence of all the rulers and all the 202 Countries Monarchies of the World, this has never happened in history, the United Nations, , and UNESCO,  will be our biggest partners in the Event.

London,  Prince Charles also waiting a decision of his mother Queen Elizabeth II to be the next king, he already has dedicated much for Ecological issues will be a great protagonist because he understands the subject and he will join our cause Parents Fight Against Global Warming Gore and the Dr.Al also from the UK, Lord Nicholas Stern who is the Father of Combating Climate Change, all linked to the Principle of Synchronicity.

At the Vatican,  was also a major change in the Catholic Church, where his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, including the Age and Your Health no longer allowed to execute the duties as'd resigned and spent his pontificate the Pope today Francisco, who can help us in a lot especially in Ecological issues, since his name was based on St. Francis of Assisi, considered the Father of Ecology.

In the Age of Knowledge and Information, thanks to the Internet, and Tim Berners-Lee, one of the Fathers of the Internet that do not patent your invention so billion people had access to it, he joined us with their friends, today we have 2 , 5 billion with access to a large network and we are 7 billion, there have an army of 4.5 billion to join the new Global Governance.

Finally we mention Social Networks, which has so far helped in calling for protests in the streets, squares and parks of the world, they have a decisive power now to help the integration and placement of large project The Awakening of Consciousness, which will help the cities of world in transformation and Smart Cities that become more Educated, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable, Social Networks in the Age of Information and Knowledge, along with the great Avatars of changes that the world needs to have a New Global Governance.

If until now we have been united, sympathized with the massive protests against the indignities of the evil rulers in the world, the time has come to unite the Ideal of Machiavelli that in his time fought so that people have access to universal rights and now we count with the help of technology in the Information Age and Knowledge for the Education cites as the great statesman and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela can change the world.

It is time to dare and make it happen, everyone who has access to this information is the great mission of transforming a Sacred Mantra, regardless of race, creed, color, Purchasing Power, will be the protagonists of the great change.
Large Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, Microsoft are decisive for the help in the long run.

We are ready for takers by rivers, deserts, seas and air to bring the mission to which we have been entrusted by the Creator.

In the links below are challenges for every human being, and it is possible to say that we change using the Weapon that is Education.

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