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Despite the technological advancement in the Information Age and Knowledge live today the most difficult moments of the entire history of mankind , the greatest difficulties are related to Global Warming , Climate Change , Urban Violence , Civil Wars , Deleted Climate , Racial Intolerance , religious and immigration in Economic Crisis , Social and Tax , all newspapers , magazines and television and social networks in the world show in real time , the widespread violence that took place during the month of September as :  
The tragedy and the massacre of 12 people in the Navy Base in Washington the Capital of the United States . The massacre at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya , dozens of people killed and injured . The tragedy in the wreck near the island of Lampedusa in Italy , 130 dead and 250 missing , and tragedies of global warming around the world , such as the death of 40 people in China stung by wasps raging heat of climate change , and billion in losses , and millions of people excluded from the weather. 
Order to change the course and destiny of humanity in this XXI century, back to the XII century, where also a man of small stature decided to dare and act and developed a life project which would result in the creation of the Order of Friars Minor ( OFM ) it was Saint Francis of Assisi who was a young dreamer who never discouraged a moment and insistence on your project and your proposal to Pope Innocent III , accept your design that was rooted in radical poverty , humility and simplicity. 
After approval the number of followers to the Assis, Young stopped growing and he can carry on his project for millions of people in his time , was also called the protector of animals and the environment . In his time the Church was also found contaminated by power and wealth.  
Another great man in the history of mankind was David Livingstone who lived in the eighteenth century , who starred in many African countries as a physician and missionary , and was considered the greatest explorer of Africa with regard to discoveries like the source of the Nile Victoria Falls the name was in honor of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom . The Missionary in his time fought the slave trade , traveled 48,000 kilometers on African soil , lived this adventure for over 15 years , twice crossed the Kalahari Desert , the first European to cross Lake Tanganyika , crossed Uganda, Tanzania, treated the sick and preached the Gospel and God's Word.  
Returned to his parents to England in 1857 , where he wrote the book that became the bestseller Missionary Journeys African continent , was supported at the time of the Royal Geographical Society for his courage and determination to help the Peoples returned to Africa in 1871. 
In his time his travels aroused journalistic interests and was the American Editor James Gordon Bennett instructed the journalist Henry Morton Stanley of the New York Herald newspaper to accompany David Livingstone on his return to Africa and tell his story also became major stories as the discovery the sources of the Nile , sailed from Zanzibar birthplace of the great singer Fredie Mercury , the great African lakes to the joy of all readers of the New York Herald newspaper , which turned into books , magazines, the epic of the great explorer and missionary and even today is remembered for his courage in his travels to the entire African continent where thousands of lives were saved thanks to your help as a medical missionary and human. 
After the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change UN site  www.ipcc.org , who gathered in September in Stockholm in Sweden , panelists mostly scientists , glaciologists , climatologists , biologists cited in the final document that the major cause for the imbalance of the climate in the world is the man , for his actions against Nature and the increased concentration of greenhouse gases hit record that in the last 100 years , and that the greater tragedy is the icing on the north and South Poles , that will bring rising seas that could cause losses of approximately $ 60 trillion in all countries bordering the oceans on the 7 seas , where the death sentence for millions of people will be from drowning , they ask for help governments avoid tragedy foretold. 
So we can put into practice our project " The Awakening of Consciousness " , we can change the destiny of mankind for Education for Peace , Health , Technology and Sustainability and we can put in all the cities of the world to become more Educated , Human , Innovative and sustainable.is project on a global level we have to take the first Pope Francisco, says that as the times are Francis of Assisi, we live to the Globalism of Indifference and culture of abandonment, it is time to act, it is not a coincidence, but rather a manifestation of the Creator in our missions here on Earth. We are sure it will help us because the benefit is for all mankind regardless of color, creed, race and Purchasing Power because it was in honor of St. Francis of Assisi that he adopted the name for his pontificate. The principle of Synchronicity makes us use the example of Assisi when he took his project to Pope Innocent III, whose project was grounded in humility, solidarity and simplicity, and now in our time is founded on Education for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability. 
As we are now 7 billion humans on the already degraded and battered planet Earth , we need millions of people to join our cause , we will seek to help newspapers at the time were interested in the challenge and courage of shares great English missionary David Livingstone , for the African continent.
For this we will immediately enlist the help of people who have expressed interest in helping us in our project as the famous Filmmakers James Cameron said in an email that his staff , we could work together , I think this is a great opportunity.  

Message to Receive to Great Director James Cameron, Movie Avatar.

Dear Mr Naisser, 

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 

Jim Cameron

Another great American director is also Francis Ford Coppola who were with him here in Curitiba, Brazil seeking inspiration for a great movie that deals with the importance of water in megacities , such as economics, scarcity and waste worldwide. 
Another great Director to join us is the Italian Bernardo Bertolucci , his great film “Heaven protects us” , which was done in Africa , Morocco and the Sahara , where we will go through caravans regarding aid to the continent. 
Another great news that ran the world was the Electronic Game video game , GTA V , Grand Theft Auto V whose sales in 24 hours reached $ 800 million , breaking all sales records including the iPad 3 in 2012 which was $ 500 million.  
The great challenge we propose to put into practice our project Innovator by selling billions of books , games , cds , dvds , with the help of artists , singers , licensing and participation of all those who will join our cause and let their recorded statements in a documentary that will be developed by the hands , minds and hearts of the great directors that will help us complete the major project. 
Will be immediately collected $ 1 billion in copyright, intellectual property licensing in partnership with the 500 largest companies in the world that our cause aggregate use in their products , whose values ​​will then be invested in Schools , Communities , Teacher Training worldwide with generating billions of jobs in the Era of Knowledge and Information , and show the world that if man is the cause of Global Warming, is also the man who will help reverse this situation tragic and sad that the world lives today. 
After Rome , will the UN and UNESCO , and then we will go through all 5 continents will travel the seven seas , and deliver the project to the Presidents of the 202 Countries that form the UN , so we can use the example of the great men and women that in his time dared and made ​​it happen , now in the twenty- one days also joined to have a better world for this and future generations and a huge help to Planet Earth. 
With our project and help the great Avatars Human , will put an end to wars , Hunger , Poverty , Racial Intolerance , Religious and immigration and Urban Violence , so we can have all the cities of the world , more educated , human , innovative and sustainable. 
We can not be spectators but protagonists of the great change in the world order. 
A Bedouin not win the immensity of the desert from alone in caravans arrive at our destination and we will reach our goals. 
The World Press Social Networks, Schools , Universities , Teachers, Cities, Communities, Governors,NGO´s , are critical to achieving our goals because we can immediately enlist the aid of 2 billion people worldwide who are connected in the Age of Knowledge and Information.

The first 2.000 people and organizations that will help us GREAT CAUSE.
The biggest challenge is to make all the world's cities most Educated, Humanities, innovative and sustainable. The biggest challenge is to give back the ice on Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and freezes the North and South Poles, the big challenge is made ​​to the 7 billion humans. 



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