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Ran the world shows the report released by the IARC , International Agency for Research on Cancer, subject to WHO,  World Health Organization , where the report says that 223,000 people worldwide IN 2010 , died of lung cancer , caused by air pollution and also that there is strong evidence that air pollution increases the risk of bladder cancer. 

In a statement issued after a week of meetings with climatologists, scientists, oncologists and specialists in air pollution and urban mobility, reviewed the scientific literature and cited that air pollution outdoors, in large megacities and greatly increases the rate of oxygen inhalation contaminated by particulate matter and fine particles derived CO2 from vehicles and Sulfur Dioxide from Trucks and Heavy Duty Vehicles, Industrial Pollution also caused by vehicular pollution worldwide. 

A Smog will now be part of Group 1 of the Organization , whose elements are classified as carcinogens and join the other 100 elements harmful to human health , and regrettably governments fail to reduce because in most countries there are no public policies to reduce the rate of pollution.


Despite the rulers mostly have abandoned the environmental agenda , we put up with this absolutely unique campaign that will be put into practice in all the cities of the world , taking in urban trees as the only antidote to reduce the process of photosynthesis and reduction of air pollution.

We know that all this will not be easy , we have put behind us the press release by the newspapers , magazines and televisions , and especially the largest social networks like Facebook , Twitter , Youtube , now become decisive in helping , since together have 3 billion people connected mostly young people who live and also the Age of Knowledge and Information . The great planetary level campaign comes against the need to show that the man is responsible for global warming , according to the report of the Panel IPCC , will also be the largest male protagonist of change that world needs to improve air and quality of life in cities. 

Thanks to the free Technology Social Networks and the press worldwide , in real time will mobilize Children , Youth, Adults , Schools Universities , Entire communities in the vicinity of cities , so that they can join our cause , deliver the project The Awakening of Consciousness the UN Secretary General ,  , the Director General of UNESCO in Paris  that the world has a path for this and future generations , only then can we have all the cities of the world most educated , humanities , Innovative and Sustainable.

This campaign will include , Students , Schools , Universities , Forest Engineers , Architects , Town Planners from all over the world, and billions of seeds that will turn seedlings that will be planted with native trees in urban cities small according to the climate of each Country . For the purpose of sequestering CO2 from vehicles and Carbon Dioxide from Trucks and Heavy Vehicles will indicate to the Northern Hemisphere the Alamo and other native trees Countries . For the Southern Hemisphere will propose Cherry Urban remaining almost the entire year with its green leaves and Ipês Yellow tree native towns , which help much in reducing heat islands caused by Global Warming.

We will also seek the support of large companies , automakers and trucks , aviation companies , which neutralize their greenhouse aviation kerosene by planting trees on Earth, industries that emit waste from industrial pollution to join our cause and to invest control of gas filters can reduce pollution . Way we can improve the air quality in all the cities of the world , since oxygen and water are the two indispensable elements to our life on earth.

In putting into practice of an Urban Tree on a planetary level , we will also contribute to improving the quality of life of all people and biodiversity worldwide , with the balance in the atmosphere , will help in reducing the melting poles in 2013 who also suffered huge loss of glaciers caused by global warming at the North Pole with the opening of a huge crack in the glaciers of Greenland , a new shipping route was formed between Asia and Europe. Experts estimate that the thaw in the North and South poles , cause losses of about $ 60 trillion, mainly by rising sea levels that would cause the greatest humanitarian tragedy of the XXI Century , where the sentence of death by drowning is for all those who live in countries bordering the Oceans.

We can not be spectators but now the protagonists of the great change that the world experts, because now both pollution and global warming and climate change directly affect our lives To motivate the 7 billion humans will use the legacy of some great men and women who dared in his time and made ​​it happen , courage , boldness , determination did not save the time to put into practice their life projects that put into practice benefited all civilization human.

We will quote some where we will use your legacy in his time did not have the World Network of Computers , today the Web of Life , which used in the form of educational training qualification immediate help of billions of young people towards the first job in all countries in the Era of information and knowledge . To strengthen our cause , we will use the legacy of their struggle with Gandhi Nonviolence courage of Edmund Hillary and Tenzin as the first men to climb Mount Everest , the courage and determination to spread the word of God and help the people of Africa David Livingstone , Martin Luther King for his struggle for Civil Rights , the struggle for peace and the end of the Wars of the song Imagine by John Lennon , the Courage of Mother Teresa of Calcutta with his help to Excluded from India and around the world, the struggle for the preservation of nature and biodiversity Jacquez Cousteau , the boldness and courage to Steve Jobs , asking that we should not in quiet but follow our intuition to overcome the challenges , the courage to face inequalities in the world Brothers John and Robert Kennedy and legacy of the Prophet 's Communication of the twentieth century , Marshall Macluhann citing that the “Medium is the Message” , and will be the legacy that we can now reach billions of minds and hearts to begin the project of the great change Planet Earth needs.

The resources for these large investments in education of young people around the world and qualifying for their first job will come from royalties , copyrights , intellectual property , books , games, green , licensing along the 500 largest companies that use our project as an intangible asset in its relationship with investors , to show how using sustainability in their products , we partner with schools , institutes , organizations and universities from around the world, which will have on their sites for the Project to be used as the creator of the World Wide Web Tim Berners - Lee  not patented his invention for a greater number of people had access to this amazing technology that we use today.

The form of participation will be in every city in the world , we urge artists ecologists , engineers , biologists , climatologists , management gurus , economists , NGOs , film directors , governors , millionaires and billionaires because they also need oxygen and water, two liquids needed life on our planet Earth .

We start with a list of 2,000 names of people we follow on Twitter ,  , will for the history of mankind who once believed that the courage , boldness and determination we have a new world with balance and sustainability we use the most powerful weapons to change the world and asks the great statesman Nelson Mandela and the Human Person  that is through education , training , qualification of being human is that we can have a better world for this and future generations .

Greater motivation children and young people around the world by the Law School will count on the young Malala Yousafzai Pakistan  that commitment for education , nearly lost his life , the victim of an attack and attempted murder , and is now determined to take forward their great cause.

Message to Receive to Great Director James Cameron, Movie Avatar.

Dear Mr Naisser, 

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 

Jim Cameron

The Project Ecologist Jose Pedro Naisser, Education for Peace,Sports, Health, Technology and Sustainability are the Sources of Renewable Clean Energy that illuminate the minds and hearts of all those who truly want a better world for this and future generations.
Join with us, the Awakening of Consciousness, the time is now.  

A Bedouin not win the vastness of the desert is broken only if we unite and follow in caravans arrive saved and will achieve all the goals that we intend to address.









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