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Three great men in human history inspired us to this great project reach the minds and hearts of all those who truly want a better world.

       1. Albert Einstein, the father of the Theory of Relativity, said in his time that the great projects are born together with the great crises and tragedies that humanity lives, he quoted I Imagination is more powerful than knowledge, because it has no limits. For that reason it is that we need to show the world our project The Awakening of Consciousness in favor of Earth, nature and life.

      2. Nelson Mandela, the Great Statesman and Nobel Peace Prize, cited in his time, the most powerful weapons we have to change the world, will not be the Nuclear Warheads, or the Ballistic Missile or the Atomic Bombs, but for Education . And will be for education that can change the course of history, making the cities of everyone else Polite, Human, Livable, Sustainable and Innovative, this is the great way to change the world needs now.

        3. Archimedes, AC, A day in the history and in his time, Archimedes challenged the world and asked for a lever and an Opportunity and said he would move the world, and made by your Principle, now sailing the seven seas, millions Ships , Tankers and Liners, benefited from its beginning. Today D.C. 2016 years, we have large project, and we lack the opportunity to put into practice. Social Networking in the Age of Knowledge and information can help in real time, the World Press by the thought of the Prophet communication Marshall McLuhan, the "medium and the message," Virtual Mobility in real time, all are decisive for the changes the world needs.

Something big needs to be done for the degraded and battered Earth, he rightly that provides water, oxygen and food to the seven billion human beings, he now asks for help to all, humans use 125% of its natural resources, the environment can not regeneration.

The month of July 2016 is coming to an end, was the most violent and frightening in the history of humanity, thousands and thousands of people lost their lives, as the sticking of Father Jacques Hamel, when he preached the word of God in his Catholic Church of Normandy,France, by two young assassins loyal to EI, was considered the symbol of barbarism that lives the world today, governments can do little to stop urban violence and terror,others had their bodies torn apart by the violence of the attacks, or by terrorist attacks, either by fleeing wars and thousands of them lost their lives in the seas among them hundreds of children, caused by racial intolerance, religious and immigration, or the extreme events of nature, mainly by environmental degradation.

In Brazil our Amazon forest is ravaged daily, where its ancient trees that gave shelter to biodiversity, saw soybean crops or pasture for livestock, this July over 30,000 fires were detected by NASA satellites in the Amazon, thus increasing global warming and climate change, causing a huge drought is leading to desiccation of Brazilian rivers like the Amazon River, San Francisco and Rio Doce that was affected by tsunami mud, in breaking the dam of a miner, with huge damage to people and biodiversity.

The World Meteorological Organization, , where scientists also put the month of July 2016 as the hottest and spooky history, since 1880, causing the loss of millions of tons of food, water shortages throughout world and 200 million climate refugees.

It is time to unite not the pain of the tragedies, but by Love to Planet Earth, in favor of nature and life. For that we are proposing for Education for Sustainability, a new course in history, for the regeneration of the Earth,, to avoid what happened to the civilization of the Mayans, who in his time exhausted natural resources such as rivers and forests and disappeared in the last ice age.

For this, I need you to help and give us your hands, all 7 billion human beings occupants of Spaceship Earth, the time to act is now, the tomorrow may be too late       .

We can not be spectators, but the great protagonists of the great change that the planet needs, for this we are calling on all those who receive the Earth resources for their survival as water, oxygen and food for their lives and the companies that use of water, energy and natural resources for the manufacture of its products.

To reach the minds and hearts of all those who truly want a better world for this and future generations, we will pass this project to the great Director James Cameron, who said we could work together, say it is high time for everyone to take the hands and his contribution in favor of Degraded and battered Earth because we can not accept that in full Age of Knowledge and Information and Virtual Mobility, we are only spectators of the great tragedy that affects the lives of all of us.

Message receive to James Cameron.
Dear Mr. Naisser,

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 

Jim Cameron.  

more hands to help, than to obstruct 
more hands to heal than to wound
more hands to lead than to push 
more hands to sow than to pull off
more hands to share than to steal 
more hand to bless than to punish
more hands to offer than to take away
more hands to applause than to threat 
more hands to protect than to attack 
more hands to show the way than to push 
more hands to write than to scribble
more hands to work than to beg 
more open hands than fists
more hands handing books than weapons 
more hands gathered in prayer than by handcuffs 
more hands to shake than to defend
more hands to sign sheepskins than sentences 
more hands to erect bridges than wall with bars.
more people to complete than to delivery
more hands to complete than to omit
more hands to practice inclusions than exclusions 
more hands to wake up consciousness than greed
more hands in convergence than in divergence
more hands working in preservation, than acting in degradation.

 “A Bedouin will not win the immensity of the desert breaks only if we follow in caravans arrive safely at our destination to fulfill the wishes and designs of the Creator”.

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