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Again Nature and Life lose tough battle for the human animal, for lack of sustainability and balance that should exist between the Human and the Environment.

We are less than 8 days of World Conference on Environment Rio +20, and we should not forget that the theme of sustainability was first discussed at the UN Conference in Stockholm in Sweden where the Sustainability Theme began, then we are also less of 8 days, Stockholm +40, exactly 40 years have passed and the man did not evolve about Sustainability, on the contrary, increased by 200 times the environmental pollution which is causing the melting of the poles, and Global Climate Change  and Global Warming. worldwide .

What we see today in the World Press is a discredited by the inactions of governments in these Conferences of the UN, they abandoned the sustainability agenda to try to soluctions  their Fiscal Crisis, Economic, Social, according to renowned economist Jeffrey Sacks at Columbia University in the United States.

Some data from 2011 to Skeptics of Global Warming and Climate Change.

Defrost in the Arctic in 2011. 4.24 million square Kilometers.

Natural Disasters, Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes of 2011 were 302.

People who lost their life in approximately 29,782 disasters.

Numbers of Exclusions Produced by Tragedies. Excluded from Climate 206 million.

Damage caused by disasters. US$ 366,000,000.00

In Brazil U.S. $ 8.8 billion by droughts in only three states PR, SC, RS.

In Brazil, agricultural losses caused by drought in three States lost 6.6 million tons.

Worldwide 2.7 billion people suffer from a lack of drinking water.

Worldwide 45,000 children die daily from water shortages and malnutrition.

Worldwide production of household waste is 4,000,000,000 tons.

Worldwide only 10% are recycled, 8% in Rich Countries.

In Brazil produced 200,000 tons daily, only 2% are recycled, the rest are discarded in open dumps as Gramacho in Rio de Janeiro who ran and won the Oscar Award, a disgrace to the Brazilians and their rulers.

At Rio +20, the Governors will not address the issues placed on the Zero Draft UN, which would be Climate Change, Global Warming and Water Scarcity and Waste, but the People's Summit will be discussed with civil society organizations and all Members.

Great solutions for all these tragedies, are the most Powerful Weapon quoted by the great statesman Nelson Mandela, who is Education.

For this project we developed The Awakening of Consciousness, which is on the links below which we will present the People's Summit in Rio de Janeiro and Rio +20, the only way to stay in the battered and degraded Earth Planet.

Join us in the challenge, Social Media,Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, and the Press will be written and televised the major partner in this long journey to this legarmos and Future Generations, and all the cities become more Polite World, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable.

We can no longer be spectators of the great natural disasters, but must now be the protagonists of Great Change for a better world for this and Future Generations. Those who live will see a big change.

You are in our hands the most powerful weapons quoted by Nelson Mandela, and our effort will forever change the course of history and humanity to a relationship with a Balance and Planetary Sustainability.  Jose Pedro  Naisser 1/3, 2/3, 3/3. , , ,


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