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Once again it is proven that the human regrettably has used the tools of communication, social networks and studios to awaken the spread of hatred and violence everywhere in the world, this has happened often in real time. We could see the news of intolerance in relation to film the unknown author who told Sam Bacile to  Associet Press he wanted to create a political provocation and that Islam is a cancer, period, he said.

Calling himself Jewish and Israeli residents in California and then-anonymous with a production of shoddy and amateurish, yet director won all pages of newspapers, magazines, television and social networks in the world, where his film provoked anger and hatred in Middle East, because the video was clearly offensive to the Prophet Muhammad where his presentation on Youtube and Cinemas, caused the death of innocent people, among them the USA ambassador in Libya Christopher Stevens and his embassy officials in Benghazi in Libya, and even Today the violence spreads around the world, to raise further violence the film had the help of the American Pastor Terry Jones, who instead of preaching peace among men, regrettably contributed to awakening wrong aa anger and hatred among people.

The East claims that the film Innocence Muslims "was ridiculous and a clear insult to the Islamic prophet Muhammad and the disgraceful scenes of violence and inversion of values ​​such as those prepared by the tragic film director Sam also Bacile and their investors who managed in full XXI century, cause moments of upheaval in many Middle Eastern Countries and the followers of the Prophet Muhammad.

The West regrettably claimed that the film was used Freedom of Expression and did not expect a response as great as occurred with the presentation of the tragic movie with insults to the Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic People. Unfortunately the supposed use of the Freedom of Expression caused the death of innocent people as the American Ambassador and his staff, would this Freedom that the world wants today, where violence allegedly dressed in freedom causes death instead of life, unfortunately the world today coexists with urban violence, which affects all the countries of the world and now also with the Racial Intolerance, Religious and immigration.

This wave of protests and violence after the video about Muhammad reveals another reality of religious intolerance: The Faith and Values ​​of the East West conflict in a public square Global, words of journalist Nathan Gardels, editor of the respected newspaper in Global Viewpoint your article of September 17 titled Technology of Disinformation.

Something needs to be done to that violence and intolerance in real time does not exceed the Love and Peace among Peoples, preached throughout the ages by the prophets as Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, Moses throughout the history of mankind today in the XXI century, we can not put into practice a thought of Martin Luther King, who learned to fly like birds and swim like fish in the rivers and oceans, however we can not live as brothers and live in degraded and battered planet Earth.
Of Religious Intolerance pass now to the Degradation of the Environment Urban Violence, Hunger, Poverty, Unemployment across all Countries of the World, no futuristic, Management Gurus and economists present practices and innovative solutions to the problems that afflict all mankind, especially in European Union today that unemployment among young people below 25 years, trained in higher education have already reached 55%, the total unemployed in general in the EU is 25 million with a tendency to increase in 2013.

As we explain in the world today that 2.17 billion humans using coal as an energy source for their homes instead of cooking gas, 45,000 children die every day from lack of clean water and malnutrition.

Regarding the Environment, the part where we know more is that the world continues producing 4,000,000 million tons daily urban waste, the Rulers spend $ 3 trillion dollars to collect, transport and deposition in places not always appropriate .

In Rich Countries they come to recycle 20% in Poor Countries and Emerging recycling is only 3%, cite two cities in Brazil that unfortunately recycle only 3% of 17,000. tons produced by Sao Paulo and 9,000 tons produced by Rio de Janeiro, host of the next Olympics in 2016, presented proposals for recycling to the rulers of the two great cities and received no response.

As we live unfortunately also the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change, we see the tragedies caused by prolonged drought caused by droughts, causing losses of billions of dollars to all U.S. farmers, thereby affecting world trade food for 7 billion humans.

We also had the record caused the melting in the Arctic where the end of summer in the Northern Hemisphere ice sheet covered only 24% of the surface of the ocean, scientists, climatologists warned the rulers and the UN, something needs to be done to prevent the melting in North and South Poles will produce an increase in the Oceans where the death sentence for billions of people will be drowning, unfortunately nothing is being done to prevent the tragedy of Climate Change, cites Lord Nicholas Stern, creator of the fight against climate change .

Specialists in Waste Management and Urban Trash the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands have concluded that the studies reciclarmos 30% of 4,000,000 tonnes of garbage Urban worldwide, we can avoid immediately reducing emissions of greenhouse gases 56 % as methane gas from landfills and dumps are responsible exhausted into the atmosphere by playing 31.6 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions, where methane gas pollutes 25 times more than CO2 produced by vehicles, and aviation industries.

For that reason is that we are directing our messages to the World Press, Social Networks help us in the struggle to put in practice our project of Peace Education, Health, Technology and Sustainability, as it can with the Green Seal and Reverse Logistics begin the Urban Waste Recycling and Waste to everyone and we will have the 500 largest companies that produce packaging, batteries, light bulbs and electronic waste, with that we have in 2013, becoming cities worldwide but Polite, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable.

We will now seek the help of all those who truly want a better world for themselves and future generations, especially the help of the great scientists, climatologists, biologists, ecologists, economists, Architects, Town Planners, whose project will be delivered in the UN and UNESCO, to show the world that now we can no longer be spectators rather than actors of change and the Planet asks us put the big project The Awakening of Consciousness, which will become a great documentary by Hands, Mind and Heart of the great Film Director, James Cameron's film Avatar, told us in 2011 that we can work together in a great story, that no longer will use fiction to reality, but we take the Seventh Art Cinema and Social Networks a great documentary, and call immediately for the Young everyone to join our cause, the Occupy movements in the USA, the Indignados of Puerta Del Sol in Spain, Portugal and Drag Generation of millions of young Arab Spring, as the youth of Tahrir Square in Egypt, that this Instead we will use the teachings and legacy of Prophet Muhammad, to show the world that you can put into practice by the Education for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability the designs of one God for a better world for this and Future Generations.

Message to receive to Great Movie Director of Avatar and Titanic.
James Cameron.

Dear Mr Naisser,

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis Which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, Which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together.

Jim Cameron

To reach the minds and hearts of all those who believe in God are, we searched the legacy and teachings of the prophets that his time spent in the Earth and will inspire, motivate, empower billions of human beings to seek solutions to Peace by Education we have a world in Balance with Nature and Life.

The Media, Social Networks, has a decisive role to publicize our cause, and put into practice what prophet also thinking of Communication and Innovation Marshall McLuhan that "the medium is the message."

This text will be translated into all languages ​​and dialects listed on, only then can we reach the minds and hearts of all peoples of East and West, it will propagate the great cause whose multipliers are all that truly want a better world.



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