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In the search for planetary solutions, we must reach the minds and hearts of those who dare, innovate and make things happen and who earn all cameras, pages of newspapers, televisions worldwide, saw great heroes, its done, however now they will have to help us in this long journey with their feet and Zero Gravity, and for that we are calling some of the great heroes who today live in degraded and battered planet Earth.

1. The Great Director James Cameron, with whom he exchanged a great email, he said that we can work together then we're doing it the challenge to work together, because our cause is directly linked to the 500 largest companies in the world to join us for their products, packaging is recycled by a Seal Planetary Ecological and Innovations for Reverse Logistics, who worked through schools, universities, communities in all cities of the world and will generate employment and income for billions of people in the Knowledge Era, Economic Creative, Collective Intelligence in the Information Age, but for that we have to be together in their studio in Los Angeles, California.

The greatest feat of the great Director who also turned hero of the Seas, and their movies, Titanic and Avatar, his trip to the ocean floor occurred on 27/03/12, project www.deepseachallenge.com,  where the great Director dived to beat the world record for the background oo sea ​​for 11 kilometers to bring the images that were seen by approximately 1 billion people, only now the man knew the oceans knows only 5%, leaving 95% for future research are preserved and that its Biodiversity and Reef Islands around world.

We will contact the sponsors of the big event to join our cause, no more to the bottom, but to the surface of the 7 seas so we can educate all sailors to reduce the pollution, mainly plastics that are thrown by the sea and leading to the death of millions of birds, fish and marine animals in the oceans. Navigating is necessary, but to preserve and recycle is as important as the journey. Large companies Turismo major transatlantic sailing in travel and tourism trade by 7 seas join us and each passenger will leave the trip with a commitment to help us in the preservation of nature on land and in the air in the sea, whose books arrive also the minds and hearts of those who remain on earth. Few know but with the elevation of the oceans produced by melting at the North Pole and South, will produce the death of millions of people in the Oceans whose sentence of death by drowning can be, for it is the great Director indispensable in our long journey by 7 Seas.

2. The Parachutist Austrian Felix Baumgartner also turned hero on October 15, 2012 to beat the world record parachute jump, he was beyond the atmosphere, the stratosphere arrived with 39,045 meters of height he jumped out of his capsule and also won the Fame Hero and was also seen by 1 billion people on the site www.youtube.com and his sponsor Red Bull, which now accounts for www.redbullstratos.com large investment made by the new hero of the Stratosphere.

3. Join us too young Pakistani student Malala Yousafzai now fighting for her life, she was brutally shot by members of the Group Taliban October 9 in retaliation to his activism for the rights of girls and women to education. From here we send our prayers for his recovery of his health, as it will be by the most powerful weapons Education to change the world, according to the great statesman and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela. Count also with the UN Special Envoy for Education throughout the world, the  Ex.Prime  Minister,UK, Gordon Brown  who join us for the great cause.

We live today in the age of knowledge and information, we are 7 billion Human Beings produce 4 million tons of junk that only 10% are recycled in Rich Countries, Poor Countries and recycling reaches 5% in Poor Countries not she exceed 2%, however all multinational corporations are in all 202 Countries forming the UN, where their packaging and waste produced vain are placed in riverbeds and ixoes open worldwide, causing pollution of gas atmoferica methane which pollutes 25 times more CO2 than the millions of vehicles in big cities and leading to the death of millions of people worldwide, rulers say what should be done, mentioning indicators and diagnostics, however do not know how to reduce this huge tragedy.

The Biggest Challenge is now in relation to the solutions in the Surface of the Earth and Oceans. For this reason we are calling the great heroes to join us so that we put into practice our cause who does not travel to the seafloor and into the stratosphere, but to educate for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability which will be the longest journey of the human being, inside himself, will convene the great heroes of all Olympics, Paralympics sportsmen, artists, biologists, Scientists, Architects, Town Planners, Environmentalists, NGOs, and deliver the project to the Secretary General of Ban Ki-Moon,  www.un.org , and the Director General of www.unesco.org  Ms. Irina Bokova in Paris and his team.

But for that we have to count also with sponsors who will believe in our cause because we travel the 5 continents, 7 seas by showing that it is possible to put into practice the thought of the great Nobel Peace Prize and the Human Person, Martin Luther King, disseum day that man learned to fly as a bird and swim like fish in the oceans, not just learn to live as brothers and live on earth.

The help must come now also the world's press, sponsors, social networks, because we can not wait any longer, our planet is sick, he asks our help and more immediately can prevent the deaths of 45,000 children who die every day worldwide lack of clean water and malnutrition and reciclarmos a first phase of the project 35% of 4 million tons of garbage produced daily worldwide, with this also will reduce by 30% the effects of global warming and climate change, thereby returning the ice in the Poles North and South who this summer lost 60% of its coverage of the Greenland Icecap.

It is the time of awakening consciousness, we can not be more viewers, but we must be the protagonists of great change not the future we want, but of this we can.

Dear Mr Naisser,
Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together.
Jim Cameron

It is the invitation to all minds and hearts that truly want a better world for this and future generations, the trip will be the revitalization of the land, rivers, deserts, seas and air, only then can we have mainly cities worldwide more educated, Humanities, innovative and sustainable.

Join us, the time is now.


The change that the world is in need, do not be a spectator, is the protagonist of the cause.

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