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Following the advice of the great Prophet of Innovation XXI Century, Steve Jobs, that we can not stand still and we must not ever sleep, but we follow our intuition, it will take us to the direction of our heart.

For this reason is that now we do an enormous challenge to Man bolder and spoken in the world this August the great Entrepreneur Jeff Bezos founder of the largest retailer online worldwide in 2007 and creator of the Kindle electronic book.

Hard to explain but Jeff Bezos also started his company Amazon in the garage of his home with a loan of $ 300,000 from his family, as well as other American billionaires have done so and prospered as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckeberguer, Larry Page,Biz Stone, and others Young Americans.

What we saw in the World Press were the statements and testimony from journalists, entrepreneurs, policymakers Sociologists, anthropologists, economists, media specialists, who were amazed at the courage and the decision of Jeff Bezos the purchase of the renowned Washington Post for US 250 million dollars earlier this month in Washington.

Experts cite that Jeff Bezos is a genius at connecting with consumers and their secret to success is public and can be used by anyone who respects their customers and consumers, but goes beyond that Jeff with their technological structure is logistics and service to their already billions of customers around the world.

Because they have something in common with the great Prophet of Innovation Steve Jobs who performed at the launch of their products in the Apple, with a black shirt and jeans quite used to demonstrate its simplicity. Jeff Bezos in his meetings with his officers he always keeps an empty chair to remind everyone that there is your greatest asset which is the "consumer", therefore he does arrive today electronically to a tablet in just over a minute The electronic programs, and products ordered over the Internet arrive in record time anywhere in the world using their logistics around the planet.

Some statements of experts media, sociologists, journalists and economists about Jeff Bezos.

1 Journalist Sergio Davila, Folha de Sao Paulo Brazil, The Titanic Iceberg purchase, but goal is to dominate the sea.

2 Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Media Editor of the Financial Times of London. The new business models and scoops will measure the success of Jeff Bezos.

3 Lee Siegel, American Cultural Critic, cites that there is more money that matters to Jeff Bezos, your goal is to recreate a new way of living. He also mentions that you can not look at the white line that divides the road when driving, but without it would have less confidence.

4 Ken Doctor, American, Media Analyst and Author, mentions that Jeff Bezos can put in your journal content where the appetite for news quality is increasingly voracious, because the reader wants quality content, hence the optimism about the future Washington Post.

5 Elio Gaspari, Brazilian journalist, cites that the acquisition of the Washington Post by Jeff Bezos was a great day in the history of the world press, and if it causes your journal what makes the books, the festival began.

6 The Brazilian sociologist Massimo Di Felice, quotes that were digital technologies that toppled the Berlin Wall in communication, and now Jeff Bezos can deploy a new social culture, a new type of leadership and citizenship by the press and books.


Initially we can say that this is not a coincidence, but the principle of synchronicity, the fact that we are proposing to the big businessman Amazon and Washington Post, a partnership began because the name of your company Amazon, it was named in honor the Great Amazon River that has its extension in the mightiest river in the world for its water, the liquid that guarantees us life, and together with the Rio have our Amazon forest which is also the World Lung regarding the formation of the Rivers Flying through clouds that transform rainfall to ensure the cycle of life on Earth for Humans and Biodiversity.

As important as the name Amazon, is the marketing of books by the Company that can deliver anywhere in the world for its logistics and communication power, beyond what she takes the most powerful weapons we have to change the world are the books that turn on Education for Children and Adults in any part of the world, we can say that will materialize the dream of Nelson Mandela, who asks this XXI Century. A new world of books and education, especially for all children and young people of the African continent.

For this we are putting the Great Businessman proposal that we can add Amazon, and Kaplan Education division of the Washington Post, our project The Awakening of Consciousness, which will become a book that can be sold worldwide by Amazon affordable and we can also transform into eBooks that can be downloaded on Amazon for Schools, Universities, Civil Society Organizations, Companies and Governments around the world, so we can make cities more Polite, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable.

Jeff Bezos has shown the world that thinks in the long run and so made an investment in building a clock for $ 42 million to 61 feet tall with a pointer centuries had advanced every 100 years and a cuckoo that will greet the arrival of a new millennium, it is to think big and long term, in our opinion. He also invested in the rescue rocket Apollo 11 Space Shuttle that exploded in the skies and dropped the sea. Also invested in a company Spacecraft to travel in outer space.

As greater challenge together and show the world that you can we change the course of human history for Education, we will propose to the general Entrepreneur Jeff Bezos that all the books of our project are marketed worldwide in multiple languages ​​and dialects to reach all the minds and hearts of those who truly want a new world, but only for Americans will propose that a large Logistics Center is installed in the city of Detroit, state of Michigan where the city that was the pride of the American Industrial Revolution and was considered City Symbol Automotive Industry bitter today by a concordat historic municipal debts that amount to US$ 20 billion and in 1970 its population reached 1.8 million inhabitants and now after bankruptcy it has 700,000 inhabitants, and its White population Rich and moved to distant suburbs with more resources, the population of the Black Race that are approximately 80% of the total were in the city for lack of resources to move to other places and still facing a huge unemployment.

The structure is collapsing Detroit where 40% of public lighting is off and the emergency phone lines do not work, the city also suffers from a lack of public transport, schools and hospitals for their most needy. For this we propose to great businessman that our books and licensing of our cause are aggregated to Amazon and a large Distribution Center Products Amazon and Kaplan, are located in Detroit for the generation of jobs, taxes and income for millions of young people who are now unemployed.

Some mentioned that Americans have always had the big billionaires who invested in Education and Universities as the families of the Rockefellers, Carnegies and Fords that in its time created and Universities Foundations think it is still early so that others can come to help in these segments also suffer from difficulties in the American Economy, caused by the 2008 crisis.

As greater challenge to Jeff Bezos that today is the 19th richest man in the world according to Forbes magazine, with a fortune of $ 26 billion, I can say that he join our cause that will be your greatest contribution in the struggle for a Planetary Sustainability, it will be in less than two years the richest and most innovative in the world, because together we can change the course and destiny of humanity, which is the Education for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability, where we all cities in the world to be more Educated, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable.

Thanks to Social Networking can we reach the minds and hearts of those who can help us change the world, and the world knew that two great men who have turned the news media from around the world in the last two months, His Holiness Pope Francisco in its World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, for his courage, determination, they are among us and that together we can make a better world for all 7 billion human beings, and a balance with nature and life. These two great men is that the Pope Francisco, whose purpose and challenge is the link below and Jeff Bezos who will join us for what is, by propagating and therefore may help in the great cause planetary.

Be the hands, heart and mind of the great Director James Cameron that our cause will be transformed into a great documentary that will change the course of human history, it said in favor of the environment, we must lift up our heads and raise our voices and we can work together, then it is time, we can no longer be spectators but protagonists of the great change in the world order.

 Message  receive to Mr.James Cameron, Director of Movie. Avatar.

Dear Mr Naisser,
Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 

Jim Cameron 

Let's wait for the answers and the help of the challenges of the world press for the spread of major news to be a new kind of leadership and citizenship and show the importance of being living in the Age of Information and Knowledge

A Bedouin not win the immensity of the desert from alone if we follow in all caravans will arrive safe and sound to our destination.




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