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Showing that the world has been united and always sympathized by Pain, again this happens on August 19, 2013, when we remember that 10 years ago on August 19, 2003, we lost our great Martyr and Diplomat of Issues humanitarian and UN Refugee, Sergio Vieira de Mello a terrible explosion of the UN building in Baghdad, along with 21 others members of the difficult mission during Invasion of Iraq by USA.
To remember the great martyr, the UN instituted on 19 August as World Humanitarian Day in honor of the great defender of the underprivileged by fate and destiny, Sergio Vieira de Mello.
Today we live in the Age of Uncertainty, in full XXI Century the world faces the terrible wars that take the lives of millions of people mostly innocent civilians as children and the elderly, there are also refugees who are displaced Climate their Countries by Global Warming and Climate Change, live the terrible tragedies of Hunger, Poverty, Drugs, Racial Intolerance, Religious and immigration without talking to the Unemployment Globally causing Urban Violence in major cities worldwide. 

The Great Martyr Sergio Vieira de Mello devoted 34 in humanitarian causes and UN refugee, their majorities victims of bloody civil wars, bloody dictatorships, occupations and independence of Countries and East Timor and Bangladesh. 

Where was Sergio was considered a great peacemaker because instead of weapons he used diplomacy with the Rulers, which was driven by a sense of compassion that helped save millions of lives with three generations who were refugees, Avos, Parents and children, began his career in Dhaka reintegration of refugees Bangladeshis who migrated to India fleeing the civil war, with the return of millions of refugees Sergio saw the birth of what is now Bangladesh parents. 

After Sergio was sent to the region of the Great Lakes countries in Africa such as Rwanda, Angola and Mozambique who lived through the terrible tragedy of the civil war, there has also saved millions of lives they are grateful to this day as the documentaries shown around the world. 

Sergio was also the mission of the Lebanon War, the terrible and bloody war in the Balkans served as UN Humanitarian Agencies in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Kosovo, Cyprus and after Sudan, which has always put their knowledge as diplomat close to the Rulers to defend refugees 
paid the highest service of high ideals of justice and peace for the UN.
Another difficult mission Sergio was the war in Southeast Asia in Cambodia, where millions of lives were lost in bloody war, however there Sergio prevented genocide were to happen, thanks to its diplomacy with the Rulers and now live in peace
At the end of the war was the Balkans Sergio for another difficult mission which was the independence of East Timor with Indonesia, another war that millions of people lost their lives, but Sergio was there to achieve independence and reconstruction of the country that was devastated by bloody battle that the world today rather forget, but Sergio rebuilt Schools, Hospitals, Government Buildings and handed to First  President  to Timor Lest Elected by the People Xanana Gusmão, and then Dominic Ramos Horta who won the Nobel Peace 
The hardest mission of his life was in 2003, when I was in Geneva, was convened by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to the difficult task of bringing the UN humanitarian services in Baghdad had been invaded and occupied by the American army, government George W. Bush and the dictator Saddam Hussein's regime was overthrown. 

After this account of the life of the Great Brazilian diplomat, is that we start the process of Beatification of the Great Martyr of the XXI Century, where he gave his life for refugees and less favored by fortune and fate. 
We are sure that this proposal together with His Holiness will reach the minds and hearts of all those who will help us transform into Holy Sergio, for his act of courage and bravery in facing all the challenges that the human being is capable during wars 
, genocides that stained with blood and the loss of millions of lives throughout the twentieth century, put millions of lives have been saved thanks to the help of this man who never measured efforts to help refugees and reconstruction of entire countries like Schools, Hospitals, Buildings of Government and now live in peace, but it was thanks to the courage and determination of the Martyr which was possible to preserve the lives of three generations that far will help us in recognizing miracles for the purpose of Beatification. 

A major contribution is also his wife Annie  and their two sons looking after your Foundation ,for all that may appeal to know that one day this man lived among us and gave his life for the next, and how greater merit used the example the Son of God, Jesus Christ sacrificed his own life to save millions of people in this difficult world that we live today in the Age of Uncertainty.
As merit and gratitude for all the great Martyr did here on earth, we will follow your path and with respect to our project The Awakening of Consciousness, we will all Countries where Sergio went to get testimonials that will help people in the process of beatification at the Vatican, and there's also all those who have written books, made films and documentaries about the life of the great Sergio Vieira de Mello.
We mention journalists, documentarists, filmmakers, writers, and his entire family that will help us in the long run, to know that other Sergios may appear to help whenever refugees in all segments of humanity.
Journalist Samantha Power, the book Chasing The Flame, filmmaker Terry George, the film Sergio, journalist and documentary filmmaker Simone Duarte On Route to Baghdad, Writer Charles Ferguson No End to Vista, Brazilian journalist Jacquez Marcovithc Thought and Memory of the Martyr. 

To show that it is possible to fight for a world as did Sergio Vieira de Mello, I agree to travel all Countries where he's been there and we take our cause so that we can make all Countries, Cities of the World, but Educated, Innovative Human Sustainable and using his legacy, his courage, determination and diplomacy.


Sergio was known for his charisma and obstinacy. But the aversion to ostentation of material was also part of his story. He made ​​a point of showing himself equal to the lowly. In Bosnia, Vieira de Mello refused armored vest. As civilians did not have that "luxury", believed that it would create a barrier with the local people is come out to the streets with protection. In spite of having luxury cars in New York, Brussels, Paris and Baghdad, Mello walked on foot, by taxi or subway. But it was always a friend of the drivers at its disposal and it was through them he obtained important information about the local people, particularly their needs, their aspirations and the location of the neighborhoods where they lived humbler refugees who spontaneously gathered to teach the principles basic morals, ethics and citizenship. In Baghdad left a refugee neighborhood in the middle of the night and came back with half a dozen eggs that he cooked and shared with children and young people. The one that the American military approached, said "there is no way to talk about morals who is on an empty stomach." Gave up an apartment of more than 500 square meters in New York, facing Central Park for a Autumn only two bedrooms, close to their workplace. Said there felt happier.

You are given the great start that process that can be the First Holy Martyr and Diplomat of the XXI Century, St. SERGIO, as were St. Francis Xavier and St. Francis of Assisi, who in his time also devoted to the poor and excluded most of their lives, including the spread of the Words of the Creator.

A Bedouin not win the immensity of the desert from alone if we follow in all caravans will arrive safe and sound to our destination. 

A Bedouin not win the immensity of the desert from alone if we follow in all caravans will arrive safe and sound to our destination.


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