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The news that ran the world this year over 2013, considered the hottest in human history , began in May when the level of CO2 in the air reached the threshold of 400 ppm , parts per million , the highest concentration since the beginning of the industrial revolution , according to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography , coordinated by scientist Ralph Keeling.

The thaw in the Arctic in July was the highest in 150 years , causing the detachment of huge icebergs that sail the oceans and melting, causing rising sea levels , only one that came off whose images were captured by NASA in its Costa Greenland size was compared to 2 times the island of Manhattan , in the USA , according to the oceanographer Andreas Muenchow , University of Delaware , he mentions that something must be done to prevent the detachment of icebergs that normally has 600 feet deep and melting raises much sea ​​levels.  

Another image Thaw who ran the world in 2013 , was a accelerated melting in Greenland which destroyed 70 % of the area that held the frozen ground , creating a huge gap between the glaciers and thus a new Navigation Route between Asia and Europe , putting scientists , climatologists and alert, because without the glaciers can cause the effect called Permafrost , which is the release of methane into the atmosphere , considered by scientists as a Time Bomb that is 25 times higher than CO2 , this study was led Climatologists by Edward Schuur and Benjamin Abbott , in an article published in the  Scientific Magazine " Nature". 

This month was also released the report of the World Meteorological Organization, a UN body that takes care of measurements of temperatures in the world , also mentioned that 2013 was the warmest in history according to the Secretary General of WMO , he also calls the action of the government to reduce the gases in the atmosphere and cites the region of the planet where temperatures reached in 2013 in Australia to 50 degrees Celsius, causing massive damage to its economy and the environment .

The whole world can see pictures of the huge tragedies caused by Hurricane Haiyan ravaging much of the Islands in the Philippines , killing thousands of people and billions in losses for all its people , which begs the UN , and the Countries for humanitarian aid . The USA , sent food , water and medicine , his Holiness Pope Francisco sent U.S. $ 150,000 , according to the UN , U.S. 300 million will be needed for the reconstruction of the cities , however so far 65 million dollars were collected , very little damage caused by  Hurricane Haiyan , who had 1,800 kilometers in diameter and winds of 275 km.

Still gathered in Varsovi, Poland,  , the UN dealing with Climate in the World , the 202 Countries and their representatives seek out to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases , however there is no consensus and such measures can only be implemented in the year in 2020 . According Experts Rulers abandoned the environmental agenda and fail to practice actions that can reduce Global Warming and Climate Change , worse now that nature has as its allies the Typhoons , hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes, since man was sentenced by the UN Panel , which handles climate in the world as responsible for the worsening climate in the world .


So that we can help the UN Secretary General , Mr.Ban Ki -Moon  we propose to him to implement the Project Awakening of Consciousness , where the 7 billion dabble in Human Beings , which will help us to Educate for Peace , Health , Technology and Sustainability , and we can have all the world's cities most educated , Humanities , Innovative and Sustainable whose text is the link , and it can have actions involving planetary sustainability practices Schools , Universities , Communities , policymakers worldwide.

A report sponsored by the University of Oxford point next global challenge and cite the stability of the world depends on a partnership between USA x CHINA , and recommends a Platform relatory participating Governments, Businesses and Individuals Persons, as few so the world can have a balance and Sustainability one. We can say that this is our platform design that can be placed immediately Awakening Consciousness, the Oxford Project titled "Now For the Long Term.

For this to be put into practice we follow the guidance of the Creator , and we will go to the East in search of people who can help us on this long journey , including the Emir of Qatar , Emir of Dubai , Sultan of Oman, and other great leaders who can join us , since we know that the man is the major cause of global warming , should also be the protagonist of the great man to help reduce Global Warming ,, then we will take our project to the UN, UNESCO , and the hands of the great Film Director James Cameron is a great documentary done because for the first time in the history of humanity will unite the East and the West in the search for solutions that afflict all humanity.

Message to Receive to Great Director James Cameron, Movie Avatar.

Dear Mr Naisser, 

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 

Jim Cameron

It's done a great challenge , and the Age of Knowledge and Information , using the maximum Prophet of Communication of century XX, Marschall MacLuham the " Medium is the Message "  we seek help in Orient , and we also expect the help of the West on Social Networks , Newspapers , Magazines , televisions and the great men and women who now no longer will be spectators but the great protagonists of the great change that the world needs , they will make them part of the great documentary that will send the script to Director James Cameron , who said that we can work together .

It will be the greatest contribution of all those who will help us and join the great cause , in this difficult time going through humanity .

One day we must stop dreaming and somehow act.

A Bedouin not win the immensity of the desert is broken only if we follow in caravans , we arrive at our destination to fulfill our goals.




Global Pollution.

Global governance.

Resilience project



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