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More than 12,000 experts in Climate and Climate Change met in Panel on Climate Change in Warsaw in Poland for 15 days this month and have not reached a consensus at the end of the conference , along with representatives of the 202 countries that make up the UN admitted that the meeting was a failure for making decisions and decided to transfer to the 2020 start of the reduction of greenhouse gases , which are the major causes of Global Warming and Climate Change. 
According to scientists , meteorologists , climatologists , glaciologists , biologists , urban planners , the man is the main cause of this imbalance , they foresee for the coming years a major change with respect to Climate Change especially regarding the Mega Cities that suffer from natural disasters by drought or the large amount of rain that will bring huge material losses and millions of people will be Excluded from Climate, where they will join the large army already formed more than 200 million in various regions of the world.  
It was proven in the climate conference in Poland , that the UN does not have enough to solve these enormous difficulties political force , because it also depends on which experts rulers abandoned the climate agenda to engage in search for solutions in their economic crises , fiscal, social , and lack of jobs , especially in the European Union , where millions of young graduates have no jobs and are awaiting solution by the rulers.  
All the difficulties related to Global Warming and Climate Change are contained in  ,   link that discusses The Thaw in North and South Poles , massive droughts in Australia and the USA , where the temperature reached in 2013 more than 50 degrees , Sea Level Rise , lack of recycling of urban waste daily reaches 4 million tons , and governments spend approximately $ 7 trillion for the collection, transport and deposition in most inappropriate places and countries without any maintenance, and untreated generate methane gas that pollutes 21 times more CO2 than one million cars worldwide , cities living with Urban Violence , Unemployment , Urban Immobility , and Racial intolerance , Religious and immigration as we have seen in real time on social networks and newspapers around the world . With our project of Education for Sustainability , will empower millions of people in recycling that in 60 days we will reach 30 % today in Emerging Countries recycling are only 3 % in wealthy countries it reaches 15 % , the rest is incinerated in can also reach 30 % for the rich.

Based on the decisions of the Climate Panel , that man is the greatest cause of Global Warming and Climate Change, is also the man who will now seek the solutions that the world needs so we can continue living in already degraded and debilitated Planet Earth one day Yuri Gagarin cited that the Earth was blue , today is Ash and receives billions of tons of greenhouse gases without control by the majority of countries that emit gases. 
Not as coincidence but the Principle of Synchronicity I mean we have the Awakening of Consciousness Project , which along with the Great Director James Cameron , we announce to the world that the most lethal weapons for us to change the world , according to Nelson Mandela will be for Education we propose a new order for human civilization , and it will be in partnership with the great director who in 2011 said he would be seeing a chance to work together.  
The great director James Cameron , I can say that it can also be a person chosen by the Creator to help us on this long journey , whose work will be greater than your searches Titanic and Avatar Movie Film, which now no longer will take into account the Fiction of seventh Art , but the reality we live in the world today , because we are 7 billion humans and already use 125 % of the natural resources of the Earth, and now can no longer be spectators , but protagonists of the great change that the world expects.
Message to Receive to Great Director James Cameron, Movie Avatar.

Dear Mr Naisser, 

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 

Jim Cameron

For this we will use Social Networks, World Press , Schools , Universities , and especially an army of 1.5 billion young people around the world who want a better world , but it does not know how it will change, they will join us in the great cause. 
The Business Aviation everyone will join us because they make use of fossil fuels and emits CO2 , for that they will contribute to a process of carbon neutrality by planting trees on Earth , especially in cities that are affected by emissions on arrival and landing of large aircraft worldwide. 
The Industries of vehicles worldwide will also join us because they produce vehicles and trucks that are powered by fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel , which also contribute much in the elevation of Global Warming and Climate Change. 
All Industries , Clothing Companies , Technology , Service Providers , who use the Energy Matrix and Natural Resources for the industrialization of their products , join us and account balances in their next to Investors as an Intangible Asset Sustainability. 
All financial institutions in the world that use the energy matrix to their computers and self care of its millions of customers , and all of their products and marketing to their customers.
For this we will also have a partnership with the major automakers from around the world and they will make their contributions to our cause , we will do a campaign of Urban Forestry in the world and with that we neutralization of carbon by photosynthesis process and we an improvement in the quality of the air we breathe and that today millions of people lose their lives by air pollution.  
For our project The Awakening of Consciousness can be put into practice we will choose the city of NYC, which has at its Elected Mayor Mr. Bill de Blasio,  who wants to make his city a model for the world, especially as regards its population of young blacks and Hispanics where millions live without them first job, and below the poverty line. 
As a suggestion instead of the current policy instead of stop and frisk, as an example to the world young people use the virtues of walk, help, educate and integrate, yes we can, using our Project of Education for Peace,Sports, Technology and Sustainability in all NYC schools and universities , as the first city ​​in the world to implement our design and generation of first employment, these young people will also be examples to the world. 
That put the project to NYC , come against this city possesses the largest number of billionaires worldwide , altogether there are 70 and more than 400,000 millionaires who live in the city and who also need oxygen and water to live , elements which are vital to life on Earth, hence why the importance of interaction between rich and poor who will be trained by schools and universities , for the multiplication of our sakes. 
Our project will turn a great documentary by the Hands of the Great Director because people chosen to help us right away in the great cause are the 2,000 who are in Twitter and and followers , who follow us on , billions of them will help us they will be called to help us. 
Finally we inform you that a great book is written and offered for sale by major publishers , will sell as much as the Holy Bible of the Christians, the Holy Book Quran of the Muslims , the Torah of the Jews , the Book of Krishnan in India because they will come to all Companies Schools Universities of the whole world , and then we can celebrate Reverse logistics is the man that the greatest cause of Global Warming and Climate Change , is also the man who one day met to show that it is possible to revitalize , respect Nature and life on Planet Earth , for this and future generations. 
This message will reach the minds and hearts of all people around the world, regardless of Race, Creed , Color, and purchasing power , have dreamed of a world like Martin Luther King in his I Have a Dream and John Lennon with his song Imagine. 
The challenge is done , now we wait for the great men and women who will join our cause , which will be taken by the UN and UNESCO , and all the rulers of the world , and for education, by Seventh Art , we can change the destinies of humanity and live in Balance with Nature and Life in Earth Planet. 
By Project Peace Education , Health , Sports , Technology and Sustainability , we have all the cities of the world , more educated , Humanities , Innovative and Sustainable , the time to dare and make it happen is now.




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