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At a time when this letter is written , are meeting in Poland 202 Countries in Climate conference to find solutions that help reduce Global Warming and Climate Change around the World .

By the world press has hardly know that the rulers will come to a consensus regarding the reduction of greenhouse gases , caused by burning fossil fuels the CO2 that is put into the atmosphere every day , we know that the only purpose of this meeting is to chose the 2020 to begin the process of reducing gases in the atmosphere.

Much criticized the meeting by the world press and environmentalists cite the rulers abandoned the environmental agenda and mostly seek solutions to the fiscal crisis, economic and unemployment on a global level.

After suffering with the terrible tragedy in 2011 by earthquakes followed by tsunamis that caused thousands of deaths, billions in damages to their economy, millions of displaced climate plants and radioactive leak from Fukushima, Japan also left its agenda would be to reduce 25 % of emissions by 2020 and is now seeking place to build new nuclear power plants.

Giving shows your strength and with visible signs for the Human Being which is very small in the face of the forces of nature which now combines the Typhoons , Tornados , hurricanes, tsunamis , earthquakes , to show man which according to the UN Panel , www . , that man is the greatest cause of Global Warming and Climate Change , we could see it in Haiyan Hurricane that devastated several islands in the Philippines , causing losses of billions of dollars , more than 10 million human beings also excluded from weather , with strong winds reaching 278 km per hour and a diameter of 1,870 kilometers , second only to the Hurricane Sandy also devastated several cities in the USA .

Amongst all the news of Pain by natural disaster , not quoted as a coincidence , but as the Principle of Synchronicity , the President Bill Clinton , which will be in Rio de Janeiro on days 8,9,10 December for a Summit Conference  to Sustainability , he has dedicated his time and his life to humanitarian causes such as helping the children of Africa and also the victims of the terrible earthquake in Haiti , where even today failed to rise up the great tragedy , and now this great Leader and Human Avatar is dedicated in his lectures the world on behalf of Sustainability , Foundation for its Clinton Global Initiative, which always brings great entrepreneurs , leaders and people who want to join the great cause for a better world .

As we have our project in Brazil and we could to put into practice beneficts a World Cities, which can greatly help in reducing Global Warming and Climate Change , educating populations for Peace , Health , Technology and Sustainability and of this we immediately put this project the City of Rio de Janeiro which is called the world of the Marvelous City , put in the recycling of garbage , the actions of the entire population no more than 3 % of the 14,000 tons that are generated daily and that were news at Rio + 20 , with the documentary Garbage Spectacular Gramaxo in landfill which was closed during the UN conference in June 2012 for this will involve the set of Slums , Communities and Condominium High Standard for 60 days to reach 30 recycling % , generating millions of jobs and income for residents and recyclers that will no longer be called Garbage Collectors and recyclers Yes and Friends of Nature ..

For this I mean that we can make the partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative and immediately put into practice around the world , as all the world's cities occupy only 1 % of the Earth , because 99 % are occupied by Oceans and Pole North and South , which also suffer from the melt as the world media showed that this year , 2013 , the melting polar ice caps of Greenland , formed a new route between Europe and Asia , causing a huge impact among NASA Scientists , Climatologists , Biologists and Glaciologists .

To show that the partnership with the Clinton Initiative, , we can immediately deploy our project to all the cities of the world can be more Educated, Humanities, Innovative and Sustainable, put the level for Cities in Brazil Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, which also recycles only 3 % of the 17,000 tons of garbage produced daily, mostly waste going to landfills already exhausted and also when traveling in trucks over 100 kilometers up to their deposition.

For this I am ready to share with the Clinton Global Initiative Our ​​Intellectual Property and Copyright of this project in favor of Humanity, and it will avoid the immediate death of 45,000 children around the world, especially the lack of drinking water and malnutrition, as they occur in Africa and other continents with their populations living in slums, and that millions of them die from tropical diseases and lack of Health Education and Hygiene.

We will take after the Rio de Janeiro this project the city of NYC  where the mayor-elect Mr. Bill de Blasio  and his team who wants to invest in education and the generation of jobs and income for young people of that great city.

If the rulers can not get a consensus on Sustainability , we can work together in the Clinton Global Initiative and immediately we will also seek contact with the great Film Director James Cameron , who told us a personal email that we can work together we can say that this will happen in 2014 , because something big is about to happen and this great partnership is linked directly to the Creator's will that by their counsel asks people who truly want a better world to come together through the minds and hearts primarily because we are in the Age of Knowledge and Information.

Message to Receive to Great Director James Cameron, Movie Avatar.

Dear Mr Naisser, 

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 

Jim Cameron

His Holiness Pope Francisco www.twitter@Pontifex , who was also in Rio de Janeiro join us, and what we read in the Vatican Press he prepares an Encyclical regarding the Environment, we can say that our project can be this Encyclical, because it will be Ecumenical regardless of race, color, creed, economic power, it will benefit the 7 billion human beings who will contribute to the large project, which only then can we have the right of a peaceful coexistence with nature and life on Planet Earth.

Millions of people who want a better world will join us for the first time in the history of mankind there will be spectators and Yes the Great Protagonists of the Great Change that the world needs is the Awakening of Consciousness , in favor of Nature and Life , for this and future generations .

We will disclose this on Social Networks, ,,,  the World Press, Magazines, Televisions, has enormous power to help, but to say that we can change, for education that is the most powerful weapon we have to change the world, according to the great leader and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Nelson Mandela and young activist Malala Yusafzai be the symbol of our campaign among all young people around the world .

The challenge is done, thanks to the power of social networks and the translation of the site  , we can change the course of human history .

Yes we can, the time is now.





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