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James Lovelock renowned scientist and ecologist cites in his interview that tragedies produced by Global Warming Climate Variability and Change are now irreversible . Also speaks of the lack of political will of governments to help in the fight against Global Warming, then asks the bold , daring and determined people to use the knowledge to help in preservation of Gaia , the Earth .

Nature 's fury in the USA showed that in 3 days april, 26, 27,28, to Billion Losses materials , whole cities devastated by the force of tornadoes, dozens of lives lost , putting on alert all parents , especially in the 13 American States , with 71 million inhabitants.

The Ecologist Jose Pedro Naisser , swimming against the tide , facing all the difficulties to show people, organizations , governments that believe in his project " The Awakening of Consciousness ," where they propose to Educate 7 billion human beings for Peace , Health , Sports , Technology and Sustainability , the Ecologist can put immediately in all cities of the world so that they are also more educated , Humanities , innovative and sustainable , using education , legacy of Nelson Mandela , as the most powerful weapon we have to change the world.

We use our design as intellectual property and copyright infringement that will be used in aggregate licensing large corporations that use raw material coming from nature, such as energy, water, ores and precious metals.
For the first time in history the project may also be placed in the Games with applications for the Education for Peace, Health, Leisure, Technology and Sustainability, this technology market will features of videogames often used for wars, urban violence, fight between good and evil, can now be used in all schools, universities, communities, governments, corporations throughout the world in favor to Education.

The gamification will beyond entertainment. This phenomenon which experts will handle up to 2018, US$ 5.5 billion and boost startups worldwide. With the inclusion of gamification in our project we predict an increase of 300% for 2018 on Industries and distribution.
According to the Prophet of communication in the twentieth century, Marshall McLuhan, The Medium is the Message; we will use to communicate with people today who make a difference in the world.We begin with the invitation to 2,000 people worldwide, to join our cause, as listed in link twitter Social Network.  https://twitter.com/following  , regardless of race , color , creed , and purchasing power , all for a common good and the courage to fulfill the aims and desires of the Creator for a Sustainable Planet , and a better world for this and the generations future.  Who will join us, not as spectators, but as protagonists of the great change that the planet earth needs.



A great interview with American magazine Rolling Stone reporter Jeff Goodell at , with the great scientist , environmentalist , and Father of the struggle for the preservation of Gaia , our degraded and battered planet Earth , James Lovelock turned his attention to the warning of 7 billion beings human sailing on Spaceship Gaia that is necessary to act soon , otherwise the human race is doomed by its own actions against Gaia , also compared to the 4 Horsemen as war, famine , pestilence and death.

In view of Lovelock, 2020, droughts and other extreme weather are commonplace. By 2040 the Sahara will invade Europe, and Berlin will be as hot and polluted as Baghdad, hundreds of cities will disappear with the rise of the oceans due to the melting polar ice caps, and that this phenomenon will cause millions of people to move to regions such as Canada, Iceland and the Arctic Basin.

Lovelock cites that actions to reduce pollution and that large company see as sustainable development is nothing but a trick to take advantage of the disaster which we live as air pollution, climate change and global warming. “Green " is just kind of false advertising, is the color of mold and corruption worldwide.

Tim Lenton, climate researcher at the University of East Anglia in the UK, cites the importance of Lovelock to understand the importance of preservation and conservation of the Earth, and that Lovelock inspired a change worthy of Copernicus in the way we see the world today. Lovelock before the earth was regarded as a piece of stone that revolved around the sun , we now know the importance of it where bacteria became multicellular organisms , and studies for scientists of our era deepen their knowledge especially with regard to global warming and climate change.

Lovelock in the 1970s created the Gaia theory, where life is an active participant in helping to create exactly the conditions that sustain them. In the 70 Lovelock was adopted by humanity as a spiritual guru who put the planet at the center of religious experience New Age Today he cites that the accelerated melting of ice at the poles autopilot Gaia is deregulated, derailed by pollution deforestation and endangering the entire population that insists on not taking initiatives to put back on track for the good of humanity.

Few knew, but a day at Oxford Lovelock had a tougher dialogue with Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who asked that this audience to help him take care of the poor and let God take care of Planet Earth. Lovelock explained to her that if we as people do not take care and do not take care of her, she will take care of us , if necessary , will remove us from the face of the earth.

Another major concern of Lovelock is with regard to where we live and took away our livelihood by food, water and oxygen which guarantee us life . If you do not take care of Gaia , climate change will have the migration of millions of people from low-lying regions like India and Bangladesh to Europe endangering the governance of the countries that receive migrants climate .

Chris Rapley, head of the Science Museum in London and a great friend of Lovelock, who struggled hard to raise global awareness about global warming, believes he is leaving our share of desperation in the negative, because today the world has not political will to prevent the emission of greenhouse gases and rulers seek to resolve their economic and fiscal issues, abandoning the agenda of the climate for further decisions.

With respect to water, cites that rich countries will use desalination plants that are able to turn sea water into drinking water, poor countries do not have these resources and food supply is more difficult in terms of droughts and droughts that will last.

As a last resort to keep the planet at least marginally habitable, Lovelock believes that the world now needs projects and people who can dare and make a difference with regard to a Planetary Sustainability, and these people are called stewards of the Earth. Actually it was Lovelock who inspired his great friend Richard Branson to offer a prize of U$ 25 million for the “Virgin Earth Challenge" project, which will be awarded the first person to create a commercially viable method of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases responsible for in the atmosphere. Our design includes precisely the reduction of the gases produced by the decomposition of municipal waste that is polluting methane gas 21 times more than CO2 from vehicles worldwide. For this we will not claim the prize of 25 million U.S. , but put into practice for the benefit of all mankind, the Education for Sustainability , recycling of household waste that are produced in the world today 4,000,000 tonnes and not more than 5 % are recycled , even in rich countries that reach 15 % with our project will start with 30 %.

He believes that despite technological advances such as Iphones, Social Networking and the space shuttle, our civilization will remain as tribal animals, largely unable to act for the greater good that is Gaia cites that our moral progress has not kept up with technological progress.

In the finish part of the open letter to all mankind, the great scientist and ecologist makes a huge and reflective compared with respect to the Gaia system. He tells the reporter from Rolling Stone about a disaster at Manchester Airport. " A fuel tank caught fire during takeoff ," he recalls there was time for everyone to leave the plane, but some passengers just froze in their seats with seat belts fastened , and the people who dared to be saved had to go over them to leave. It was perfectly obvious what was needed to get out and be saved but did not, died charred or asphyxiated by toxic fumes.

This example can be easily transported to the present day compared to the Manchester accident.

Biggest challenge as we are headed to the great scientist and ecologist who join us in the great project " The Awakening of Consciousness," will use the example also quoted in the interview of the great statesman Winston Churchill did to prepare the UK for the Second World War, he offered blood, sweat, and tears, and work with that the allies won the war.

Sir James Lovelock says that the world is lacking in Political Leadership, but the true guardians of the Gaia system, are ready to take that long journey and stop being spectators and turn protagonists of the great change that the Earth needs.

To his friend Sir Richard Branson may be decisive to put into practice our project of Peace Education, Health , Sports , Technology and Sustainability , and with that we have all the world's cities most Polite , Humanities , Innovative and Sustainable whose project could lead immediately to UN and UNESCO in Paris , and with that we use the most powerful weapons we have to change the world , according to the great statesman and Nobel Peace Prize , Nelson Mandela who is Education.

Richard Branson who offered a trip to space shuttle Lovelock in 2015, Virgin Galactic Project, ask him to accompany us on trips around the Earth and the planting of trees through which we pass will neutralize CO2 from Space Shuttle that will take thousands of people towards outer space.

The big challenge is made ​​, the contents of this message goes to Social Networks, World Press to reach the minds and hearts of all those who truly want a better world.

Preservation of Gaia, since only then can we change tribal animals for intelligent beings who are living in the Age of Information and Knowledge.

No more will join us for the pain but by love Gaia, Nature and Life degraded and battered Spaceship Earth.

For to help in the preservation of Earth Planet, we need millions of people to become the guardians of Gaia and loosening their belts as the example of the plane takeoff from Manchester in London and help us. The time is now.



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