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Few newspapers worldwide today reminded about the World Day of Planet Earth, which unfortunately lives difficult moments in the history of mankind, as it needs to provide food , oxygen, water , space and life for 7 billion human beings who use their resources natural , its oxygen , its water and its biodiversity .

Experts cite that for the 7 billion humans live on planet Earth , the natural resources used have already reached 125 % and that Nature has no way to replenish the funds mainly by the intense use of their areas , and what is worse is to relation to the clearing of forests to savannas, and subsequently end up as a state of desertification , also causing the use of riparian forests that guarantee life to rivers and springs , which also suffer from the use of space for crops like soybeans in Brazil and to use pastures , especially in our Amazon and our Pantanal .

In a big climate conference in Berlin that ended in April,14,met the members of the IPCC, the UN Climate Panel,where heads of state, scientists , climatologists , glaciologists , hydrologists , meteorologists , to discuss the course to try to reduce emission of greenhouse gases in relation to Global Warming and Climate Change . The General Coordinator of the Panel Mr. Rajendra Pachauri cited studies that show a difficult time for the history of humanity now, and that the rulers should give great importance to control the reduction of greenhouse gases, however mostly abandoned the climate agenda, rather find solutions to their economic problems and their fiscal crisis and unemployment worldwide. As the UN Panel has no powers of state but rather acts as a Scientific Base for information indicators and diagnostics delivered with the UN and the rulers .

Few talked about it, but the villain of global warming are industrial emissions , CO2 from cars , trucks , ships and planes in the world the amount arrived at 49 gigatonnes in 2012 and growing by 2 % each year . However was not included in the survey with respect to household garbage that the world produces daily a total of 4 million tonnes where recycling in rich countries reach 15% , however in Poor Countries they do not reach 3% , we give an example in Brazil daily produces 270,000 tons and pollution by methane gas from landfills mostly to capacity with 21 % more polluting than CO2 greatly increasing emissions of greenhouse gases due to lack of investment by governments .

The sad news is the Mega City of Sao Paulo, which produces daily 20,000 tons of household garbage and only 1.8 % are recycled , the city spends about U.S. $ 3 billion annually for the collection, transportation and disposal of household waste that travel about 85 km to the landfill . In the city of Rio de Janeiro are produced 11 000 tonnes and also recycle only 2.5 % , the remainder is sent to landfill and also depleted in open dumps almost nationwide . Here is our project in 2013 the governors of two Brazilian states , which our project Reverse Logistics and Education for Sustainability would begin recycling in 2 major Brazilian cities with 30 % involving schools, communities, businesses , and packaging industries generating large multinational , however never received a response .

Another important information comes from the World Health Organization, is that the Air Pollution caused by Industrial Processes, Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide, coming from fossil fuels with particulate materials caused the death of 7 million people by pulmonary, cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, and respiratory infections, causing a huge loss to governments with regard to health care and funding from public hospitals.

News published in the NY Times on April 21 , mentions that experts say Climate Change and Global Warming should drastically reduce cereal crops worldwide , melting ice caps , rising sea levels , massive islands of heat, torrential rains causing desertification in the ground by the force of the waters , endangering the majority of mankind with regard to food production , and even believe that the theory of Thomas Malthus would have it right when he predicted in 1789 that one day the earth's capacity not would be able to produce food for the enormity of the population reaches 7 billion today .

In April dia17 entire world press reported the discovery of a new planet outside our solar system that might have water in liquid condition and habitable, Planet Kepler-186F,however the distance is 490 light years from Earth, reason by which we believe we can with our project the Awakening of Consciousness , revitalize our degraded and debilitated Planet Earth , returning to him the balance using the Education for Sustainability , to become the world's cities most Polite , Humanities , Innovative and Sustainable for this and future generations .

But for this to occur , we must have bold , courageous and determined people , because in our Earth is unique in the solar system and delivered to us by the Creator , which provides us with water, food and oxygen , these elements which guarantee us life .

For this we will initially rely on large 2,000 men and women who will be an example for all humanity contained in the social network , that one day in the Information and Knowledge , Humans united in support of a great cause that will give a new direction human civilization , using the Education for Peace , Health , Technology and Sustainability .

This project will also consist of a great documentary by the hands of great directors like James Cameron, the director of the movie , Avatar , Russell Crowe , chief photographer of the film Noah, his Ark which was built based on the Old Testament , to show our human time in his day exhausted natural resources and were punished by the Creator with the end of civilization.

Dear Mr Naisser, 

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).
Perhaps we will find a way to work together. 

Jim Cameron

For this we will not use fiction as an example , but to show the reality that the human intelligence that today uses technology for communication, then we will use social media and networks worldwide , which unfortunately has shown the difficult moments in the history of degradation nature and life , such as pollution , wars , urban violence , hunger, poverty among other tragedies .

According to the Prophet of communication in the twentieth century, Marshall McLuhan, The Medium is the Message; we will use to communicate with people today who make a difference in the world. We begin with the invitation to 2,000 people worldwide, to join our cause, as listed in link twitter Social Network.  https://twitter.com/following  , regardless of race , color , creed , and purchasing power , all for a common good and the courage to fulfill the aims and desires of the Creator for a Sustainable Planet , and a better world for this and the generations future.  Who will join us, not as spectators, but as protagonists of the great change that the planet earth needs.

For that a book will be written , which will flip the script for the great documentary that the world needs , we do get to all schools , universities , organizations in the world , we will have large Enterprises , Corporations , because they make use of the raw material in all of its products , mainly raw materials such as water , energy and primary components they all come from nature .

This huge challenge was inspired by the World Day of Planet Earth , where we noted that few know of his day and our intellectual property to books , licensing and the products being sold have a value of US$ 1 trillion will be aggregated in the Economic Capital Intellectual Property , Human, Social , Technological and Environmental . The image of these benefits will apply to Schools, Universities worldwide , mainly in Poor Countries for their children , young people have access to information and no more having to migrate to rich countries in search of knowledge and information .


From today 04/22/2014, the worldwide campaign is launched by improving the quality of air and water, elements that guarantee us life, having as source a worldwide tree planting as the only way to improve the air we breathe for kidnapping carbon by trees through photosynthesis, which will be revitalized in all cities of the world, where today the space is meant mostly for vehicles on the streets, squares and avenues in all cities of the world.

Another campaign worldwide will be the appreciation of trees that are called riparian forests that give life springs and rivers worldwide. Unfortunately in our Brazil Amazon rainforest has been destroyed and used for pasture and planting of monocultures, it will show that by planting trees will form forests around the world with its native forests again, because trees and forests are the only catalyst of the water cycle are the clouds that saw the rain and give us water, liquid that gives us life.

The biggest challenge now is to reach the minds and hearts of all those who truly want a better world for themselves and their children and grandchildren and future generations , we will use the legacy of the great statesman and Nobel Peace Prize, Nelson Mandela , which cited the weapons more powerful that we have to change the world for education will be . For that social networks and the world press will be decisive in disclosure and contribution for a better world, regardless of race, color, creed , purchasing power. On this day April 22, 2014 , the 7 billion human beings living on Spaceship Earth receive the invitation in order to save the Earth, and terms back a balance between Nature and Biodiversity Life .


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