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From 28 November to 2 December 2011, are Meeting to UN, in Durban, South Africa, more than 202 countries to seek solutions to the climate worldwide, but the information from the World Press and tragic result is disappointing.

The renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University, NYC gave his opinion about the major conferences, as well as Rio +20, which will be in Rio de Janeiro in 2012.

He says that rich countries have abandoned the leadership in the Climate Agenda, to be concerned with the crisis, Social, Fiscal and Economic, and that even the UN and heads of state have positive actions to reduce the environmental crisis. Again we spent the entire year of 2011, no actions that can help in the fight against Global Warming and Climate Change.

Nature now no longer defend himself, she begins her revenge, that we saw with the first two volcanoes in Iceland the other in Chile, and the earthquake in Japan, followed by massive tsunamis, which showed the world in real time, images of enormous tragedies, the fragility of human nature as it manifests itself.

For this it is necessary to the implementation of our great project "The Awakening Conscience," where we have the weapons and tools to reduce by the year 2012, 50%, from 4,000,000,000, Urban tons of garbage daily, which generate Methane gas and pollutes 21 times more than CO2 in the atmosphere and that today are discarded in the environment without any control or treatment.

All these materials can and should be recycled by a Reverse Logistics, via a Green Seal, in partnership with Schools, Universities, Companies and Governments move on to how to act. The revitalization and urban tree planting in all cities of the world as the only way to improve the quality of air we breathe, the process of photosynthesis, and quality of life, thus we have the Innovative and Sustainable Cities, especially in Mega Cities where the main tool is the Education for Sustainability and mass assistance of all communities in the world.

In the Project will educate 7 billion human beings for a balanced and peaceful coexistence with Nature and the Environment, and Education for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability. For universities that work with the MBA courses, the course will be more valued and investment for the year 2012, they will generate millions of jobs for young people in the area of
​​sustainability, and can be made available to all Universities in the world, because they belong to the Age of Knowledge and Information, which will be added to the Economic, Social, Technological and Environmental.

But for this you need the help of the World Press, Newspapers, Magazines and TVs, and Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google we do our translations.

This message will reach the minds and hearts of all those who want a better world, and were never charged by the Creator for the air we breathe and the water they take with that life has to be lived.

The challenge is huge and grand, and the benefits will be for this and future generations, while many have spread to the End of the World 2012, the Mayan calendar, the Gregorian calendar, we offer salvation to the world of Planet Earth.

Let us address these challenges for Innovation, Education, and the biggest challenge of the Human Being on Planet Earth, that is their own survival.

The World Environment and lost two great activists, environmentalists and Humanitarian People, Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize * 1940 to 2011, leaves this and future generations the example of having planted more than 7 million trees in Kenya and around in the world.

Another great woman of untiring Activist, Ecological and Person Humanitarian Person, Mrs. Danielle Mitterrand, *1924 - 2011, who spent 40 years of his life propagating the importance to Water for Life, in relation to scarcity and waste for thousands of schools around the world.

We will have to continue their struggles, their dreams, by his Spirit, his legacy will we get people to help us in the great cause. We will seek the Top 3000 names for the great cause I have with me the great support of the great film director James Cameron, with whom we can work together in 2012, with Gran documentary "The Awakening Conscience."

The time is now, so we can say yes, and we must take better care of our house, and Mother Earth.

Message to Great Director Avatar Movie.

James Cameron.

Dear Mr Naisser,

Thank you for the kind words about me in your article below. I have accepted the challenge to try to raise consciousness around the world about this great crisis which is upon us. Most people are not listening, but we must raise our voices. I am still trying to decide the best ways for me to be effective in this fight (aside from making more Avatar movies, which I am now starting to do).

Perhaps we will find a way to work together.

Jim Cameron







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